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What we are? Three types of the personality

Still ancient noticed that in mentality of each of us it is possible to allocate three components: informative, emotional and practical. Says about correctness of their supervision already that this scheme is successfully used by modern psychologists - practicians. Naturally, at mentality of any person there are all three components, however usually one of them prevails, defining this or that type of the personality.

One of options of three-component structure of the personality not bad illustrates the following joke “for seniors“:

The room is entered by parents and see on the matrimonial bed Vovochka with the neighbour`s girl Tanya.

First thought of the father: “The son grows, absolutely the adult became“.

Vovochki`s thought: “There now, now on a party will not let...“

Thought of mother: “As it holds legs, to the boy it is inconvenient! “

In this history interestingly not so much the content of thoughts of characters, how many an image of their thinking. Pay attention: the father begins to assess a situation at once, to build a logical chain, proceeding from some internal views and installations. Vovochke, apparently, is not too important the fact that it was caught behind indecent occupation. Much more it is occupied by chagrin from - for the fact that it will not be possible to escape to communicate to friends. Mother estimates the events too, but is perfect differently, than the father. It at once joins in a situation, paying attention to what occurs here and now, and is nearly ready to participate in the events - to correct, prompt as it is necessary.

So, summary:

1) elements of the father - reflections, leaving in and forming of the internal scheme of the events;

2) elements of the son - communication, cheerful pastime: he is busy now and intends to continue by it later;

3) elements of mother - action in which it instantly joins.

In fact, we see three different ways of interaction with the world, persons peculiar to three various types. In practical psychology these types are designated as cognitive (cogitative), communicative (emotional, interacting) and konativny (acting, practical). Or Thinker , Interlocutor , Practician .

In the identity of the Thinker the cognitive component prevails. It means that the person of this kind is more inclined to creation of speculative designs and schemes, is focused on logical ordering of a picture of the world. It is directed one reflection more concerning events, but not to active participation in them or experience of the related feelings. Interaction for it is more likely exchange of information. It is possible to tell that it is aimed at knowledge of an outside and inner world. And not only on knowledge, but also on ordering, a schematization, on creation of a clear, logical and consistent picture of the world. People around sometimes estimate such people as a little “not from the world“ this of - for the fact that they are not too sociable, shipped in themselves that externally makes impression of isolation.

The interlocutor leads richer emotional life. Its main maintenance - contacts with people with which he easily finds a common language and comes into emotional contact. Usually it is more superficial, than representatives of other types. Its conformality (tendency to submit to the standard standard) and an adaptabelnost (i.e. adaptability) - from tendency to avoid the impressions injuring for themselves. The main thing for it - easy pleasure from communication. He that is called soul of the company, and in the absence of friends (and it has their set, and all he considers as friends) suffers and withers.

The practician is focused on action, on the solution of tasks (which it can itself and put). In a joke the first rush of mother - to join in a situation, and not to put, not to prevent, namely to participate, help, to organize. By the way, organizing abilities often are a distinctive feature of practical type of the personality.

Naturally, in each of us there are lines inherent in all three types. Our mentality of a trekhkomponentn also includes as cognitive (directed to rational knowledge of the world), and affective (sensory and intuitive perception, emotional contact with the world) and practical (active impact on the world) components. Just one of these components, as a rule, prevails, and the scheme of actions, characteristic of it, is shown other earlier and more brightly, as it is presented in our history.

However the personality in whom various components, as much as possible, are balanced is more harmonious and is better adapted for life. Then in various situations “acts forward“ and for a while that component which is best of all capable to cope with it “takes over control“. But even in this or that party all listed components, certainly, are present at an obvious distortion and prove situationally.

We will return to a joke and we will try to present how events could develop further.

The fatherly Internal Parent can take more active position, making active practical a component. If has sex - means, probably, and drinks, and smokes … So, it is necessary to undertake something. To flog!!! Also will stretch to a belt.

At Vovochka the component in this connection the young man will plunge into the abyss of self-flagellation will move to the forefront cogitative . Why I brought her now, knew that parents here - here will arrive. Now tediousness, a dropping on brains will begin. But “ancestors“ will see that I grew up, and will cease to treat me as with the child! The thinker, is by the way, capable to consider a situation from the different parties, touching its various shades, up to cycling on own philosophizings. It quite often prevents the person of this type to solve finally a problem, despite of its seemingly detailed development. However, if the father really undertakes a belt, Vovochka will immediately shake thoughtfulness and makes active a “active“ component, escaping.

Mother can quite switch in a position of the Interlocutor , having felt pride of the son and anticipating as will tell this story to girlfriends at work. Naturally, externally it will look oppressed, to grab heart and to complain about dissoluteness of the younger generation. But not this main thing for Interlocutor , is important communication and the accompanying flow of emotions - and the they are more various, the better. So the woman, perhaps, will even have a little cry - however, without feeling at the same time especially unfortunate. The matter is that the general emotional elation realized in the course of communication remains a basis for all these tremblings always.

So, we speak about the person as about the representative of one of three types owing to prevalence at it one of the listed components. However we will repeat, at each of us there are all three components. And it is not casual, in life are necessary for us one, other qualities. Therefore, the expressed distortion in any party is habitual, but essential restriction for the personality. And from this point of view it makes sense to try to obtain harmonization of the personality, actively developing that component on which obvious lag is observed.

Be continued.