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How it is correct to marry


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

How to marry correctly to behave councils of quality to look for the heart to win is going to push the worthy man to a marriage unostentatiously to win the choice a marriage promotes he is married by calculation ways quickly favourably

to does not exist the person - which has no couple.

and the Silly girl wears out the man in marriage, cunning - entices, reasonable and kind - carries away. does not have

vpz the Girl who did not cultivate in herself spiritual and moral qualities - sense to marry. there is no

vp in marriage of happiness - if at least one of spouses is negative.

vpz to the Girl with bad human qualities not only that the marriage does not bring happiness, so it also will spoil life to the husband to his relatives, and children.

p the Girl who is not possessing qualities of the good wife - can marry only the fool.

pv Before will move off in searches of the worthy spouse, become worthy itself - and you will not manage to get ready for a trip.

and the Negative person, without finding the good friend of life,

hoping for bad luck, continues search instead of, working as

on itself, to really draw attention of worthy.

Positive continues to improve really the human qualities, taking bad luck for insufficient appeal. kpl the Girl who looks for the husband without shortcomings - all life will carry out


of the personal computer the Marriage without love - a thing hateful.

p Imposing to the man of the marriage relations will do much harm rather.

p to push the man to a marriage should be spoken to it about advantages of this action unostentatiously. pz the Windy behavior - to involvement of men promotes

, but to marry - he should be moved away in time.

pz is expedient to change bright and sexual appearance after acquaintance for the statement of ability to be a good wife for achievement of a marriage to the Girl to modest gradually.

and Nothing, so promotes implementation of a marriage - as existence of obstacles to it.

p the Privacy - does not bring closer to a marriage.

and the Marriage are promoted by easy jealousy of the past of the girl.

pvz In conquest of hearts the most important can be knowledge of psychology.

and Nothing, so promotes marriage implementation - as existence of obstacles to it.

and That marriage was favorable to the man the woman is forced to cajole him free caress and care.

p to the Optimist is easier to marry.

p Secrets about themselves or extend the road to marriage, or - do it unfortunate.

pz only brings closer Flexibility of the girl in behavior, judgments, affairs to marriage.

p Appeal is promoted by sense of humour.

p Hardly marriage will take place - if the girl fills up all free time of the man.

p the Way to marriage destroy stories about the relations, a gossip and gossips.

p Sensitivity - to a marriage a hindrance.

p Easy mysteriousness of the girl - to a marriage help. pv to the Girl it is better for

to bypass a subject of a marriage is a prerogative of the man.

p Is more probable to marry after acquaintance in library - than restaurant.

and At the girl stopping data slightly earlier than wishes it the man - chances to marry more.

and Comelines of the girl - one of the main qualities necessary for a marriage.

with Is people who drag only in a family, some - from it.

Despising the first, all want to communicate with “not greedy» the second.

from the Spouse can choose from those people with whom you communicate.

from the Girl, communicating with men, “not greedy“ out of a family, having married and having become her member, begin to feel decently outflow

of money from a family that is aggravated with moral humiliation.

with “Pomuchivshis“ with the man of several

of months, “greedy“ out of a family, till marriage, the girl and her children all life do not feel outflow of appliances from a family moreover and have moral satisfaction from

of it. by

p That the nobility where to look for the second half - it is necessary to determine

the ideal.

p the Marriage cannot be elicited as alms.

pz to win heart of the man it is not necessary to speak and arrive as all. pv With the married man - normally a family you will not construct


but without having dealt up to the end with one family - the person is not capable of creation of safe new.

p the Woman wishing should not marry to allow married men in the environment.

d Courting - a prerogative of men.

and One mother and a zamukhryshka of signs in the wife to the son - another and

will let the princess go whistle.

and to Many women there is not enough youth to find at least one person interested it marries.

and Cunning to the woman helps and to marry and compel to persuade still the man of.

p Is very important that the spouse was kind, decent, cheerful, not sensitive, not proud, not persuasive, easy in communication, the idle time which is not creating vanity and tension. We are aimed by

, as a rule, only at such qualities as beauty and


and It is necessary to try strongly to find the person to whom you with the shortcomings will be pleasant.

p Is desirable that spouses supplemented missing necessary qualities each other.

z Such important event as marriage, so strongly changes human life that the majority of important events would not happen further to it.

p As marriage is necessary - whether it is worth deliberating, it is good or is bad.

and Girls, dreaming of the prince - marry the one who calls.

and Women unlike men marry more often - by calculation.

d Sufferings of the woman who married by calculation destroy nervous system, affect the health.

pzd the Young girl, having married, for rich relaxes, her independence, a practicality, wisdom and experience are formed worse.

and Men to attract the woman exaggerate the solvency, after acquaintance not to give it gifts - opposite show false modesty, women on the contrary to receive gifts show need, but if the man is perspective for a marriage - begin to inspire in it that are capable to support themselves.

p should not be forgotten at the choice of the partner in life that one to be pleasant, work on the inner world, other

, hiding shortcomings, - over external. Putting on colourful clothes, changing gait, a voice and even own name.

and For many the sexual partner, and even the spouse, not desired

the friend, and only a consolation prize instead of that desired which is inaccessible.

