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Gerry Rubin. Who called for action?

about Gerry should be known that it was yipp. This word closes a striped barrier of understanding forever.

When the person learns accurate definition something when the inscribed label is pinned to anatomical structure, there is no sense to look for other values, there is no sense to plunge on depth if precisely you know that there.

There are yipp. What is it? Hippie, but against hippie. Pacifists, but aggressive. Nothing is clear and. Says about power of our indifference to the figure draped in a vyetkongovsky flag that in the Russian Wikipedia there were no mentions about Gerry Rubin few years ago. In 2009 the selling and not especially driving the sixty eighth Kohn - Bendit in the Russian Vicki was, and for Gerry the place was not.

In the Russian version there was a book written by Gerry - “Act!“ (“Scenarios of revolution“). Became possible to forget about inventions of apostles and to address the primary source.

And somehow at once it became clear why about Gerry it is inconvenient to speak. He in general preferred not talk, but actions. On actions people are rather poor. Processions of “black anarchical Moscow one hundred“ in comparison with half-million anti-war protests of the past seem ridiculous. Cheap comedians against rebels. What, then was more liberally? Beat more weakly? Times - do not change. And here people courageous in fifty years (and which - where and for hundred) povyvet thoroughly.

Present today the person who runs behind militia with a request to arrest also him, joins all left pickets and strikes which sees, occupies universities and comes to court in Santa Claus`s suit.

Get Gerry though on one of our meetings, he just would die of a grief. From our sad actions, with cowardice, from monotonous shouts in a disparate, from our small number and not ingenuity, otnashy hopelessness and commitment to grants. How activists of each other sell.

The person who worked at campaign headquarters running for president it is hardly possible though was to surprise with something more, than inability to unpack a leaflet, to find heels - another of thousands of dollars. The horror of dismissal from work was inaccessible to it. And whether it was possible to frighten in far distance to an action of the person conducting march on the Pentagon? To grab with mobile recruiting station - the one who called soldiery and asked to send it the agenda more, burning it in front of chambers?

We in the country had neither such people, nor such demonstrations. Forgive us, Gerry. And thanks for the book.