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Erythrophobia. What to do if on a face everything is written?

In ancient times, looking at people with brightly - a red face, Slavs with a smile and pride said: “The very picture of health“. Everything on a face is written - this phrase about them. It is, of course, a look from outside, and owners of such feature (to blush involuntarily at the slightest nervousness) are far from delight. As try to hide emotions, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

They are not able to afford to destroy the own installations “I Not Such as Everything, I It Am Not Worthy“ and change a profession, limit communication with people around, leave darlings. A red face - the reason of emergence of persuasive fears, complexes, developments of the depressions close to neurosises which lead to serious problems.

In medicine stressful face reddening has the definition - an erythrophobia that in translation means “fear to be red“. The vegetative nervous system in own way reacts to an irritant.

The impossibility to control reaction of a body creates barriers in development of relationship. The people suffering from this problem often leave from the solution of very important questions both in private life, and at work. Thus, psychological dependence on skin color change is formed.

About what success in business, career development can there be a speech? They destroy the life from - for fear to redden at the wrong time (at performance at meeting, at a responsible meeting with partners, at a fleeting glimpse on business - a lunch).

Medical stars define it as a condition of an organism, but not an illness. Their verdict that it is a problem more psychosocial, but not physiological. Therefore doctors recommend consultations at the psychologist or the psychotherapist, and also at the neurologist - the vegetologist.

Except psychotherapy sessions, for treatment appoint antidepressants, and also reception of vitamins - To (reduces permeability of a vascular wall), With (strengthens walls of vessels, possesses vasoconstrictive and antiedematous action) and P (flavonoids, increase stability of vessels, reduce permeability and fragility of capillaries).

A red face - cause and effect of our way of life. Unfortunately, the etiology of this state is still not found out, but is noticed what diseases promote its emergence:

Violations in work of nervous system at a stress, a depression and neurosises.

Dysfunctions of endocrine system, especially at diseases of a thyroid gland and diabetes.

Diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, for example, a kartsinoidny syndrome.

a menopause Symptom when there are problems of hormonal character.

Vascular defects of capillaries, a rozatse, an illness which British in the past, having a little exaggerated, called “a damnation of Celts“ since they are most subject to a disease - blue-eyed and white-skinned people. Researches established existence mikrobno - a viral infection in a human body at a rozatse.

Often the skin allergy which can be provoked by many factors is the reason of a red face:

- long-term temperature loadings;

- excessive influence of sunshine, and also ultra-violet radiation at visit of a sunbed;

- alcohol abuse;

- reception of some food (especially too hot, and also spicy, sharp or smoked) causing bile emission;

- the use of the cook - stakes, energy drinks, and also strong tea, coffee;

- reception of some drugs.

And also it is necessary to reflect whether the cosmetics which you use suits you.

Treatment in the surgical way - one more option of a solution. Operation a simpatektomiya lasts 15 - 30 min. Through small punctures in a thorax to the patient under the general anesthesia implant a tiny titanic clip which presses a bunch of the nervous fibers responsible for regulation of blood supply of face skin. In total days in a hospital, but despite relative simplicity and success, this operation doctors do not to all but only in extreme cases when no other methods allow to relieve the patient of an erythrophobia.

Traditional medicine recommends oils of grape seeds, a walnut, extract of a horse-chestnut, arnica, a hawthorn, dogrose, a camomile. It is necessary to know that hot compresses, steam bathtubs and massage are inadmissible for such skin. For a long time used cold compresses, but the effect of them is small.

Complex action of experts, correction of food and protection of skin will help to cope with a problem of a red face.