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How to avoid poisoning with mushrooms.

Mushroom season.

The mushroom season only - only begins. Many people like to gather mushrooms, and then to train them and to eat. After rains many different mushrooms grow. Mushroom pickers with great pleasure bring together them. This occupation is especially actual in crisis because food prices “bite“. Therefore for some people collecting mushrooms is not just entertainment, and vital need. From the morning to evening, they diligently bypass the “confidential mushroom places“ to have an opportunity nourishingly to have supper. Especially it concerns pensioners who live on one pension. But this occupation has

also another “party of a medal“. Instead of nourishing food people risk to eat the real poison! All last summer I very often heard messages in news, on the Internet, in newspapers about a huge number of people who got poisoned with poisonous mushrooms. These tragedies repeat every year. In a basket among a large number of useful mushrooms there can be one insignificant poisonous mushroom with which any person can fatally get poisoned! It concerns also skilled mushroom pickers who are engaged in this business long ago. I heard that from - for poisonings with mushrooms the whole families … died. More often than adults small children had a death. For this reason I decided to write this article once again to remind: mushrooms can be deadly!

Here rules which, maybe, will help some people to avoid the tragedy:

1. Do not put a mushroom in the basket in which are not confident;

2. Having come home, carefully recheck a basket to make sure that all mushrooms nonpoisonous;

3. Not to pickle or salt mushrooms in galvanized ware;

4. Not to eat old mushrooms since in them there can be products of decomposition of proteins;

5. You do not drive small children with yourself to gather mushrooms;

6. Do not give mushrooms to small children;

7. You look for children that they incidentally did not pick up what - that a mushroom on the street and did not take in a mouth.

These rules, of course, very simple, but, perhaps, they will help to keep life to you and your children. Practically all mushroom pickers know

about species of poisonous mushrooms. But presently, as a result of activity of the person, mushrooms mutirirut. It occurs in ecologically polluted regions of our big country. Those mushrooms which we got used to consider nonpoisonous can be deadly to the person also. Therefore it is undesirable to gather mushrooms in ecologically polluted areas.

I think that this list of yadovity mushrooms is useful all to griyunik (to kirsoft. com. ru/? l=1):


1. Cepe, form fir-tree, boletus

of Boletus edulis Bull.: Fr.

2. Cepe, form mesh

Boletus aestivalis Paul.: Fr.

of Syn.: Boletus reticulatus Schaeff.: Boud.

3. Cepe, form dark-bronze

Boletus aereus Bull.: Fr.

4. Pale toadstool, fly agaric green

Amanita phalloides (Vaill.: Fr.) Secr.

5. Boletus royal

Boletus regius Krombh.

6. Boletus inedible

Boletus calopus Fr.

7. A boletus one-time - golden

Boletus rhodoxanthus (Krombh.) Kallenb.

8. A boletus the implanted, reddish

Boletus appendiculalus (Schaeff.: Fr.) Secr.

9. Valuy

Russula foetens Fr.

10. Oyster mushroom ordinary

Pleurotus ostreatus (Fr.) Kumm.

11. The coral milky cap is pink, a volnyanka

of Lactarius torminosus (Schaeff.: Fr.) S. F. Gray

12. Volokonnitsa Patuyara

Inocybe patouillardii Bres.

13. Volokonnitsa napiform

Inocybe napipes J. Lge

14. Volvariyella beautiful

Volvariela speciosa (Fr.: Fr.) Sing.

of Syn.: Volvaria speciosa (Fr.: Fr.) Kumm.

15. Gigroforus early

Hygrophorus marzuolus (Fr.) Bres.

16. Giroporus who is becoming blue bruise

of Gyroporus cyanescens (Bull.: Fr.) Quel.

17. Govorushka whitish

Clitocybe dealbata (Sow.: Fr.) Kumm.

18. Govorushka the turned-in, red

Clitocybe geotropa (Bull.: St - Am.) Quel.

19. Govorushka is gray, smoky

Clitocybe nebularis (Batsch: Fr.) Kumm.

20. A mushroom - a ram, Grifola curly, the Tinder fungus listovaty, Maytake

Grifola frondosa (Fr.) S. F. Gray

21. A mushroom - an umbrella reddening

of Macrolepiota rhacodes (Vitt.) Sing.

of Syn.: Lepiota rhacodes (Vitt.) Quel.

