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Soon Birthday, Sanyok?

of A. S. Well as, will descend as a gift, or to finish? In principle, the patsanchik on June 6, time still has a birthday.


M. And. And that at it with the left eye?

M. L. pokotsat a little on a rayonchik, probably.

M. I. Well so not for nothing... Sanyok!

A. S. then I will tell, at first it is necessary to read the critic

M. L. will leave on an avatar of VKontakte of :)

of A. S at once. (I do an innocent astonished face) And why?

M. L. I think, the gift will be pleasant to “patsanchik“. especially if he is not tempted in design, a photoshop or what there a feather you painted a portrait. I precisely an avatar would change

, appear at me the original picture.

M. A. in principle is cool made, but as that not really looks. But if you want to surprise the person that an excellent gift. Reminds the 3D early periods. Sorry, anything personal. My opinion is pure.

A. S. I will finish a background, I will make it as if written by a brush

M. And. you Will show? It would be desirable to look. And it is so excellent.

A. S. it is obligatory. I and the source code will show :)

of N. Yu. the Right eye glass, the face is made under painting oil, the house approaches under this style, and clothes and the car drop out of the general key, remained photographic.

To I. K. Yes, execution of the person imkho reminds the old Soviet drawn posters, but it even cool... Type the republic of ShKID, at least, at me such associations))).

K. S. Kakto - so. And a portrait - decent quite.

E. P. Equal potsyk. To it beer and sunflower seeds.

Without offenses, anything personal. But not to pick up a photo with other look`om in any way?

And. The page is against a wall, only a patsanchik unshaven there, acquired. And in other party looks.

S. K. And look what... If on courts to put and the paper bag “ñåìàê“ in hands - abruptly will be!

I Prefer to bypass such handsome far away, and I see in his face “hear, let`s phone call also yours, you from what rayon?“.

A. S. and me it seems, very spiritualized look, a little romantic. Is not present?

I. K. Yes! Despite type, still “pure soul...“. Svetlana Imkho is not right...) ))

the Guitar in hands and romantically to begin to sing S. K. it seems “forgive me, mother, I again on a zone, goats - garbage are guilty of everything“.

possible, simple, except the person, too in the same way also tells all the rest “this is the street mugger“ (at once he wants to allow to eat and check sim cards, and it precisely in shoes?) what with the word “romanticism“ somehow reminds at once “a chanson = prison music“, and I it not really...

L. S. O_O hardly...... to put it mildly

M. And. And so what they, romantics!!!

L. S. Precisely, now will think that at us gopotsky the city of :(((((((((((((((((

of S. S. some Person very smooth... And color...

M of D. cool. can add a few emotions, like “a sla, give 17 kopeks!“. Well and clothes - a background though somehow to bring closer to drawing, and that drop out.

and in general is pleasant to

of A. S. finished an environment and a little kinder made the person. So best of all?

By the way, about the birthday man. It is not such stupid as you can think. It, by the way, can sometimes wrap such rhyme, - rappers have a rest.

M. I. Here! Simpatishny fellow)

of P. P. the Background should be turned down. And thoroughly. To allocate the person. Otherwise not a portrait.

A. S. I Invite all participants of conversation in a subject Ya and knew that whiskers all solve :)

Experiment was successful for 100%. Heartily I thank all who gave advice how to correct a portrait of a patsanchik of Sank which has a birthday on June 6.

Is honest if showed me such portrait, I would not recognize Alexander Sergeyevich too.

M. A. Akhakhakhakh! Pancake nearly burst from laughter, well Alexander you also arranged show! Class! Just wonderfully, I will try to unpack and show at work. Interestingly somebody will understand? I watch something familiar, but there are not enough whiskers that.:-)))

I. S. hykhy)) acquired and against a wall. Well Sanek.

A. S. well, under “the acquired option against a wall“ I meant this:

I. S. Hakh, well, here Sanek not on potsansk acquired also a wall bespontovanya against) Modern option better!) Perhaps he so also looked who knows, these poets.

