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Whether there is a sexual equality in Russia?

of the Woman are inclined to claim that their rights are struck, and they constantly remind of it to the public. And men - such people which did not get used to complain therefore men remind nobody of the rights. And in vain!!! Soon women absolutely will mount upon necks of men if did not sit down any more.

Men do not complain not only because to complain - not in male character, but also because they are afraid to appear in the center of criticism. I am not afraid of criticism therefore I want to tell (not to complain) of how the rights of men are struck.

1. The retirement age at women is 5 years less, than at men. It is necessary to balance it, - then there will be an equality.

2. Women are not called up for military service. It is necessary to force to serve them, for example, equality will be nurses in medical institutions, - then.

3. Women have a set of privileges in connection with motherhood, and men do not have these privileges. Therefore privileges need to be cancelled, - then there will be an equality.

4. The man by the nature - a male (unlike the woman, it has no parental, maternal instinct) therefore the man needs to be exempted partially from parental obligations, that is to exempt partially from payment of the alimony. For example, to exempt from payment of the alimony for one child, and on two and more to leave. And the woman - mothers needs to grant the privilege to the children and to assign to her more obligations for contents and education of children. As in the wild nature: females of mammals bring up and support the cubs without the aid of males. The right to men to raise the children the woman - mother, but not the state has to provide. But on mother there have to be more duties.

Now there is no equality between the man and the woman because men have less rights. And that there came equality it is necessary to implement all these 4 clauses.

For now our society lives in matriarchy conditions. In 90% of families of the man are under a heel at the wives. But the most amazing that women with the birdbrain of it do not understand and continue to complain that their rights are struck.