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How to work with freelancers?

the Market of freelance continue to gain steam. However all attempts to develop reliable mechanisms of protection of the hired worker and removed employer do not satisfy either those, or others yet. Today freelancers continue to remain the most available labor, it is possible for these and it is necessary to use. It is important to understand only accurately what work it is worth giving on autsors and to carefully weigh risks. I Will begin

with an example which very much to me was remembered, despite its prescription. One my familiar director of a retail network suddenly needed to remove new group of goods. For this purpose he planned to make at the same time several websites, to properly optimize them, and also will spend for advertizing. He planned to make all this quickly enough, on business - to the plan he wanted to be in time everything during the summer that sales went in the fall. It at that time did not use services of Bureau as we have not the most budgetary option, and I oriented it for longer terms at once. Therefore he decided to save, having ordered development of the websites from freelancers with whom it did some works before. We communicated to it in Shanti, he wanted to specify what risks at his invention. Before I worked with freelancers incidentally and works were small, a banner. Having studied subject, I prepared it for risks, said to it that it is necessary to make secure, sign the contract, I then too had no especially wide experience of work in this sphere. It quickly and vigorously started at the beginning of June, and at the end of August on its business - to the plan everything already had to be ready. Next time we met in September and it made nothing, more precisely, only the design more than nothing was made. Its sob-story looked so: the design was already ready for several websites at the beginning of July, with changes it long did not zatyaivat because terms already drew in. It gave all this business to programmers - there were functions of electronic payment. Programmers changed on 2 - 3 times. And there was the most awful when the new person came, he said that he will not rbotat with a code of the old programmer and it is better to rewrite it though old swore that for 90% made this code. And a code - that it made, and the website wrote down, and practically the website was ready, the truth suspended, but not an essence. When the new programmer takes over work, in this scribble understands old nothing. It is extremely difficult to programmers to hand over projects. It at designers everything is simply drawn on jpeg. It had no technical manager, he made everything on trust. As a result everything that he conceived turned out only in November that very much upset him.

Morals: Do

on freelance, but only a jobbing

Do large works on freelance, but if you need all in time, then without contract and without studio you have nothing to do there because there are many production risks - one of which programming.

Imposition. Each expert hates work of another, one will impose, another will find at him in work a heap of trifles and again will have repeatedly to pay for work, the third will adapt reimposition under the needs. If you need to be in time surely be reinsured by the contract. Because you will hardly be able to find the freelancer from Novosibirsk or Omsk.

the Guarantee of your work is only a small plus opposite to a nickname. And very few people guess how many the lost nerves, sufferings of the customer, tens and hundreds of thousands opposite to unique minus. One minus in an amicable way costs ten pluses.

The second acquaintance - one of founders of the known company on production of games. He decided to make game to a vknotakta. Then there were few studios developing applications therefore he decided to address freelancers. Having made all graphics and having paid 2 months to developers, they came to it later and told that they stop works as reached a deadlock with a cursor. And the VKontakte market develops so violently that if to be late for three months, then it is possible to be late on always, and these are besides investments and the lost money.

Then he addressed the second team of developers. The second team of developers practically finished the project, and all this too on freelance to Ina was fastened by the contract, they dismissed the server programmer. As a result there was a similar game and they in vain spent time and money. Freelancers at the same time had still impudence to tell that you can not pay then this work, ourselves will complete game and we will start it.

Studio it is possible to punish the contract, cancellation of the contract, a penny for delay. It is the regulated administrative responsibility, and administrative facilities at us in the country any is. Whether in a case with freelance it is necessary to put coefficient of risks slightly 100%.

Tricks of freelancers:

at the time of delivery of work at them sharply everything disconnect the Internet - providers.

Freelancers the people painful, very often in a heat they in the middle of work wring hands and legs, are poisoned.

It is necessary to demand acceptance on every day if a lot of work, then time in several days. Do not postpone it for later, then there can be nothing.

Many freelancers do not understand, the reputation is how important. And I a nickname always had a surname, it obliged. I also, being a student, 3 - 4 years worked as the freelancer, and, not sverkhotvetsvenny, conscientiousness in me was percent for 95%.