A. S. here Sank`s prototype. Nevozbranno is found in Google on demand “a patsanchik a cap“

of M. P. glory those ospad that it is found in Google)))) Idea cool, the truth that :)

of O. Sh. the Best gift)) was necessary to

of P. P. to 1 - mu April if this year it did not turn out, then to the following to hold. :)

L. T. the Following number Fedor Mikhaylovich of :))

of S. of Page (2) Sasha will go, you well done! Patsanchik Sank Sergeicha still called nobody)))

N. To. Super!

L. K. Gloss, Sasha:)

Well and who will offer it sunflower seeds now?

Can start the whole series “The Russian Classics through Time Prism“

of A. S. interesting thought of :)

of N. Z. Akhakh cool))

C. To. I yesterday minutes ten peered at a face,

could not tie it to our time anywhere.

well is resistant at me the brain resisted that it is “patsanchik“.

to a figasa, I think, noneshny patsanchik what became... unearthly...

and even close did not guess that it our everything!

Cool thought up, Alexander!

M. L. Ha, just now understood what the patsanchik such - San is. The good fellow, Sash, from bakendbarda - It, our genius!) ))

M. I. Cool! Very much the idea of :)

of O. M. Fine))))))))))))) was pleasant!

E. D. Laughed, thanks)

A. Highway Is beautiful!

is valid, now it would be desirable in modern option to look at all classics.))

O_O do not have river of G. the words

H. Yu. Good trick. At me and a floor of thought did not flash that it can be Alexander Sergeyevich.)

Everything that I noticed just that the person reminds a picture oil.

Parted as child.)))) Not on April 1, after all.)

I. K. (2) Smart idea, and embodiment.

S. K. Excellent trick))) A. S. and in the original - that not the handsome, and you still so decorated it))))

A I understood that stereotypes sometimes eclipse, well)

A. I. but the coolest that A. S. never looked as on a portrait of work of Kiprensky (however and Tropinin has an inveracious portrait;-)

when it had curls - there were no whiskers and when whiskers appeared - curls were already cut:-)))

A. S. but on fields - that he himself quite such shaggy represented :)

of A. Ya. on fields he represented itself(himself) differently, experimented with appearance... it and bearded represented itself(himself). the truth in his beard everything - saw: it directly after the journey bearded was on a ball that in such look to prove to be Natali... The EXPERT was a great PR manager and composed own image. and concerning tanks and a head of hear there is a concrete letter where he writes: “you would see as I changed, my soul. I cut curls, released whiskers, but the most important: I marry...“ before a marriage the EXPERT changed image (is more useless to the married person to look the boy), but at the same time for general public it built an image of “the romantic poet“ of world size. therefore for a portrait of work of Kiprensky the literary program was prepared by Pushkin and prototypes are picked up (portraits of the English romantics: Walter Scot and Byron). to a floor - the famous poem (“myself as in a mirror, I see...“) it was written before Kiprensky represented, and is transferred to him as one of the managements;-) there is also known series of self-portraits the EXPERT on the subject “monkey“ - one of two synonymous lyceum nicknames of Pushkin. too with a dirty trick. the monkey and the Frenchman are the same, but also there was a game in popularity. a series literally investigates similarity of appearance of Pushkin and Voltaire;-)...

but a joke at you cool:-))

A. S. oho, thanks for exhaustive details, Alexander

A. I. has nothing. at professional. Shiloh is the book about it:-) and still there is an ingenious line of Brodsky:

“ enters Pushkin in a flight helmet, in slender fingers of a papirosk“;-)))

Sh. Cool!

M. L.
well I spoke - it for an avatar! if Alexander Sergeich had

the page in a social net...

I. K. Fir-trees - sticks... Well I spoke -“ despite“, still “pure soul...“!))) And some here - “semak in hands“, “on courts to put“, “from what rayon“))). As an ass felt, it - god!) )) And where “old“ comments? In now a trick to esteem!)))

Lake of Sh. Sanyok (reference)

K. And I told page, a portrait - good!

Century B. is healthy! Experiment and the truth was successful. Excellent idea!