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Why it is necessary to marry


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Why it is necessary to marry should be looked for correctly benefit advantage to achieve a hand to subdue to win the choice the worthy girl the marriage promotes by calculation ways to contain

sense harm desire to be sorry the man was acquired by

and In the material relation a marriage to the man, as a rule - is not favorable. d Men usually earn

significantly more women.

d the Man is more universal, than the woman.

and Divorce is financially more unprofitable more often to men.

and the Man at divorce that in modern life not the wonder - often loses housing in favor of the wife with juvenile children.

d Gasification reduced a role of the woman as keepers of the center.

d the Modern household appliances allow the hardworking man to obstiryvat itself, to prepare, to keep order in the house.

and General installation of telephones simplified the organization of stable sex and a call of the doctor.

to the Marriage - kills love.

and the Marriage - deprives the man of freedom.

d Braque is more favorable to the woman from - that the nature and the law assigned education of juvenile children first of all to it.

p As the main mission of the person as living being - reproduction, all male not benefits from a marriage - mean nothing.

z If the man, is conscious without regard to not benefits, does not marry - by his force the nature which except reproduction any more concerns nothing declines to it.

z the Man opposing to the nature and not marrying - tests a dissatisfaction with life, alarm, irritation, discomfort, despondency …

z the Man opposing to the nature and not marrying - is forced to lead not the correct life, will be inclined to addictions what having lost health, will get rid for a while of natural pressure to get a family. z the Nature does not include

in reproduction only of those men, - which cannot give healthy, durable posterity or incapable, to keep it.

p As marriage is necessary - whether it is worth deliberating, it is good or is bad.

z the Marriage not by calculation this business not of mind - and hearts.

and the Person can solve he should establish a family or not - for him it is done by the nature.

z to the Child and the sick person desire will unite with the representative of an opposite sex, for reproduction the nature does not include,

to the one who is capable to give healthy posterity - includes.

z the Nature causes desire in the man, marries that girl with whom it at it can be born more than healthy, durable children and which is capable to keep their strong to an adult state.

z - causes sufferings In the man who does not have children the nature which only reproduction concerns.

zpv the Nature, caring not only about the birth, but also preservation of posterity - compels parents constantly is together near the children.

zp Rationality of life out of marriage - with ease breaks against the powerful force of nature dictating finding of children in the dwelling.

zpv the Man having children out of marriage - suffers because that they and their mother not nearby.

z with the child can marry the girl not only kind - but also strongly stayed out late weak man at whom the nature already included feeling of suffering not only from - for absence of children, but also absence by their row.

yu If the man marries he regrets for it at once if he is not present - over the years.

and Often main argument for a marriage - appearance of the child.

z Happens that the man marry, to the arisen need for they are hurrying to pay a tradition tribute.

and Some men, without having ripened, marry, for fear that the good girl can get to another - and he more such will not find.

p a marriage is necessary for Some men - what would will stop in the revelries.

to Braque - the union of mutual assistance.

and the People who are married - live longer.

and In normal marriage life is quieter.

p are transferred by the Lonely person of adversity more difficultly.

pv In a full-fledged family children are raised better.

At the bachelor sex is not regular, less stable, causes big overloads, is more dangerous …

and Braque is more reliable and durable - than love. and Having married

, the man becomes more solid.

z the Married man is more serious.

pz For responsible work try to accept married men.

z the Married man is more executive.

and As if was not young the young man - the marriage turns it into the man.

d Married men conduct more correct and a healthy lifestyle. z Cleaning washing cooking for two takes with

much less time and forces than twice.

and Comfortably in marriage in the material plan the man feels - when more wife earns, but it is not considerable.

and If the husband earns less wife - it is humiliating.

and If the husband earns significantly more wife or it does not work it obviously not favourably at all and deprives full of freedom on divorce from - for big losses.

p the Real man providing a family does not think of losses, and only feels strong and significant.

kvp Life without marriage - is not full-fledged.

p The are born earlier children - the more with them and grandsons of years of communication.

p Seldom happen, the men marrying the dumped girlfriend which all the same whom to marry are happy.

vpz the Man who did not cultivate in himself spiritual and moral qualities - marries, there is no sense. there is no

vp in marriage of happiness - if at least one of spouses is negative.

vpz to the Man with bad human qualities not only that the marriage does not bring happiness, so it also will spoil life to the wife to his relatives, and children.

p the Man, not possessing qualities of the good husband - can marry only for the silly woman.

pv Before will move off in searches of the worthy wife, become worthy itself - and you will not manage to get ready for a trip.

and the Negative person, without finding the good friend of life,

hoping for bad luck, continues search instead of, working as

on itself, to really draw attention of worthy.