p If in search of the second half you, strongly overestimating the

requirements, you do not find it, unite to the similar person

as the temporary sexual partner. Your temporary role

can quite become the most constant.

p to avoid the enslaving union between the man and the woman on a sexual basis, it is not necessary to allow the premature sexual relations.

and the Marriage, strengthening the union with darling - weakens love.

p From a marriage by calculation - a direct road to change.

z Calculation in marriage happens on mind, and happens on intuition. The second

option is a natural norm, so, such act is not negative. The person is sillier, the second

option is more real. The most interesting in is that the person can not guess that entered a marriage of convenience. z the Marriage of convenience people often associate

only with material though it can be quite connected with the power, force,

mind, enterprise... In fact, any marriage where there is no love, - by calculation.

vp can lead the Marriage of convenience to the long, compelled, irreparable loneliness in a family.

vp The more noise at a wedding - the longer newlyweds not of

can quietly divorce.

vp the Marriage wedding ceremony increases responsibility of newlyweds and is a limiting factor from hasty divorce in first, the shakiest time for marriage. z Participants of a wedding the presence fasten with


union of newlyweds.

and Ambitious people of publicity of divorce are afraid as the devil of an incense.

of C Marriage - merge of destinies.

d Lovers unite in a family not to suffer in separation.

and Marriage - intervention in the nature.

and Braque dulls passion and sexual activity.

and At women youth is short and it is difficult to lift the child of one here they, and men incline to marriage much stronger, than.

vp the Nature does not forgive to spouses the fact that they fastened with marriage

accessory each other, having strengthened it the general material acquisitions and other types of dependence. The come tranquility, pokorennost of hearts, reduction of fear to lose each other - kill feelings.

vp the Kind, tolerant, non-contentious, appeasable adherents of inviolability of a family who are afraid of changes, marriage can drive into slavery to angry, unscrupulous, scandalous people.

and Braque - as a rule, the woman`s victory over the man because initially she aspires to it, and he tries to avoid.

vp Wealth in marriage does not bring happiness - behind it it is not visible to

of the friend.

and the Greatest of arts - to find happiness in marriage.

and Marriage - test of love.

d is More probable happy marriage at those lovers who and to it were happy.

p to the bad person that marriage that loneliness - happiness is not brought.

vp Good education and education - best given.

d Lazy, not independent young men dream that after a marriage relay of care of them at mother was intercepted by the wife.

p brings to Braque happiness reasonable, kind, decent, true, patient, hardworking, responsible …

p Braque is a patience, patience and patience.

and the Problem of marriage - especially female.

z If lovers, communicating, begin to behave as children, it is

should not concern relatives, most likely, business goes to

to a wedding.

and In the changing society constantly goes search of new forms of marriage.

yu If liked to awake in the middle of the night and to ask to leave after dark that it was not seen by neighbors - it can not sustain and marries.

yu the Girl should not go meets parents in that state, - in which enticed their son.

yu If the person is not capable to choose good fruit in the market - hardly it will be able to find

the good partner in life.

yu Each woman, dreaming of the prince, looks for the man who is capable from this dream to distract it.

yu Expectation of a marriage - like expectation of the train without schedule. yu Who wishes to save

on marriage - pays dearly for it.

yu the bride for pleasure puts on all a wedding white, the groom -


yu stronger marriage when the husband badly sees, and the wife - the deaf.

yu That marriage was successful - be on guard, and it is durable - close eyes to everything.

yu Paradise in a tent - to the first rain.

yu the Woman who wanted to give birth - line will take in marriage.

yu Krom of a love match and by calculation - is still marriage foolishly. yu Marrying

, lovers seek to receive more friend on the friend of the rights - and get duties. yu Braque rescues

from love and gastritis.

yu the Woman, having married - calms down, the man, having married - begins to worry. yu Some people the marriage playing a back role - turn

into epicenter of military operations.

yu Braque - the most unprofitable way of free services.

yu Braque - the promised domination become slavery.

yu Braque - an opportunity without invitation to come to darling.

yu Braque - a love exchange for cohabitation. yu the Most unfortunate woman that which all men love and in marriage do not call


yu To a wedding sex pleasure - after a wedding a duty.

yu Braque - a monument to love.

yu Braque is attempt of two windy hearts to create the serious relations on the basis of fleeting acquaintance.

yu Braque - the name guards.

yu Men, being fond of blondes - dream to marry the brunette.

yu Braque - slavery under the law.

yu the Marriage is when one admirer gets out to eating up, and others are preserved.

yu Is unprofitable to be svodny - seldom who is over the years happy with marriage. yu One marry

according to the recommendation of parents, others - to them to spite.

yu At divorce are mistaken less often - than at marriage.

yu Braque turns princes and princesses into ordinary people.

yu Braque - legally legalized love.

yu Braque is a misfortune without which the person cannot be happy.

yu One men are beautiful and perspective - others want to marry.

yu the Marriage is anxious parents and the lonely girl on the one hand and the given-up groom with another.

yu As all men bother, between them there is no special difference.

yu to learn what husbands are bad - marry.

yu to marry - it is necessary to pretend that you do not want it not to divorce - that you wish.

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