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The fastest way to fly up in infobusiness of

“The fastest way to fly up in infobusiness“

you Want to learn ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE a secret of superfast receiving fabulous profits on the Internet? And, sitting in a favourite house chair in one pants and nothing is perfect without doing! Never you learn

. Even for a fee. Because such secret in the nature just DOES NOT EXIST!

Also is not present in the nature of that magic button, having pressed which it is possible instantly and without straining to achieve success. That notorious Bucks button about which all joke, speak, and some, present, even trust in it.

But there is one very interesting equipment (or tactics, strategy) - such counter by means of which it is really possible to achieve success quickly and with the smallest efforts. And it is not mere words, this is true! I observed more than once and used on own experience.

So, today we will talk on a subject:

me asked to fill the fastest way to fly up in infobusiness

Recently the questionnaire for some website - something like the catalog the Internet - the businessman Runet. And there was interesting point: “Success formula from Nikita Korolyov“. I answered. And, whether for fun, whether seriously, I wanted to write that 99% of success are a work, 1% - good luck.

The grain of truth in it is. Really, to achieve success, especially big, it is necessary to stick at least at the beginning as damned. It is obvious.

And that really helps at the beginning also really suits vast majority of beginners (I would even tell, and the advanced businessmen), so this modeling!

In other words, something doing, you look back at progress and failures of other people. What people? In - the first, naturally, most successful players of your niche and, in - the second, those who personally are pleasant to you - this, perhaps, even more important. Seeing success which they achieved on the passable way - a way which you only should pass, - you can model them.

Of course, under a condition if in what you are engaged, at least, is pleasant to you. And, not only process, but also result.

What includes modeling?

Unfortunately, many misunderstand this word. That is most of beginners considers that modeling is a copying, say, of successful design which was developed by others: “Time is pleasant to me, so I “will simulate“ it - I will just copy“.

And such cases - not a rarity. With each new release the amount of ideas which unlucky a kibersant stupidly steal from us grows in a geometrical progression!

To take, for example, our partnyorka, in partner marketing (in info niche - business) we are nearly “fashion-makers“.

We even at a corporate forum where employees gather, have a separate branch - a so-called Board of the Shame where we store all examples of plagiarism of our ideas which are found in Runet. And such samples gathered already much!

Of course, plagiarism - it is bad, it cannot be done!

But it is possible to use the checked decisions. Let`s say someone more skilled and successful, than you, introduced something in the business and then says that this worked. Absolutely without remorse it is possible to introduce it at itself. Why not? If it is not stupid to copy, and to INTRODUCE!

We have a heap of new functions nearly every month and some part of them, naturally, is modelled, developed within other partner programs by other partners. These are not mere words: at the same conferences where I periodically come, people like to approach me in breaks and to say that here we used such - that your idea, we at you will model, or developed something on similarity of yours.

And it is normal, understand me correctly. Perhaps, someone thinks that I try to ashame somehow now those people who so act. In any time! It is absolutely correct step - to model more successful, to introduce, what was introduced by them. That is, roughly speaking, let they fill cones on the forehead, and you will introduce, what is successful.

Certainly, thus it is impossible to achieve leadership in any chosen niche even theoretically because, anyway, you will be as catching up. But it does not deprive of you chances of success. It is obvious that modeling more successful people, you improve the financial performance, and, above all - it allows to develop more dynamically.

Beginners, as a rule, appear in one of two situations: or there are no ideas at all and not clear what to do, or ideas so many that it is not clear what to grab. And both of these situations very bad.

When there are no ideas at all, the person is inclined to sitting in place and to argue. This worst of all!

Jurij Moroz, the founder of school of the sense which talks is right that when the person thinks - he does not act when he acts - he thinks much less. I.e. it is impossible at the same time both to think and to work. Therefore ACTION has to follow CONSIDERING process immediately.

The fast way to success turns out: thought - made, thought up - made...

You understand? And not so: thought, still thought … has a sleep - changed the mind … once again thought, has a sleep - changed the mind, and “thought“ → “made“ … And so always! there is no

If the ideas, model more successful - we study at those who already passed a way which you only should pass.

If there is a lot of ideas, then the problem is not less. Proceeding from personal experience I will tell you at once that 90% of ideas of beginners are an absolute, total, failure nonsense!

And the most “crazy council“ (i.e. useful) which I can give you in this situation: realize all ideas which to you come to mind. But at the same time be ready that 9 of 10 will not shoot at all. You will spend the time, forces, but will gain invaluable experience as we like to speak.

It is really good option, a so-called trial and error method, and you can go this way: to realize everything that comes to mind. It abruptly actually, it is better, than to be idle!

But, besides, if us the success not in a year interests, two, three … - and fast success, then to us ineffective action is uninteresting - we need to do at once what with guarantee will yield the necessary result at the correct use.

In this case there is no other way out except how to study at more successful except how to model their actions. What, by the way, is more important because it is possible to study on their training materials, and it is possible to study how they do it. The person can sometimes tell one, and do another. And here it is important to look at what it really does, but not on what he tells.

Therefore the fastest way to fly up is a modeling.

It is possible to call it differently: some call “cloning“, some somehow still … But I consider that all these words bear strongly negative color, and beginners can misunderstand. The word “modelling“ - more correct because you capture an events essense, you look at a concept, you look at how it becomes, and then do either the same, or suitable to your business.

Perhaps, I confused you a little, but here laws which are old as the World really work. That is it not something is pure “Info - businessovy“, not something thought up by me or something brand new, and absolutely old things.

We will take, for example, creative producers, i.e. people of creative professions. And, not just modern designers or someone else, and, say, ancient poets, artists, writers. All at them had predecessors - those whom they considered for themselves by a standard, an example for imitation. Even Pushkin had writers who were pleasant to him of which he became engrossed in reading in due time.

Great artists had Mentors, the favourite artists. At poets were as muses (inspiration, something internally, something special), and favourite poets from old times. I.e. the same as Pushkin had favourite writers, poets, in the same way and Pushkin for many poets and writers of the subsequent generations was and now remains an unsurpassed idol. Yes, the concept it is old as the World...

People for achievement of success need someone more successful. And even somehow call it: The mentor, whether the Trainer, or just the Idol - the main thing that he was that who is pleasant to you. It is necessary to be trained at it further. I.e. what he offered you - surely use it because it and is the fastest way to fly up in Info - business.

He sells the training courses - buy up all its training courses. Because so you will quicker achieve success, you will quicker adopt its experience, you will understand quicker how thoughts in the head really have to move. Even if this course not - to be trained for that subject which is actual for you at present, the key moment at this person.

If he holds some individual consultations, either some seminars, or some coaching, trainings, anything - register in all this, communicate with this person, try to look at his activity from within.

On the other hand, you watch what it really does because it can give part of information, the part can hold back. Information which it issues can not correspond to that information which he really uses that causes a strong, so to say, dissonance in the beginner`s brain.

Therefore, except the training information, give a bigger attention to the analysis of those actions which are made just by your “Guru“. And thus you will really achieve success in Info - business much quicker!

Here, as a matter of fact, and all I wanted to tell you today about. It is also “that“ fast way to fly up.

Once again I remind that it is not some inventings for my part - so it developed historically. You really need the mentor to achieve success. Also allow you just to wish to find such mentor as soon as possible!

You should not waste time for searches of secrets of any secret or the magic decision. Actually, the success secret one is a WORK! That is it is necessary just to work, it is necessary to stick...