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How to be happy every day and under any weather conditions? You Love

you Love yourself and the relatives. Nothing so warms and pleases to a shower as love. Reconcile with those with whom quarreled. Try not to offend the family, they the closest for you people. Lyubov is able to forgive: forgive those who offended you. You love carelessly, life is so short.

Help others

Look around - perhaps, someone needs the help. Each of us once had to experience difficulties which oppressed us and did not allow to live quietly. The person who endured a similar situation knows, the help and support are how important. Help those to whom badly physically or morally. You do not pass by the lonely neighbor - the veteran, the disabled person begging of the acquaintance who buried the loved one. Tell several kind words, they are sometimes capable to make the person happier. Enjoy

Life cannot be in pleasure if we constantly are in tension. You should not concentrate only on duties. Sometimes it is necessary to dare to relax and enjoy life. Surely visit actions which you consider important for yourself - concerts, exhibitions, theatrical representations. Do not refuse to themselves pleasure to spend evening in the company of close friends. Dare to enjoy every minute of the life.

Keep promises

should keep Promises even if you gave them to yourself. Especially, if you gave them to yourself! You should not calm yourself the fact that “between promising and performing, a man can marry his daughter“. Do not postpone for later. Just make it. Think how important it can be for this purpose who waits for implementation of obligations of you. The kept promises will present you a clear conscience. And it is already indispensable attribute of happy and quiet life.

Grant desires

First of all take care of yourself. If you want something long ago and passionately, try to execute the dream. Do not allow life to force you to forget about own desires. Execute them as soon as such opportunity is given. Do not forget also about others. It is possible to make someone happy, it is necessary to grant his desire which seems to you a trifle. Make it, present a piece of happiness to the one who nearby. Be generous and generous

It is worth showing generosity both in moral, and in the material plan. You share the positive emotions and good mood. You should not take offense and pout on trifles, be generous to those who try to touch you. Most likely, people do it foolishly, but not from the evil. Be not greedy and do not save on gifts for the relatives. Be generous in any situation, and everything that you gave, will surely return to you in a bigger quantity. Risk

do not dare to fall asleep and pass all the most interesting on the life arena. Sometimes it is worth trying the luck in a situation, unusual and unfamiliar for you. Of course, often it can be dangerous. But new, risky opportunities are capable to uplift us to success tops. Risk to feel the true taste of life! Trust

in good

you Should not concentrate on a negative. Bad situations happen to all, but it is not an occasion to be depressed. Think of good, dream of the better life and embody the dreams in reality. Our thoughts possess ability to form events therefore you should not think of bad. Trust in all good, and life will surely smile to you.

Life is given to the person in order that he was happy. Do not allow small adversities to force you to forget about it. Be just happy!