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What it is necessary to know about “hedgehog“ of

When I lived the second civil marriage with the wife Katya, somehow solved again, after a long break to be engaged in the exercises which did earlier, still being absolutely young man and before acquaintance to it. Having seen as I began to wave a hand and legs, manufacturing the strange passes, she asked: what do I do? I answered that I do Yoga. “What do you do? “Hedgehog?“, she giggled. And I thought: and why is also not present, let it be called “hedgehog“.“ Yes, it is possible and to call so. Let`s do together?“ Alas, but together that time it did not turn out. But here and now I practice Yoga and sometimes for fun I call it “hedgehog“

since then What this gymnastics which I do with breaks more than 20 years gave me? In - the first, throughout all this time after each occupation there is a feeling of moral satisfaction from the fact that for health I spend time with advantage; after each occupation the health and mood improves. In - the second, in a body pleasant unusual feelings appear: joints of extremities become more flexible, the body becomes as if warmed from within. When performing exercises on relaxation drowsiness, feelings - as after long rest appears, sometimes even I fall asleep directly in the course of performance of some meditations after exercises. When performing a set of exercises in the morning, I feel more vigorously, especially in the spring.

Sometimes earlier, during sleeplessness, carried out sets of exercises at daybreak, after that there was in all body a pleasant languor and filled up instantly.

Thus, sets of exercises of Yoga can be carried out for management of the psychoemotional state and as prevention of stresses. Really helps. Was influenced.

However experts do not recommend to carry out exercises being in the most stressful state as it is possible to be overloaded and injurious to health.

And it is valid, it is necessary to be engaged carefully, without excessive fanaticism. For example, somehow I a long time meditated looking at the burning candle, for visual acuity increase: sight afar improved, but... there was slight short-sightedness.

It is impossible to do gymnastics on a full or empty stomach, late at night, before going to bed, (if it is not a special complex on falling asleep with meditation) because after gymnastics heartbeat will be provided to you.

It is impossible to do gymnastics instead of treatment for illnesses as the Yoga, in my opinion is not means of delivery of health care and treatment. Having refused medical care, it is possible to aggravate a situation. At the increased temperature - too is not necessary... The yoga is a prophylactic of various diseases and regulation of a psychoemotional condition of the person. As you already for certain guessed, here I do not mention such concept as Yoga philosophy - the advanced yogina build all the way of life on its basis. I that am not and I describe the experience of occupations by yoga as a set of exercises, cleanings of an organism and the elementary meditations. Such Yoga still is called “Hatkh - the Yogi“.

In Yoga much attention is paid to technology of performance of all movements

going one after another and the correct delay in the accepted pose (asana). Exercises can be carried out both at fast speed, and in slow, with a delay in asanas from 30 seconds to several minutes. Personally I prefer in slow. It helps to concentrate on each movement and in each pose, as gives feeling of rest and slackness after performance of exercises and most effectively influences internals and systems. There is as if a massage of internals

from within Important only to understand value of those exercises and meditations which we carry out. Information on it can be found in various managements which there is a lot of both in the press and on the Internet.

And what to do if joints are already insufficiently mobile and flexible correctly to carry out the movements and to be late in asanas? To refuse Yoga? Anything similar. The yoga is not competitive system - who farther, quicker, stronger or longer. Exercises can be carried out as you can and as allows you to do your body. It is not obligatory to stretch out or carry out a rack on the head if you are physically not able to make it. It is possible to replace these poses any other, simpler, and instead of a pose of “lotus“, to nestle on a chair. The positive effect all the same will be if you take yourself for the rule systematically and to consistently carry out these surprisingly harmonious and useful complexes.

Practice Yoga.