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What we are? Three types of a constitution

you never noticed that people similar externally often show also lines of similarity of characters? It is not casual at all as not incidentally and what the psychology studies not only the sincere world of the person, but also his body. The factors connecting structure of a body with structure of the personality, a set. Let`s concern only one, the major and basic: like a constitution.

It is possible to distinguish from the people surrounding us quite accurately full, thin and strong. Physicians and psychologists, without philosophizing, took the same division as a classification basis. And though in tipologiya of different authors types of a constitution can be called differently, the essence them is most often reduced to three basic. These are types:

1) asthenic;

2) piknicheskiya;

3) athletic.

We will try to characterize them very briefly.

1. Astenik , as a rule, does not differ in high power, endurance and force. It is thin, and how many stick out in the gym, it is practically not capable to pump up muscular volume. Even very strong man of an asthenic warehouse nevertheless not a muskulist, and is lean and sinewy. Dry skin, the lowered hormonal background and, alas, early wrinkles - severe reality! But “to spoil a figure“ it is almost unreal, about such people not without reason speak “not to carry corn“.

Dear heads, teachers and other chiefs, attention: many astenik have a low vitality, quickly are tired, work in the mode “a storm and an impact“ for them - unattainable luxury. As well as “luxury of human communication“. At a public position, in the big noisy room this silent, closed, quickly getting tired person risks to affect the health!

But knowing the weaknesses, the person of this type can learn planning, find high self-checking. Other things being equal the astenik with the greatest probability will not spend time for chatter with colleagues and to let matters drift. Learned? Well, of course, it is our old acquaintance is “Thinker“. Really, classification by types of a constitution “is not bad imposed“ on others of typology, and also lines of “Thinker“ are peculiar to quite often bright representatives of asthenic type.

2. Typical picnic full not only and not just from - for existence of a large amount of fatty tissue (its grown plump atletik have less) - the person of a piknichesky constitution distinguishes existence of “big internal cavities“. But also, the majority of picnics differ in live and cheerful nature, pronounced emotionality and vigor. You remember type of “Interlocutor“? Picnic most often happens “Interlocutor“.

Life for people of this type is concentrated, mainly, in emotionally - the communicative sphere. It is more than enough of energy, but it is boring to pore over papers to them and to be killed especially, “these people focused on pleasure and pleasure are not inclined to be married to the job“. Here they, tireless social activists, ubiquitous “shurochka from accounts department“, cheeful organizers of noisy concourses.

The figure is, of course, not model … But whether it is worth longing for this occasion if sunshiny easy temper, in the full swing energy do piknichesky “ïûøå÷åê“ very attractive in the opinion of men. Plus fine skin, fresh flush … Though it is not necessary to eat too much, of course! Picnics are inclined to aggravate with the nature this build, so to say. In total - you see, “the strong maiden“ is one, one may say, gift of the nature, and here “the blurred babishcha“ - absolutely another, and there is nobody to expostulate, except himself.

3. If two previous types represented contrasts “thin - thick“, “cogitative - emotional“, then the third type, athletic , it is possible to call

I “operating“ … not for nothing atletik differs in the most developed muscular structure - muscles are responsible for the movement, development, aggression in a broad sense. Ability to manifestation of physical force, the aggressive movement corresponds to similar ability in the psychological sphere. Force and energy is shown also in the most usual movements athletics: to gait, gesticulation. Picnic shows vigor moreover what - but its movements are softer, more smoothly too. By the way, picnics are by nature very plastic, often being surprising of people around: as, at such build and so to move! But “external“ and “internal“ reflect each other - and internal, psychological mobility of “an emotional communicator“ of picnic can only envy!

And here an astenik with the movement, sport, the dance “is not on friendly terms“. At the same time “the astenik - the thinker“ can successfully be trained in the difficult movements, but there will be they to some extent mechanistic, making impression artificial, nonplastic. The movements of an astenik will lack spontaneity - as well as to internal schemes of “thinker“.

The mass of striking examples of types of a constitution can be found in literature, cinema, theater … For example, among images of the famous detectives easily there will be perfectly readable representatives of two types. Why two - I will explain later.

A pronounced astenik - Kamensk. Thin, quickly getting tired - it lacks forces, energy eternally … However, there is one nuance - the high growth whereas women “thin and undersized appear in “classical“ descriptions astenichek, early growing old“. However, such type of women - astenik is very widespread presently. And especially early aging is not observed. There`s nothing to be done, times change, and together with them people change.

Closer to asthenic type and the most great detective of all times Sherlock Holmes differing in extremely developed “cogitative“ komponenty.

The detective - atletik - Sledzh Hammer from series “Sledge hammer“, the absolute “person of action“. To reflect? Well you! Emotions? Not to them! What is cost by its expressions: “Sledzha Hammer has no subconsciousness!“ and “Believe: I know what I do! “

Thus detectives - astenik are usually removed by the “thinkers“ untangling cunning crimes. Also such feature attracts attention: each of them has the certain own method allowing to find the criminal, to build the scheme of his actions and to foresee his acts.

Native elements of atletik - action. To run, fight, catch is for them.

And here we did not manage to find an example of picnic among the famous detectives. And it is not surprising: picnics most often possess communicative type of the personality. For it in the foreground interpersonal, emotional interaction, and at all not the “intellectual games“ directed to the solution of complex challenges (“Thinkers“ are astenik) or rigid aiming at result (“Practicians“ - athletics).

And in conclusion we will remind that any classification is conditional and real people not always with a sufficient accuracy correspond to the “pure“ types described in textbooks. Besides, on congenital type of a constitution the most serious mark is left by a course of life of the person … Article is written to

in a co-authorship with Natalya Kolpakova