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Sha! Let`s disperse beautifully?

Good morning, expensive. You are beautiful today, more than ever.

I know, you do not love me any more, and were tired to live with me under the same roof. You wanted changes, new impressions, there is a wish to look at the world in a different way, to become independent. Kohl roads disperse, allow though at parting, strong to embrace you, to kiss and give as keepsake of our joint life this ring with diamond. Let him though sometimes remind you about those happy days which we lived together. Be happy, I want to be quiet for you. I hope that your life will develop better, than I could make it. Do not hold on me offenses, do not reproach, do not judge strictly, I such what is. Perhaps, if tried to notice earlier that our relations develop not absolutely as you wanted if was more attentive, careful and generous, then my caress and kisses would seem to you more gentle and hot, and my embraces stronger and reliable.

Let`s remain friends, you can always count on me. To give you any help, support and understanding, for me will be for honor.

Ya I will not annoy you the attention if you do not want it, I will not try to return you. Time you decided what so cannot proceed further, enough reasons mean for this purpose at you. You can keep everything that is expensive to you what got used to and what you cannot do without. To me will be enough those memoirs which I will never leave.

Our wedding photos which, I hope are equally expensive to us, too can keep, but promise that you will not begin to do with them anything bad and if they begin you to irritate at any moment, then I will take them on storage.

Well and, at last, most important. Our children. They, though also not rather adult to understand why we disperse, but already and not such small to think out for them any tales. Let`s think together how it is possible, without having inflicted on them suffering, to explain that we do not disperse forever and as though we will see each other just seldom, owing to some reasons, from us not dependent. They will understand everything over time, I hope, will not condemn strictly, we will maintain our good, kind relations, isn`t that so?

It is a pity to me that so everything developed, but believe, I do not condemn you. I know for certain that you are worthy much and I believe that at you everything will turn out.

And, at last, if you made the choice, having got acquainted and having fallen in love with another whom you consider as more worthy you, than I, then it is your choice. Means it is so fated. As if it was not heavy to speak about it, but I envy it, such woman as you, around the world are not present any more. If I meet somebody in the life, at least in something comparable with you, with your beauty and charm and even if I will be able to fall in love with it, then in my feelings there will always be a place for you.

Call me though sometimes. I will be glad to hear your voice, to share news and to learn about yours. I will miss, at first, I think, quite strongly. Time will help with everything to understand, sort things out. I have many plans which will help to distract with experiences concerning parting with you, partings, but not a rupture of our relations, we with you are in many respects similar, so, we will find an occasion and an opportunity to continue to communicate with each other and, I hope, anything and nobody will be able to prevent it.

There now, it seems everything that wanted to tell finally. Keep well, expensive. Bye!

Approximate option as it is possible to leave beautifully. In recent years in Japan and at us too, get divorced not less magnificently, than marry. But unless this main thing? It is very important to find the proper words turned to each other, after making decision on divorce, then there will be no need to resort to divorce proceedings in a judicial proceeding. It is not less important not to make at the same time bad acts, not to allow insults and humiliations to that with whom not one year is lived. Well, it did not develop, did not grow together, so too happens, and it is quite frequent.

It seems to me that in this respect there will be a different opinion at readers. It would be interesting to get acquainted with the options and recommendations about an occasion of “soft“ divorce offered by you.