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Culture: the role, value, influence of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


and Spiritual human height first of all depends on culture.

and Culture - a banner of the people.

and Culture of people unites.

and Culture improves.

and Culture imparts good.

and Culture begins with language.

and Language and culture limit distribution of brilliant ideas on all mankind.

and For each culture exist the values - that sows in the world community of disagreement.

p Cultures have to seeks for rapprochement.

p Only the person living in the usual environment can create that -

that standing in the field of culture and art for bulk of people.

and is more valuable that work of culture which is pleasant to the bigger number of people.

and Culture first of all in behavior of the person.

and the Cultural person not the one who attends exhibitions, and the one who does not litter on the street.

and the Museum - a time machine.

yu to the Creator of culture is easier to display poverty in the works - it is his native elements.


and God - created the nature, the person beholding it - created art.

and the Nature - wholly is also infinite, art is limited to a framework of the works.

and the Nature - is natural, art - is artificial.

z to the Creator is very valuable to save the face.

and Originality of a work of art disappears in sincere experiences known only to the creator.

and Art always avtoportretichno.

pl to create in art something new cannot imitate even to the nature, it is only admissible to be expressed.

and For those who badly hear prose - thought up verses, for even more deafs - songs.

z the Song, getting into the person through a rhyme, a rhythm, spiritualizes a melody, forms and brings up even those who do not aspire to it.

but is not correct when work become to masterpieces from - for opinions of influential people and experts - but not the people.

and Experts on art often only harm it. it is not obligatory to understand

and Art - it can just enjoy.

and Any art can be sent to all mankind at once.

and Objects of art, unlike a set of things which appear on a dump over time carefully remain in the millennia.

p Art exists not for experts, and for all people, on - to

to it and it has to be clear to all.

p Art is not enough to be created for all, it still should be made available.

and No artist will write the fine poem or

a picture under the order. and the Real master never the business will betray


in Occurs false opinion that dull people stick to art. Having tested moral torments of failures, they did not run away, it is rather - they are his true attendants.

and can deceive People everywhere - only not in art.

Art - a condition

p Without philanthrophy there is no art.

p Art should not be indifferent to troubles human.

and Art - is self-sacrifice.

to Art - the child of talent and passion.

and Art is a talent, passion, thought, imagination, work. there is no

p Without burning - art.

and Money spoil art.

p Art and business - are not compatible.

p to the Creator the squanderer a pursuit of money does not allow to work and prevents to create true art.

p In art the personality plays a role.

and the Plan in art is more important than expression.

z Without novelty of thought and feelings a masterpiece cannot be born.

and Promotion - the enemy of art.

p Platitudes in art - not the place.

p In art has to be more terrestrial, than heavenly.

and Art is in many respects obliged to knowledge and search.

and Any art which is not enriched with knowledge of other its areas - is one-sided.

and Benefit kills art.

and the Artist has to be the contemplator and the thinker.

but only the art which is deeply got by thought can be


and In art should not stop search.

and Conservatism and art are incompatible.

Arts manifestation

z the True art is universal, it is so imbued with the nature, the general human values, spirituality - that is clear to all people of the earth.

and Greatness of art in clarity.

and Art is capable to absorb the person entirely.

and In big works of art is available inexhaustible


pz Art recognizes only self-sacrifice, it does not let in to itself those who think only of a profit and glory.

and the Fine arts and music - are capable to speak.

and Simplicity - the sister of art.

and Art does not suffer falseness not only in music.

and Original art is clear to all - and not just to people artly educated.

and the True art has no communication with material.

and the True art is connected with the nature.

and Art attracts people with addition of own contents.

and Art does not get on with violence.

and Art is always modern.

Arts influence

p the Artist always has to think of whether he will make it about -

an izvedeniye of people worse.

and Art - forms soul.

and Art through pleasure is capable to bring up.

and the True art not only pleases to a shower, but also brings up.

z learns Art good - even representing bad to which causes disgust in people.

and Art improves.

and Art enriches the person spiritually.

and Art of people unites.

and Art imparts to people good.

p the True art has to concern to a shower.

z Than longer than people is under impression, having got acquainted with a work of art, and is surprised its positive influence stronger - that it better.

z Irrespective of quality one works of art is pleasant to the bigger number of people others smaller.

and is more valuable those works of art which it is pleasant to the bigger number of people.

and the Work of art is a one more view of the world.

and Art has to teach the person to see fine and to love.

and Art - does not give to heart, will stand.

and Art doing people is worse - there is no art.

z the Art expressing the nature reduces harmful influence of a civilization on the person.

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