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First love. Than it is special?

About the first love shoot movies, write books, verses, pictures, devote it photo exhibitions … I, in the presence of opportunities, made all above-mentioned. Because in combination with an intellectual coma the creative person cannot quietly pass by such sabbath of feelings. The first love forces to write verses even those at whom the lexicon is very far from poetic, and there are very nice things it seems “Here the spring came, flowers blossomed, it is necessary nobody to me, only you …“.

Each generation “raved“ in own way: who wrote romances, who stole Komsomol badges (that the Leader of the proletariat from now on lived with the beloved breast under own pillow), who executed the creations to the guitar at one o`clock in the morning under an entrance … Present teenagers crack with darling of VKontakte page and devote them the drama statuses. Songs and verses are, of course, eternal.

In the thematic song of Sergey Trofimov “The first love“ is very right words: “For some reason in love that comes in 15, very little to whom was lucky“. Speak, it from God, but the young lover behaves as frenzied rather - can, from - for teenage hormones, or perhaps from - for full of confusion before the captured feelings. Ideally, of course, himself needs to cut veins (a knife by which even cheese is not cut long ago), to cover with drawings the personal diary hearts, to paste over it with photos of object of love, to swallow grandmother`s tablets (which are then diuretic, but not to hypnotic drugs as it would be desirable).

There are, however, especially desperate persons, to it my odnopotochnik Mishanya belongs, for example. In the tenth class, being fallen in love with changeable and defiantly hysterical person, he from a grief drank vinegar. Was hospitalized and provalyalsya it is decent there. Love that it is interesting, it vanished as if by magic - procedures that Mishane was appointed at treatment, were much more concerning, and the list of drugs and their cost caused the speeded-up heartbeat in the guy`s parents. Having met the culprit of an unfortunate suicide in a year, Mischa, according to him, thought approximately following: “M - yes, and what I found in it?! From - behind this it was possible to get poisoned also with port …“.

In scientific literature the phenomenon of the first love is called the fast-passing irrational psychological state having a little general with true love. Like, it is only one of steps of knowledge of as object of this society and part of this world. In similar feeling of the person novelty and dissimilarity on anything from tested earlier strikes, and he is almost not capable to apprehend reality soberly: sees everything as wants to see, and categorically cuts operation of laws of life in an own situation.

The basic difference between the first feeling and all other love stories in our life consists just that further we, as if we wanted that, any more not in forces to reject the ratsio and to be given to feelings entirely. Adult love more reasonable, quiet, careful … Deep, probably. Such it is accepted to call “real“.

For me these divisions of love into “real“ and “counterfeit“ are alien. It is impossible as it seems to me, to call a fake what forces to see pink clouds in the sky, to feel special and devoted; what gives new shades to your existence. Also you should not calm own child the words “You Such Will Have Ten More“. “Such“ - will not be already precisely.

Here the grandfather of my friend Alexey Palych knew about it in 16 years. He then for the first time fell in love - very romantically, on Komsomol collecting waste paper. She studied a class is younger also itself was extremely fragile and tiny, and from a distance looked in general thirteen-year-old (actually 15 was it). Even their names were conformable: he is Lyosha, she is Lyolya, and “lyolik“ soon will begin to call their unseparable couple. And the guy, being a pupil of the 10th (final) class, already then decided to marry this “button“, and at once as soon as he is able.

Therefore favourite Lyoli`s house became the first house where the newly made student after the announcement of results of a selection committee went. Lyosha nearly from a threshold declared that from now on he is a serious person, without five years (a trifle what!) the expert, therefore asks to treat him seriously. And to send the daughter in wives at once after the introduction her to age of consent. Parents, though were taken aback from its requirement, but did not begin to oppose especially as Lyolya resolutely supported the initiative of wooed.

In day of her majority they submitted the application to a registry office. Then modestly got married, brought into world daughters - twins and lived together happy 15 years. Alexey Palych became a widow/widower in 34 years. Nobody was guilty, just accident: Lyolya was hit late evening by the car, and it 14 - summer children were left without mother. The first five years of widowhood were devoted to daughters, Alexey Petrovich somehow tried to make their life joyful, full - as far as it is possible, of course. By 20 years both married (rather successfully, by the way), and it remained one.

The sharp feeling of loss remained in the past, Alexey was still young, interesting, loved life, and daughters everything asked to think of the new relations. He could choose freely, a groom was enviable (40 - the summer man in general can reckon with own apartment and adult children as a gift of heaven!) and in his lonely life there were several novels, but … He did not marry. Neither in 40, nor in 50, nor in 60. Speaks, did not meet any more the woman whom would like to marry though saw a lot of clever, beautiful and remarkable. And with humour adds: “But on a cemetery I should not be broken off between two wives!“ Here to you and “ten more will be“ …

For the first time falling in love, the person becomes such naive, confused, vulnerable and mad, more than ever in life. It is impossible to laugh at this feeling (even in the neighboring room even if there is a strong wish), it opens the unique gift given us by God - to love in the person. In our world it is more and more simply lost, depreciating existence of the person. And to someone, perhaps, it will also not be given the second chance in love. What we in general know about it - that?