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Boys and girls: what do their games and why differ in?

Since the childhood boys are fond of machines and are interested in any mechanisms, and girls play dolls. But whether really it is put in them by the nature? Or this external influence of society, corresponding education and habitual stereotypes? Let`s understand.

Games with machines when everything growls around and hoots - really important stage in life of the little boy. It is realization of the main male qualities and deeper understanding of the sex. It is an energy output and an opportunity to imitate the strong father. The best means to show the courage, than the machine, not to find.

The car for the kid - obligatory part of the man`s world. Even knowing that the woman can operate the vehicle too, in games boys “put“ the man for a wheel. And even on pictures children quickly remove a wheel pencil. And with what dexterity kids reproduce a motor roar! The more powerfully and more car, the motor growls more loudly! In boyish games there is too much noise while girls give bigger preference to words and dialogues.

Some kids show interest in what is in the machine as it is arranged. It is explained by manifestation of abilities of the peanut to mechanics, and you should not abuse for it the child. It is better to offer the curious kid to arrange auto repair shop for the machine. Here he can be strong and skillful, repair big trucks and small “cars“, will learn to use the screw-driver and learns what is a wrench. It is interesting that the boy who is brought up only by mother or the grandmother in cars will play not less. It will find in the immediate environment for itself(himself) an example - the person who has all significant male qualities, and will try to be same.

The machine is present at girlish games too, but it is rather as transport for a doll. The girl can imitate mother if mother drives the car. Her doll will also go behind purchases, to carry sweeties - kids. And the girl all the same, what power at the car, the main thing that it was beautiful.

In general, games with machines are very important both for boys, and for girls. Thanks to such games, at the child ability to be guided in space develops, children master concepts quicker “to the right“ and “to the left“, colors, the account, develop the creative abilities and the imagination.

The main vehicle for dolls at girls nevertheless the carriage acts as . The girl imagines herself adult as mother, imitates mother. Besides, when the baby only learns to go, the carriage serves as the assistant and support to the child. By the way, boys will not be prevented by such useful toy too, and many boys show interest in it which does not need to be stopped. Allow the child to derive pleasure from interesting and salutary occupation.

Subconsciously in the man the nature is put to be the first and strong. Therefore boys fight and in general sports so attracts . It is possible to show the dexterity here and to prove force, to learn to stand for itself and to protect the friend. Presently the boy needs to learn to show resistance to possible offenders therefore parents most often send kids to various sports sections and on oriental martial arts. In fact, the child since small years needs to impart love for sports and to a healthy lifestyle, considering our time and current main pastime of youth.

And of course, boys adore going with the father to soccer where the men`s company gathers. The father will teach to do dribbling on envy to other boys, with pleasure drives a ball and will show how to score a goal.

Girls, in the majority, derive pleasure from dances - the girl has to be flexible, have a beautiful bearing and a light step. More often than boys, they practise music, drawing. Are fond of of needlework , spin from beads of ornament and sew dresses for dolls. Certainly, and such occupations are useful to boys to small motility, but hardly parents will begin to give the boy on beadwork.

Still boys, undoubtedly, love of game with the weapon . The weapon - a sign of courage, force. Any stick which appeared in the boy`s hands will serve as a sword or a machine gun. Girls most often are indifferent to the weapon. Unless the water gun will be interesting to them.

Boys are researchers in fact, they dexterously clamber on a ladder, get on fences and trees, run one after another. They need more space for games, than to girls. To little girls of rather small corner, to build a doll lodge and to spread out “treasures“.

Games of girls are generally connected by with dolls . And, if before the girl played in sweeties, the Soviet dolls and legendary Barbie, then the generation which now is growing up girlish prefers generally dolls from cartoon serials - dolls Bratts, Vinks, the Moksi who captivated the doll market, possessing often the person from the Japanese anime and a set of accessories. For boys there are dolls too - superheroes: Batman, Spiderman. Also, with new style of “hand made“, Tilde dolls became popular. And earlier rag dolls were loved for many. In my childhood were, among other, dolls paper, with huge clothes and paper houses. And in the yard with girlfriends we quite often constructed dolls from flowers and buds.

A doll - not just a toy, and the friend to whom the girl can tell the secrets, share feelings and experiences. At preschool age ability to understand others, sociability, trust to the world is formed. Game with a doll develops informative abilities, the available skills. The child imitates behavior of mother, repeating the same actions which mother makes with it with a doll: feeds with porridge, bathes, dresses, rocks to sleep. Together with a doll the child will easier master table etiquette, will become interested in a pot and will just learn communication.

And even if the boy prefers games with dolls, and the girl reaches for “malchukovy“ toys, anything there is no reprehensible here. It does not mean at all that the boy “any such“, he is future father and studies the social relations, the doll as small model of the person, his similarity is interesting to it. The established old stereotypes have an effect, and quite often fathers oppose to such “not man`s“ games.

It is useful for the child and it is necessary to play those games in which he wants, to broaden the horizons and to gain skills. It is extremely important to hear and understand the child, but not to impose him the preferences. Do not deprive of children of the childhood. Any toy is model of adulthood and is useful to the kid. Distributing games by gender, you will only develop complexes at the child and will provoke neurosis. All our complexes it is from the childhood.

Summing up the result, it should be noted that the preference the child of this or that game is influenced by both a natural factor, and society. By the nature it is got that the boy will give preference to the games connected with equipment and cars as well as all future men, and the girl - as future mother and the keeper of a home - to dolls. Boys and girls, playing, imitate the father and mother, respectively. They unconsciously choose games, imitating bright examples from life. So, some girls begin to be interested in man`s games - in the modern world the woman tries to master and be able everything, and the boy, playing dolls, gets acquainted with various life situations.

Encourage draft of kids to new and interesting. Pay to the children more attention, care and understanding. They need so it!