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The higher education is it necessary for the majority of those who to seek to receive it?

If to check announcements of work, then impose requirement in which, along with experience in the specified sphere, the higher education is necessary to employed.

But having interview, many not only are not capable to confirm at least a minimum of the gained knowledge, and elementary understand nothing what they were trained within five years in. Why does that happen?

For most of students the main task is obtaining the diploma. Sessions study only in time, and all rest of the time only attend classes, and that, conforming to the rules, for fear to be deducted for admissions. What are they engaged at lectures in? Yes who than. Someone pretends only that he listens to the lecturer, someone diligent writes down each word, without pressing in judgment written down and, only the few write down and penetrate at the same time.

Duration of lectures remains former for a long time, pithiness their time remains disputable, digestion of material and even less so. Information overload of students, both in educational institution, and beyond its limits, in our century is obvious.

Five years presently quite impressive term, parents of future students or their children will not manage to choose prestigious HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION as they in labor market look for experts in other spheres. And the money spent for training often just goes broke. The surplus of experts in one branch, cannot be filled with a shortage in others, at the expense of got an education on other specialties, but actually in any way, quite so all also occurs.

Somehow to me recommended to hire the manager. At interview showed decent knowledge of a subject, skill to communicate and showed professional skills, but one hitch, it received specialty the HR manager. Such expert was not necessary to me, and the offered option did not suit him. However I was surprised that having addressed to the large construction organization, to it offered only the available vacancy of the assistant to the bricklayer.

Why in present time such not demand?

In 80 - e years, being trained at one of the Moscow institutes, having got sick, it was forced to take the academic vacation. There was no wish to goof off, decided to get a job. So, in one day, just going along the central street of the city and, coming into any organization, received quite good offers on employment in spite of the fact that by this time finished only two courses of institute. I will not list everything, here some of them: the chief of transport shop, the surveying engineer, the director of the museum in the regional city, with granting the apartment. I, then, got a job in theater, the artist the lighter since. tours with theater on the interesting cities, with an opportunity to look at performances of different theaters, besides, a salary plus daily allowance were coming. But it is not it. It was Soviet period, then was as it seems to me, all absolutely in a different way. A modern situation such is that to young people, in the majority, the way almost everywhere is closed if there are no telling arguments, in the form of related communications, patronage, bribes or going on all conditions and requirements of the employer which are not equitable to interests of the employed worker.

To begin the business, without having working capital, experience and communications, happens if it is not impossible, then it is extremely heavy. Support of the state in this question - is ridiculous, it is more in words. Hardly anyone from, trying “to help“ the beginning businessmen, itself suffered all torments of formation on this way.

Whether there is exit from the situation?

So far existence of the diploma about the higher education will have the predominating role at employment, and related communications by a priority, little can change.

Many enterprises are left without the main experts who are aging and lack of due replacement with their young people, from - for not prestigiousnesses of a profession, labor input or other reasons on which nobody wants to go to such work. The factory administration is ready to do anything to involve young specialists. High salaries, sots. a package and other - it is useless. So, slowly, all places are taken by guest workers, and then are surprised from where them there is so much.

One more of the reasons - unwillingness to work in general. Having got used to live on care of parents and traditionally counting on their help, the youth ignores the difficulties which fell down the head of their parents compelled often with the last bit of strength and savings to support trousers and skirts of the children. And to them, it is simple to spit. Such generation was grown up, consumers and parasites. It is necessary to hope for the following, sumeyushchy to rethink pressing problems and to fill, lost once, the mechanism of interrelation of the got education with obligatory employment for decent work, with receiving due guarantees, prospects of growth and salaries.

Without having completed socialism, were thrown on capitalism which plainly at us will not be able to get accustomed. And other forms of creation of society, for the good in it living, unfortunately, nobody to create and does not gather. Whether we will be able to adapt to the fact that we have or not - a matter of time and patience which at many remained not so much.