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Marina Mnishek. What lesson will be learned from its history by our contemporaries?

of 400 years sank Into oblivion of the first decade of the seventeenth century - the Time of Troubles in the history of Russia. As always, such times brightly show all defects of mankind to show it negligibility and futility of the next cruel fight for money and the power. Long then there is a sobering up from this bacchanalia, but the mocker - history repeats similar situations again and again to check whether the simple, but rigid lesson is acquired.

The beginning of the 17th century of distressful Russia - a kaleidoscope of bloody events and persons. Board and Boris Godunov`s death, Ivan Bolotnikov`s revolt, Polish invasion, Vasily Shuysky, accession and False Dmitry I`s murder, False Dmitry II`s arrival. Among this whirl of dangerous man`s games for the sake of the power and a hard coin the image of the beauty - Pole Marina Mnishek - the hostage of interests of the Polish nobility, Catholic church and own ambitions flashes. What

it was, Marina Mnishek?

What represented what wanted, than this semi-Asian Moskovia which hardly began to be exempted from former horror before Ivan the Terrible`s atrocities attracted it? There are no descriptions of character of Marina, but on acts is clear that there was she vigorous, enterprising, adventurous, resourceful, going on compromises with conscience for the sake of implementation of the purposes.

What lacked it to rule such country? Of course, the state mind, a breadth of vision stretching further desire to luxuriate. There was no desire to understand a political situation and the environment. In a word, was not allowed to become it the ruler of the state Russian, but Marina stubborn battled against destiny.

Historians argue whether there was it beautiful. The remained her portraits do not confirm it. But unless diminutiveness and grace, vivacity of the person and a charm of youth can transfer ceremonial portraits of that time? Beautiful eyes, magnificent dresses and jewelry are capable to make any girl the beauty. Undoubtedly, it was good. Sixteen-year-old False Dmitriy saw it and dreamed that it divided with him the imperial power which he intended to win.


the Important role played greed and ambitions of a proud shlyakhtich, the courtier Yury Mnishek, her father in this adventurous action. He directed the young man named then by False Dmitriy, expecting to receive big profits from the daughter`s wedding in case of success. The maximalism of youth, self-confidence of the young beauty, the ambition inherited together with arrogance made the business too.

However the destiny which had a kind feeling first for all three sharply turned to them the back for the ninth day after wedding when False Dmitriy was brutally killed. Boyars hardly rescued the newly made monarchess with the father and the survived her compatriots from the flown into a rage crowd.

The discontent of conspirators was kindled by crowning of the foreigner. Marina acquired the rights of the real ruler of the power, and not just the tsar`s wife. It did not happen in Russia. Besides the young Pole the imperial burden was beyond obviously to a power. Having moved away the husband, the destiny tried to save the thoughtless beauty from unreasonable freight of the imperial power.

The widowed eighteen-year-old queen needed - to weigh soberly one the opportunities in this unpredictable country. What could it oppose to crafty and resourceful boyars, for long life at court become skilled in fight for the piece of pie? But, it is visible, the reckless monarchess was not able to think.

The arrogance rejected thought of return home with a brand of the unlucky person who highly flew up, and then fallen down to the ground. Alas, gloss of the escaping crown was so dazzling that arguments of common sense would not be valid. Unfortunately, and sane people beside Marina were not.

In two years, having already got from Vasily Shuysky permission to departure back home, the father of our heroine begins correspondence with new False Dmitriy. That located on approaches to Moscow, to Tushino. Marina is offered to continue game, to reunite with “by miracle the escaped tsar Dimitrii“.

The daughter who is brought up in respect for the father resisted arrangements several days. The unwillingness to recognize as the husband of foreign person was the main argument. The Catholic priest who called for feeling of a religious debt persuaded. whether

the Road to nowhere

Can blame the weak woman surrounded with crowd of the adventurers who involved it in the abyss of passions? Though, of course, temptation to return the lost high position too was the powerful factor which influenced its decision. Overcoming disgust, she agrees to the transaction. Since this fatal moment its course of life is developed in the unpredictable direction.

Events of life of the ambitious Pole for the next six years remind the movement of a chip on a rapid current of the river. Beats a chip to a backwater, again throws out on a current.

It is heavy to take out roughness of “husband“ and his negligibility. There left the father, the main adviser. The immediate environment does not hide the disbelief concerning an imperial origin of the second applicant for the Russian throne. It calls him “kinglet“, and Muscovites nickname “the Tushino thief“. Nevertheless “the proud Pole“ lives in Tushino camp, thinking herself the queen.

the Outcome

kill with

In December, 1610 unlucky False Dmitry II. It occurred on the eve of the birth of the son nicknamed in the people “vorenky“. The child to whom she gave birth in 1611 in Kolomna was named Ivan Dmitriyevich. At insistance of “queen“ her supporters declare new Ivan the successor of a throne that in itself is unsafe for the child. Again Marina rejects the rescuing hand of destiny which tries to influence it through a maternal instinct.

Under protection of the lover, Cossack ataman Zarutsky, our heroine lives near Moscow, insisting on the right to be called as the Russian queen. Letters with various promises which it sends to the Polish king Sigismund and the Pope are signed not differently as “empress Marina“. But nobody turns on it attention any more.

Even then still there was time to leave ambitions and to save the life, and, above all, the child`s life. Answering arrangements of compatriots to come back to Poland on very favorable conditions, the careless woman continues to go on: whom God endowed with the gloss, that can never lose it.

The terrible outcome is close. The introduction on a throne in 1613 of Mikhail Romanov, the first of this dynasty, forced “empress“ to run from prosecution by imperial troops. In 1614 the fugitive arrested together with the son and Zarutsky in the Cossack settlement on the Urals River is returned to Moscow. Her three-year-old son is publicly executed through hanging. Zarutsky accepts martyrdom on Coca, and the adventurer soon dies in an imprisonment. Only 26 was it.

What to tell? The typical woman with big ambitions and ordinary mind, ready for everything for the sake of wealth and honors. As today when the ghost of a golden calf stupefies the heads again, pushing to death. Again very young girls, now our contemporaries, burn down sometimes as moths on fire, in a pursuit of this ghost.

Isn`t that so, everything repeats? Whether we sometime will acquire such idle time, in fact, a history lesson?