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What do you know about Nollivud?

What we know about Nigeria? The African republic from the notorious Third world. International conflicts, poverty, AIDS yes crime. Well, and cinema?

What you will tell about the Nigerian film industry? The majority unless will shrug shoulders: what here cinema? Cinema! Moreover what cinema! Welcome to excursion in Nollivud!

Such name was received by the film industry of Nigeria. Paradox: in one of the most closed countries of the world it is written scenarios and acts movies more, than in Hollywood! Only the Indian Bollywood which - as competes for number of annual film premieres.

Not each national cinema receives a proper name. Nigerian it worked well. Let it is impossible to treat without irony to cinema products African “mikhalkovy“ and “bondarchuk“, but you will not argue with the facts. Nollivud quickly grew up in 90 - e (as if as opposed to perishing sovetsko - to the Russian film business) and in 2000 - the m became to year the second for the number of the released movies in a year. India remained the first, Hollywood was content with bronze.

Since 2005 Nollivud became the second and in such important parameter as net profit. Of course, film budgets of the USA and Nigeria are not comparable. Nollivud`s cost is estimated approximately at 250 million dollars - makes the budget of one American blockbuster so much. But only think: for the sum equal to 5 budgets of “Burnt by the Sun“ resourceful and talented African film directors shoot up to 2000 movies annually! Also Mikhalkov would try to get profit equal in percentage terms!

Thirst for the most important of arts at Nigerians was provoked by distribution of digital technologies - digital video cameras and DVD, and also emergence of the state television. Kevin Kelly on the Chaskor pages writes: “Nigerian movies are a surprising mix of the soap opera and Bollywood musical, in them there are more talk, than dances. To call some of Nigerian movies low budget - means to offend low budget cinema. Many of the movies made in Nigeria, apparently, did in general without budget!“

As soon as appeared an opportunity, nearly all population of the country turned into directors, actors, operators and screenwriters! At the same time, despite poverty, the equipment in Nollivuda quite modern. Many movies are shot in Full - HD. Distribution of movies happens in the large markets. At the same time “piracy“ is practically absent - there is no benefit. It is simpler to shoot the movie most and to earn from its sale.

To take passersby for the leading and supporting roles - a commonplace for a casting in Nigeria. Glance on Youtube and type in the search box nollywood or nigerian movies. Hundreds of pictures right there will appear on pages of search. Having looked, you will be able to gain a fine impression about nollivudsky “muv“. Personally I recommend (yes, I recommend) the movie “Sons of the State“ (Sons of State) - the amusing criminal comedy reminding a plot Balabanov`s “Blind-man`s-buff“ lasting a couple of hours.

Duration - very important parameter of Nigerian movies. The picture is longer, the more it will collect a box office. The secret is simple: in movie theater the viewer comes not only to watch the movie, but also to have a rest slightly from a heat as the hall is equipped with conditioners. Therefore the director dreaming to bring together cash desk prefers to remove stories more long. Sometimes the movie is completed, already being in hire. The audience who visited a cinema hall on the second week of hire can see nearly completely changed history!

The laughter laughter, but last year passed a festival of nollivudsky movies in London. And critics note the stable growth of really talented directors capable to make pictures, worthy viewing.