Positive continues to improve really the human qualities, taking bad luck for insufficient appeal. kpl the Man who looks for the wife without shortcomings - all life will carry out


of the personal computer the Marriage without love - a thing hateful.

pvz In conquest of hearts the most important can be knowledge of psychology. by

p That the nobility where to look for the second half - it is necessary to determine

the ideal.

pz to win the woman`s heart - it is not necessary to speak and arrive as all.

p Is very important that the spouse was kind, decent, cheerful, not sensitive, not proud, not persuasive, easy in communication, the idle time which is not creating vanity and tension. The man is aimed, as a rule, only at such qualities as beauty and


p Is desirable that spouses supplemented missing necessary qualities each other.

z Such important event as marriage, so strongly changes human life that the majority of important events would not happen further to it.

of C Marriage - merge of destinies.

d Lovers unite in a family not to suffer in separation.

and the Greatest of arts - to find happiness in marriage.

and Marriage - test of love.

d is More probable happy marriage at those lovers who and

to it were happy.

and Men unlike women marry more often - on love.

p to the bad person that marriage that loneliness - happiness is not brought.

vp Good education and education - best given.

and the Real man has to find the weakest, defenseless, unfortunate woman and to marry it.

p At first the person, excessively working, builds the expensive

palace, then, having refused love of the kind simple girl,

marries the queen who is not loving it, and after also complains,

that it hardly is given happiness.

d Lazy, not independent young men dream that after a marriage relay of care of them at mother was intercepted by the wife.

p brings to Braque happiness reasonable, kind, decent, true, patient, hardworking, responsible …

p Braque is a patience, patience and patience.

p If the man looks for the woman with a lodge and a pylon - it is

the woman.

yu Nothing, so promotes marriage implementation - as existence of obstacles to it.

yu to Marry the girl only because it is young and

is beautiful - all the same what to wear a new beautiful fur

cap in the summer.

yu at the acquired man in second marriage with the young spouse begins Only quiet life as the wife is let in a hellbender. yu the Woman cannot but prepare and not erase

- the man cannot go hungry and in dirty linen. yu Mother for the sake of future grandsons the truth does not tell

to the son about women.

yu If the person is not capable to choose good fruit in the market - hardly it will be able to find

the good partner in life.

yu the bride for pleasure puts on all a wedding white, the groom -


yu Braque is a misfortune without which the person cannot be happy.

yu One men are beautiful and perspective - others want to marry. yu it is better for

to make the Decision on a marriage not at night.

yu Desire marries - not always coincides with purse contents.

yu do not marry, without having learned to carry horns.

yu If the wife helps the husband to become successful - he marries another.

yu stronger marriage when the husband badly sees, and the wife - the deaf.

yu That marriage was successful - be on guard, and it is durable - close eyes to everything. yu That to the man to satisfy with

the girlfriend - marries it enough, the wife - there will not be enough all benefits of the world.

yu Paradise in a tent - to the first rain.

yu Krom of a love match and by calculation - is still marriage foolishly. yu Marrying

, lovers seek to receive more friend on the friend of the rights - and get duties. yu Braque rescues

from love and gastritis.

yu the Woman, having married - calms down, the man, having married - begins to worry. yu Some people the marriage playing a back role - turn

into epicenter of military operations.

yu Braque - the most unprofitable way of free services.

yu Braque - the promised domination become slavery.

yu Braque - an opportunity without invitation to come to darling.

yu Braque - a love exchange for cohabitation.

yu To a wedding sex pleasure - after a wedding a duty.

yu Braque is attempt of two windy hearts to create the serious relations on the basis of fleeting acquaintance.

yu Braque - the name guards.

yu Men, being fond of blondes - dream to marry the brunette.

yu Braque - slavery under the law. yu One marry

according to the recommendation of parents, others - to them to spite.

yu At divorce are mistaken less often - than at marriage.

yu Braque turns princes and princesses into ordinary people.

yu As all women bother, between them there is no special difference.

yu to learn what wives are bad - marry.

yu That marries - it is necessary to pretend that you do not want it not to divorce - that you wish.

yu you Marry one girl - and it is necessary to contain the whole collective farm.

yu the First time marry out of curiosity.

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