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How to leave off smoking forever in only 17 days?

the Unique method for those who cannot leave a cigarette in one day.

I want to warn At once if you decided that magic mixture from the habit which bothered to you is found is not so. It is necessary to work all-. The cigarette so just yet released nobody. Unless on a next world …

For support of fighting spirit we will remember Cicero`s words: “The greatest victory - a victory over by itself“. And it will be really great victory!

I will not begin to argue on harm of smoking here, to convince you to leave off smoking is a destiny of narcologists. If you read these lines, so already decided to get rid of the killing habit. So? Once and for all?

Perfectly! Then we will start.

My method is at first sight unusual and, perhaps, is bulky. But it was very difficult to me to say goodbye to an addiction sharply - to crumple a pack of cigarettes and to throw out it in a ballot box. Tried not once. As I will remember myself these days, the nervous fury, so I will shudder. Without having sustained also weeks, I lit again.

And I decided to prolong “pleasure“. As a result - in only 17 days I got rid of this badly the smelling habit forever. Passed 11 years! Really I once paniced, having found out that in a pack there was only one cigarette? I do not trust!

So, first step. Them is 17 if your day begins at 7 in the morning and comes to an end in 12 nights provided that at night you do not smoke. Otherwise at you steps will be slightly more. But the first steps, as usual, are very hard.

How you begin the day? From a sigarette? As I understand you rather would understand when smoked. I began the day with a cigarette and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And it was my most tasty cigarette. I will tell how overslept once for work. Time was enough only for quickly to wash, to make on the fly toilet and to run. Having done all this with improbable speed, I rushed to a door and … returned. Made coffee, lit a cigarette, and under windows (I then lived on the first floor near the work) began to float figures of my colleagues, passed by and the severe chief. And I sat and smoked...

And so, my method is in what every day you cut down at the habit one hour. That is, if you usually begin to smoke the first cigarette at 7 in the morning, then under initial blow it gets. From that day from which you decided to begin to leave off smoking the first cigarette is begun to smoke at 8 in the morning. And for me farewell to this “semiutrovy“ cigarette was given most hard.

But from 8 in the morning you can smoke though each ten minutes. And here your first cigarette will begin the following day already at 9 in the morning. For example, you decided to begin to leave off smoking, well of course, since Monday 1 - go numbers. Well, let will be so. Let`s roll!

1 - e number and a step 1 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 8 in the morning.

2 - e number and a step 2 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 9 in the morning.

3 - e number and a step 3 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 10 in the morning.

4 - e number and a step 4 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 11 in the morning.

5 - e number and a step 5 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at midday.

6 - e number and a step 6 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 13 o`clock.

7 - e number and a step 7 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 14 o`clock.

8 - e number and a step 8 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 15 o`clock.

9 - e number and a step 9 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 16 o`clock.

10 - e number and a step 10 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 17 o`clock.

11 - e number and a step 11 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 18 o`clock.

12 - e number and a step 12 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 19 o`clock.

13 - e number and a step 13 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 20 o`clock.

14 - e number and a step 14 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 21 o`clock.

15 - e number and a step 15 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 22 o`clock.

16 - e number and a step 16 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette at 23 o`clock.

17 - e number and a step 17 - y - 1 - I am a cigarette and it is the last (!) at 24 o`clock.

And here it is freedom! Only 17 days - and you are independent! 17 steps which you passed, overcoming itself. Overcoming and, at the same time, giving an easy time to an organism. Therefore from its party there was no big revolt. These days I suffered only one hour - on what time for the first cigarette moved. For example, if yesterday I began to smoke at 15 o`clock, then today till this time I felt almost comfortably. But once the 15th hours punched, I began to think only of a cigarette.

It was necessary to hold on only one hour! Yes it is painful, but it is only one hour. And so to the last, 17 - go a step. The last step for me was also difficult, as well as the first. It was hard to realize rather to accept thought that it is the last cigarette in your life. It is difficult to decide on these steps psychologically. But it needs to be made if you really want and decided to finish once and for all with quietly smoking the murderer. In this duel the winner one - you!

The method of 17 steps passed successful tests by many smokers. And differently I would not begin to share it with you. In such a way also my husband who the same as I, at first tried to make it sharply could leave off smoking. I saw how he suffers, and suggested to try a method of 17 steps - at it everything turned out. The husband does not smoke nearly 6 years! Then we began to share this method with friends, colleagues. And all who wanted to cope with the addiction, but could not make it sharply, could leave off smoking in 17 days according to the above scheme.

I will be very glad if at somebody thanks to this way it turns out to leave off smoking! Try, you will lose will get nothing more likely. And your life will be this acquisition! Progress!