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It is time to buy the bicycle! How to choose “an iron horse“?

Ya, as well as most of people of my generation - from 35 are also more senior, I am a person to some extent conservative.

In the current year I decided to update the old bicycle, and before me there was a hard question of the choice of a new “iron horse“.

At that time I was a happy owner of the domestic bicycle of unknown brand. It already had a mechanism of switching of speeds which, however, became useless from - for merciless operation. My former experience was limited to operation of bicycles of the Kama and Ural brand in typically “sovkovsky“ complete set.

One of magazines - catalogs of bicycles of well-known companies which dazzled with names, obscure for me, fell into my hands: “trial“, “comfort“, “żķäóšī“, “freeride“, “street“. You understand in spite of the fact that I studied in the most attentive way the description of these versions, I understood from the description, frankly speaking, it is a little.

One and all promised exclusive comfort, safety and the maximum convenience. I appeared, to put it mildly, in confusion from the described parameters of operation of cycle equipment. I go on streets of the city - means to me is necessary to “street“, but it appeared not absolutely so. These are bicycles for tricks. Farther it is more. I love, besides usual driving where there is no opportunity to drive on the sidewalk on a ramp, to jump on it and where there is no congress, to respectively represent small flight, but all this without excessive fanaticism.

Well, there was a kind soul who advised me to cease to be tormented with torments of creativity and just to go to highly specialized shop, there to describe, where and as I prefer to go, to designate what sum I expect to keep within, - and to me will help to pick up that it is necessary. To me advised against to go to big network sports shops as they mostly work with some one brand, and sellers of shop, as a rule, are not good experts in this area.

Fortunately, I found such shop rather quickly. I live in the town, and I had to go to the neighboring, more advanced settlement. There I described that I want, and I was surprised once again, having told what, appears, modern bicycles go by the sizes as clothes. I chose from the offered options one and became the happy owner of the mountain bicycle. It is not necessary to be frightened this name is not the bicycle for extreme trips at all, and the ordinary car for daily walks with some elements of convenience to driving on the uneven road and an opportunity which - where “to cut off“ a way.

What I can tell after a month of almost daily trips? Feeling that I changed from old “six“ on the foreign car again: everything is exclusively convenient. The forward fork with the shock-absorber comfortably swallows of roughnesses and borders, pleasantly springs on hummocks. Speeds switch as and it would be desirable; to gain steam, switching speeds, - it is a pleasure; disk brakes are higher than any praises. And it is simple to go - naprosto very much and very easily. In general - very much and very pleasant impression.

For those who do not decide on so hi-tech purchase, I will tell - be not afraid and never buy prehistoric monsters without switching of speeds, to describe all delights of inclusion of a low gear at hit in sand or uphill there will just not be enough words. And the delight from a speed set with gear shifting on the highest step in general cannot be described, at a final stage practically you fly. The coming unfastened wheels allow to thrust the bicycle into any a little - malsk a big luggage carrier.

Still you will be warmed by some pleasant trifles on which it is worth being ruined upon purchase is big, - the computer (such piece which shows movement speed, the passable distance, and for gourmets - the average speed and week run); wings (no comments - the cyclist with a dirty back reminds “male pig“, but not the athlete - the fan); fastening for a bottle and a bicycle bottle (at such loading getting thirsty always, and it is the best of all to store water or other drinks there); a bag for tools (let it better will be, from - for one unscrewed small screw the trip can be spoiled); an anticreeping rope (such expensive gifts as it is big, you should not do to foreign citizens). Well, also I advise to replace regular pedals on stronger steel (personally for me at my 92 kilograms it very actually, I already broke four pedals before, and one by the father`s bicycle).

In conclusion I will tell that I as the resident of quite remote northern region of the country kept within in this purchase 20 000 rubles - with all pleasant trifles which I bought in addition to regular model. And one more: the serious equipment demands also more serious service, mine is great to me prepared in shop, and then advised at least time during a season to show to experts. Fortunately, in my city there are also such. The price of this pleasure is 500-600 rubles. Considering some complexity of mechanisms of modern bicycles for most of readers and my natural allergy to excess work with loss of time is the best exit.

To all who decided on such acquisition, - happy purchase and good roads! And you will find good mood and a vigorous condition of a body and soul if by bicycle you make walks regular.