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Hellas - the center of the European winemaking?

In Ancient Greece there was a special power supply system which promoted strengthening of health of Greeks. Not the last role in preservation of health was played by the daily use of natural wines.

Greeks prepared dark dense wine. Usually for drink they diluted it with water in the ratio three parts of water on one part of wine. As some scientists believe, this was just a precautionary measure for disinfecting of drinking water. However some fans to drink something diluted wine only half more strong.

Wine was drunk from a ceramic or metal vessel which was called of sprats . It looked as a flat bowl on a leg or the small pallet with two handles. Very often Cilicia were painted.

In Greece the grapevine is cultivated already over 3 thousand years. The island of Crete was the main place for cultivation of grapes, but also in the mainland of Greece for wine growing big space were reserved. The grapevine is unpretentious and does not demand special watering.

From an extreme antiquity Greeks cultivated over one hundred grades of grapes. Greeks most of all loved the concentrated red wine. Cooked wines as follows. In a two-meter clay vessel the pithos which had the ovoid form poured grape juice. Pithoses were stored in cellars. Within half a year wine fermented and got the corresponding fortress. After that the raisin or honey was added to wine for fixing. Wine was stored in amphoras sealed hermetically by mix of pitch and plaster.

The most known Ancient Greek wine - of ricin . It possessed strong smack and aroma of pitch. This wine is made in Greece to this day. Now at a fermentation stage specially add pitch to wine. This wine can be served to snack, previously having cooled.

Except a retsina, in Hellas wines from the islands of Samos, Rhodes and Chios were appreciated. But, perhaps, the most favourite also remain popular wine from the island Santorini. It has tart taste and is prepared from the grapes which are grown up on ashes of a volcano which eruption happened about 1629 B.C.

As we remember from Ancient Greek mythology, Olympe was inhabited by a great number of gods. But any of gods, even Zeus, was not popular in Hellas as god of winemaking Dionysus (Bacchus). in honor of this god Greeks when began to reap a crop, organized special holidays - Dionysia`s . Bacchus`s procession with suite from bacchantes and satir was one of actions of such holiday. These actions were followed by dancings and rough fun. The people drank wine before full saturation. Greeks began celebration with tasting of young wine. Having had suffered much with it in plenty, they started snack... After such fun many hurried home out of harm`s way, locked doors from within, and for “drunk spirits“ left outside soup that spirits to them were mercy.

Skorus was famous for the wine cellars to all Hellas. Two hundred thousand amphoras with the most various wines were stored in them. There was a special ritual of wine drinking. At first attendees drank undiluted wine in honor of Dionysus, then poured out a little wine on a floor. Only after that the people was given craters - bowls with two handles where mixed wine with water. Behind binge there was a useful and pleasant conversation. A small concert was offered guests: music, verses and speeches of dancers. There was a tradition - to drink for health of all attendees, to remember absent and to pray to other gods, besides Bacchus. Sometimes during wine parties competitions who will drink more were arranged. Wine was drunk only by men, to women the road to the men`s company was ordered.

The Athenian figure Eubulus living in the 4th century BC wrote wise words about a measure of consumption of wine: “I have to mix three cups: one in health, the second for love and pleasure, a third - for a good dream. Having drunk three cups, wise guests go on houses. The fourth not our bowl, it belongs to violence; the fifth - to noise; the sixth - to drunk revelry; the seventh - to black eyes; the eighth - to peace officers; the ninth - to sufferings; the tenth - to madness and crash of furniture“. Well, than not caution for modern fans to take superfluous!

I would like to complete saying article from the brochure which caught sight to me: “In a glass of kind Greek wine - a drink of the sun and the sea, a dope of the millennia and smack of eternal secret of Hellas“. You will not tell it better!

Good climate, a balanced diet and good natural wines - three making health and longevity of Greeks.