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The apartment without finishing. Whether its acquisition is so favorable?

In the market of real estate of the Moscow region from 80 to 90% of houses in new buildings are given without finishing, and demand for them still does not fall. So it the apartment without finishing and whether What does she look like? really it is favorable to get it? Let`s try to understand.

The house-keeper - a class is about 15% cheaper than the apartment without finishing in a real estate segment, than with finishing (in business - a class - for 25%), but buy them and wealthy people. Then, without limiting itself neither in means, nor in time, they lick into shape this purchase, proceeding from personal needs. Mere mortals are attracted, most likely, by the price of such real estate. It is more available to them in comparison with ready options in new buildings or in secondary housing.

What the apartment without finishing means? If it is short, then it is the concrete box unsuitable for accommodation. Whether the forthcoming repair will justify that economy which is provided by the cost of such apartment? Let`s estimate.

In the beginning nevertheless we will tell how the apartment without finishing looks. Usually the builder provides in it installation of an entrance door, plastic windows and a glazing of loggias. The apartment can be in general without interroom partitions. Distributing of the sewerage and a water supply system is carried out without sanitary devices. All pipes are closed by caps. The electrical equipment is installed to a floor-by-floor board.

Thus, future owner should most be engaged in both draft, and final finishing of the apartment.

Let`s count its expenses. According to one of the Moscow real estate agencies, the minimum cost of repair of the one-room apartment without finishing of 40 - 45 sq.m begins from 300 thousand rubles. For this money to you will make distributing of electricity, will put the cheapest tile and bathroom equipment. A floor will be laid out linoleum, at best - a laminate. The ceiling can be pasted over with wall-paper instead of coloring as it is cheaper, than to ground it, to scrape and paint.

You should not forget also about additional expenses in the form of a sjem of housing. The newly made owner should live somewhere while repair work is conducted. And they can proceed month three, six, twelve and it is even more. Today the price of the leased one-room apartment in Moscow makes at least 22 - 25 thousand rubles. Here also consider how many will leave on rent of housing. It is necessary to spend for it at least 75 - 300 thousand rubles respectively.

Thus, on the simplest repair of such apartment about 400 - 500 thousand rubles can leave. The average price of the one-room apartment without finishing of 40 - 45 sq.m in the monolithic house in the capital makes about 5,6 million rubles. We do accounting and we receive that costs of the simplest repair and arrangement of the apartment without finishing equal 7% of housing cost.

All these mathematical calculations are made without a notorious human factor. Independently being engaged in the organization of apartment renovation, her owner undertakes all construction risks which are connected with the cost of works, the term of their execution and quality. And finally, the apartment without finishing can be more expensive, than the ready apartment in houses the house-keeper - a class.

Here it is also worth mentioning apartments with draft finishing. They are dearer “zero“ approximately for 2 - 3%. As well as apartments without finishing, they are far from ready option too. In them only primary works are made: cold and hot water supply is carried out, the electrical wiring is made. Even switches and sockets are provided. Walls, a floor and a ceiling are leveled. Heating and the sewerage, however, without installation of the sanitary equipment works. Future residents should make final repair, and then it is possible to drive and celebrate housewarming.

Now it is clear to you what is meant by the apartment without finishing? Planning acquisition of real estate, estimate everything pros and cons.