22. A mushroom - an umbrella motley big, a mushroom - an umbrella of big

Macrolepiota procera (Scop.: Fr.) Sing.

of Syn.: Lepiota procera (Scop.: Fr.) Kumm.

23. The milk mushroom is black, a chernushka

of Lactarius necator

24. The raincoat is the real, shipovaty, pearl

Lycoperdon perlatum Pers.: Pers.

25. Dubovik of zernistonogiya

of Boletus erythropus (Fr.: Fr.) Krombh.

26. Dubovik olivkovo - brown, bruise, a poddubnik, dubovik ordinary

Boletus luridus Schaeff.: Fr.

27. Bilious mushroom

of Tylopilus felleus (Bull.: Fr.) P. Karst.

of Syn.: Boletus felleus Bull.: Fr.

28. Greenfinch

of Tricholoma flavovirens (Pers.: Fr.) Lund.

of Syn.: Tricholoma equestre (L.: Hook

29. Kalotsibe May

Calocybe gambosa (Fr.) Donk

Syn.: Tricholoma georgii (L.: Hook.) Quel.

30. Chestnut mushroom, kashtanovik, giroporus chestnut

Gyroporus castaneus (Bull.: Fr.) Quel.

31. Kozlyak, reshetnik

of Suillus bovinus (L.: Fr.) Lake of Kuntze

32. Cap annulate

Rozites caperata (Pers.: Fr.) P. Karst.

of Syn.: Pholiota caperata (Pers.: Fr.) Kumm.

33. Lepista, blewits lilovonogy

Lepista saeva (Fr.) P. D. Orton

Syn.: Tricholoma personatum (Fr.: Fr.) Kumrn.

34. Lepista, blewits violet

Lepista nuda (Bull.: Fr.) W. G. Sin.

of Syn.: Tricholoma nudum (Bull.: Fr.) Kumm

35. Liofillyum is dense, a blewits dense

Lyophyllum decastes (Fr.: Fr.) Sing.

36. Chanterelle real

Cantharellus cibarius Fr.

37. Lozhnodozhdevik orange

Scleroderma citrinum Pers.

38. Lozhnoopenok a chamois - yellow

Hypholoma fasciculare (Huds.: Fr.) Kumm.

of Syn.: Nematoloma fasciculare (Huds.: Fr.) P. Karst.

39. A slippery jack it is yellow - brown

Suillus variegatus (Sw.: Fr.) Lake of Kuntze

40. Slippery jack granular

Suillus granulatus (L.: Fr.) Lake of Kuntze

41. Slippery jack listvennichny

Suillus grevillei (Klotzsch) Sing.

42. Slippery jack soft

Suillus placidus (Bon.) Sing.

43. The slippery jack is late, real yellow

Suillus luteus (L.: Fr.) S. F. Gray

44. Mokrukh sticky

Gomphidius glutinosus (Schaeff.: Fr.) Fr.

45. Mokrukh purple

Gomphidius rutilus (Schaeff.: Fr.) Lund. et Nannf.

46. Euphorbia, submilk jug

of Lactarius volemus (Fr.) Fr.

47. Mossiness mushroom green

Xerocomus subtomentosus (L.: Fr.) Quel.

of Syn.: Boletus subtomentosus L.: Fr.

48. The fly agaric is smelly, a fly agaric white smelly

Amanita virosa Lam.: Secr.

49. Fly agaric red

Amanita muscaria (L.: Fr.) Hook.

50. Fly agaric panterny

Amanita paniherina (DC: Fr.) Secr.

51. Fly agaric pogankovidny

Amanita citrina (Schaeff.) S. F. Gray

Syn.: Amanita mappa (Batsch: Lasch) Quel.

52. The fly agaric is pink, it is gray - pink, reddening

of Amanita rubescens (Pers.: Fr.) S. F. Gray

53. Earth-boring dung beetle white, shaggy, koprinus crested

Coprinus comatus (Mull.: Fr.) S. F. Gray

54. Obabok (birch mushroom) hardish

Leccinum duriusculum (Schulz. are. Fr.) Sing.

55. Obabok (birch mushroom) gray

Leccinum griseum (Quel.) Sing.

of Syn.: Leccinum carpini (R. Schulz.) Mos.

