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Simple website. Whether just it? It is always pleasant to watch

at well picked up colors. The awful color scale causes sharp desire to leave a resource. Especially, badly readable information - an excellent occasion of irritation on the designer of the website. For each category of visitors it is possible to pick up the set of flowers accepted for this audience. Though if was considered earlier that the corporate websites have to be mainly blue or quiet tones, then the most courageous and bright color schemes began to meet development of design and literacy of the customer.

It is necessary to hide information very carefully. With development of jQuery it became incredibly simple to hide a form of registration or any other element of the page. The websites were filled with the various starting panels and skrolyashchimisya areas. In most cases something could not be hidden absolutely. Even more often from - behind a realization curve the script works worse than ever or does not work absolutely. Therefore if all of you - decided to hide something, be convinced that it needs really to be cleaned and that the code, at least, in popular browsers regularly works.

Navigation - nearly the major way to send the visitor to the place necessary to it. Having got on the website, the user has to define unambiguously, as where to it to look for. The simple menu, the correct sections and tags at records - all this facilitates life to our client. Very good way - at the end of article to show relevant records. Such care flatters the user and pushes to resource frequentation.

It is necessary to be cleaned off from excess information noise. At desire to capture large audience the websites become “all-knowing“. Push any in them a little - malsk useful information, as a result the resource turns into a dump on which it is impossible to find necessary. Naturally, at the correct organization and a painful pedantry in the choice of content quality of the website can be maintained up to standard, but it is very problematic and complex challenge. Such resources are, but these are portals for which not one ten people works.

As it is regrettable, clients of the website practically never read information. Having opened the page the first time, the user casually checks its contents in search of article interesting him or the image. Having hooked for required, the visitor can relax, having satisfied the requirement, - and there is a chance that he will pay attention to other, “collateral“ information. Therefore it is necessary to concentrate as much as possible attention on providing actual information in the acceptable look. Articles have to be followed by the heading which is precisely capturing the essence. It is also good if article has a legend, a certain short description.

It is only several highlights which as it seems to me, should be considered during creation of the website. And to draw conclusions to you, anyway everything depends on a concrete situation and audience.