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Religious procession from Samara of two marathons: what award going? If the marathoner receives

a laurel wreath, then what award to the pilgrim of religious procession of two marathons: two wreaths - or something bigger? Religious procession from Samara in Tashla, on foot about 85 km, just “pulls“ on two marathon distances (twice 42 km 195 m).

The course to an icon of the Mother of God “The deliverer from troubles“ already became traditional for the Samara province (in 2010 in 12 - y time was sent, number of people 600-700!) . The course coincides with the beginning of a post of Pyotr and Pavel (for 2011 - on June 20).

I decided to address apostolic wisdom before religious procession. Having opened the Bible in the computer, in a minute learned that 27 books of the New testament contain 138 886 words. Including 29% of the text are written by the apostle Pavel. To it and word:

“24. Whether you know that running at a stadium all run, but one receives an award?

So run to receive.

25. All devotees abstain from in total those for receiving a wreath perishable,

and we are imperishable
. (from the First epistle to the Corinthians).

With a cross all over the world

Religious procession is not sports running for a while. A world record in a marathon - 2 hours 4 minutes, and we went to Tashla three days. People went to a shrine, reflecting on much. I address these traveling notes same how I, to the secular people beginning to reflect and whether correctly we live? And whether the bible tsar Ekklesiast was right, saying that “there is no best for the person under the sun how to eat, drink and have fun“? (Ekklesiast, hl. 8) Well, sank into a full hungover faint and what further, in the long term?

And maybe to try to humour not a body, and about spiritual to think? In a post - it is a high time suitable! And the place - religious procession - very disposes to that. The Cross is a symbol of a victory of life over death. Lo and behold - also you will come nearer though slightly - slightly to imperishable light on the way to a shrine - to life eternal through life correct. And it, modestly saying, more, than two prize wreaths of the marathoner.

That Being going to put on and take

in religious procession

in Tashla, I made the list what to put on and what to take, trying to connect two ideas. On the one hand - bible: a pier, it is not necessary to care for what to eat and drink and where to bend the head - the Lord will see. And with another - popular wisdom that God helps those who help themselves.

Here the main thing from the list:

Gospel pocket. Cross worn on the neck.

Sneakers and cotton socks. An adhesive plaster - on a case of callosities.

Trousers and a shirt with pockets for phone, the camera, certificates, and also a T-shirt - in cold to pododet and to go to a heat.

On the head - a hat from the sun (to women it is more convenient in scarfs).

the Backpack - is better than a bag, does not pull hands. Water in a plastic bottle of half-liter, bread.

From drugs - from a headache, warm, for cold. Bandage, iodine.

Socks on change, swimming trunks for bathing.

the Raincoat on a rain case, a laying for rest.

Some took tents - for a lodging for the night near churches. The others spent the night at rural schools, clubs, in houses of locals (it is special grace - to accept the pilgrim on a lodging for the night).

the First day, Samara - Tsarevshchina - Kurumoch

the People gathered since morning on departure from the city of Samara, near the Barboshiny glade (the former Glade of Frunze). The abbot Georgi, the prior Troitse - Sergiyeva of the temple of Samara, served a prayer, sprinkled all with holy water and blessed. At the 8th o`clock in the morning - good luck!

At the beginning there were on a roadside of the asphalt road, to Tsarevshchina, about 20 km. We were accompanied by traffic police cars in front of and behind a column, and also an ambulance car.

On the road locals left towards with water cold - day was hot, more than 30 º With on the sun.

Went with a prayer:

“My God, Jesus Christ,

the Son Bozhy, pardon us!“

In church of the village of Tsarevshchina us was met by bread - I will merge, served a prayer and set for a meal. Treated with Russian cabbage soup, buckwheat cereal, potato with cucumbers, tea with cookies.

After small rest, ablution in a sacred source at church - went further, to the settlement of Kurumoch (about 15 more km).

There we were met, fed with a dinner. Spent the night near church. It was the most difficult site of a way, but, despite fatigue, people fell asleep with words: “My God, I thank for everything!“

the Second day, Kurumoch - Old Binaradka

the Way to the village of Binaradka lay through the field along the wood, it was easier to go, than on asphalt. Closer - about 20 km.

I was occurred by such comparison. If in marathon running “all run, but one receives an award“, then the leader does not care to lagging behind. And here present, the herd of bull-calves, ahead a strong large bull, behind - a weak bull-calf runs. Question: with what speed the bull - the leader runs? How the marathoner - with maximum, or how? I will prompt: in herd the leader proportions the speed to a possibility of the weakest bull-calf, otherwise that will lag behind, and behind it will lag behind penultimate etc. - and the herd will cease to exist. The answer is, at first sight, paradoxical: the strong bull runs with a speed of a weak bull-calf!

Also and our column went: people stretched for kilometer, but unities did not lose, lobbies waited for lagging behind, helped weak to bear things. We felt that it is possible to reach only with the God`s help and mutual assistance, with a prayer.

In the village of St. Binaradk near Saint Nikolay`s church - the keeper of travelers - me among five more pilgrims was invited to spend the night in the house of the local inhabitant Marusya. The hostess istopit a bath in advance, baked bread, laid a table for a meal. It was its disinterested contribution to religious procession.

the Third day, Binaradka - Eremkino - Tashla

in the Morning the day before yesterday in church of the village of Binaradka I confessed and prichastitsya by

. This clarification of a body (bath) and souls (participle) - as preparation for a meeting with a shrine. You will not pour expensive old wine - in a dirty dirty glass?

It was easy to go further. The purpose is already close, it was necessary to pass about 30 km, a forest path. In the village of Eremkino made a halt, met us at church and locals fed - than God sent: soup, porridge, kvass.

Before an entrance to Tashla made a halt in a pinery. Having stretched a laying on a grass, offered the place on it to the man bearing an icon of the Mother of God. He lay down, complaining about a sore back, fatigue. Asked it whether he is glad what already almost came and will leave the burden soon? Neeet, the crusader answered, on the contrary, it is a pity that already almost came, so would go and went, carried her and bore...

the Deliverer`s Source from troubles

came To Tashla already on a slope the day before yesterday. Towards to religious procession there was a dean archpriest Nikolay with the Deliverer`s icon from troubles. We touched this shrine in the temple.

Then there was a meal at church tables, and the people began to disperse on a lodging for the night. That in the morning from church after a liturgy to go to a sacred source for ablution. The most impatient pilgrims went to be dipped into a spring in the same evening. Also also I arrived - as in the morning I should have been at work in Samara.

Back I went to Samara on a share taxi. After my story about religious procession the taxi driver did not take from me money for journey. So not only publicans bible throw money for the road by the God`s word.

It is live, is live belief in the Russian land! My God, I thank for everything.