56. The honey agaric is a winter, winter mushroom

of Flammulina velutipes (Curt.: Fr.) Sing.

of Syn. Collybia velutipes (Curt.: Fr.)

57. Honey agaric summer

Kuehneromyces mutabilis (Fr.) Sing. et A. H. Sm.

of Syn.: Pholiota mutabilis (Fr.) Kumm.

58. Honey agaric of meadow

Marasmius oreades (Bolt.: Fr.) Fr.

59. The honey agaric is the real, autumn

Armillariella mellea (Vahl: Fr.) P. Karst.

of Syn.: Clitocybe mellea Vahl: Fr.

60. Pautinnik oranzhevo - red poisonous

Cortinarius orellanus (Fr.) Fr.

61. Plyutya cervine

Pluteus cervinus (Schaeff.: Fr.) Kumm.

of Syn.: Pluteus atricapillus (Secr.) Sing.

62. Birch mushroom (berezovik) ordinary, obabok

Leccinum scabrum (Bull.: Fr.) S. F. Gray

Syn.: Boletus lencophareus Pers.

63. Podvishen, ivishen

Clitopilusprunulus (Scop.: Fr.) Kumm.

64. An aspen mushroom it is red - brown

Leccinum testaceoscabrum (Seer.) Sing.

65. The aspen mushroom is red, krasnogolovik

Leccinum aurantiacum (Bull.: St - Am.) S. F. Gray

66. Polish mushroom

of Xerocomus badius (Fr.) Kuhn. ex Gilb.

of Syn.: Boletus badius Fr.

67. The float is white, a tolkachik white

Amanitopsis alba (Gill.) Fr.

of Syn.: Amanita alba

68. Float orange

Amanitopsis fulva (Schaeff.: Seer.) W. G. Sm.

69. Rozovoplastinnik is poisonous, zheltovato - gray

Entoloma sinuatum (Pers.: Fr.) Kumm.

of Syn.: Entoloma lividum (Bull.: St. - Am.) Quel.

70. Saffron milk cap delicious

Lactarius deliciosus (L.: Fr.) S. F. Gray

71. Blewits white

Tricholoma album (Fr.)

72. Blewits gray

Tricholoma portentosum (Fr.) Quel.

73. The blewits is tiger, poisonous

Tricholoma pardalotum Herink et Kotl.

of Syn.: Tricholoma pardinum Quel.

74. Devilish mushroom

of Boletus satanas Lenz.

75. Svinushka thin

Paxillus involutus (Batsch: Fr.) Fr.

76. Smorchkovy hat, Cap

of Vepra bohemica

77. The morel is ordinary, real

Morchella esculenta L.: Fr.

78. Strochok huge

Giromitra gigas (Krombh.) Cke.

79. Strochok ordinary

Gyromitra esculenta (Pers.: Fr.) Fr.

80. A russula growing brown

of Russula xerampelina (Schaeff.: Seer.) Fr.

81. The russula is yellow, light-yellow

Russula claroflava Grove s. Melz. et Zv.

of Syn.: Russula/lava (Rom.) Rom. ap. Lindbl.

82. Russula green

Russula aeruginea Lindbl. in. Fr.

of Syn.: Russula graminicolor (Seer.) Quel. s. auct.

83. Russula greenish

Russula virescens (Schaeff.: Zant.) Fr.

84. Russula golden

Russula aurata With.: Fr.

85. Russula olive

Russula olivacea (Schaeff.: Seer.) Fr.

86. The russula is food, edible

Russula vesca Fr.

87. A russula Xing - yellow

Russula cyanoxantha (Schaeff.: Schw.) Fr.

88. Champignon forest

Agaricus sylvaticus Schaeff.: Krombh.

of Syn.: Psalliota sylvatica (Schaeff.: Krombh.) Kumm.

89. Champignon meadow, champignon

of Agaricus campestris L.: Fr.

of Syn.: Psalliota campestris (L.: Fr.) Kumm.

90. Champignon field

Agaricus arvensis Schaeff.: Fr.

of Syn.: Psalliota arvensis (Schaeff.: Fr.) Kumm.

I want to wish to all fans of mushrooms first of all luck and care. Not for nothing speak: “measure seven times - cut off one“. Once again I wish all good luck!