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In what essence of “Adam`s damnation“? The bible allegory from the point of view of the psychologist of

a Story about exile of the person from paradise, in fact, is the cornerstone of all iudeo - Christian tradition. If to ponder, mankind history begins with it. All history of the human race described in the Bible appears as a natural result of fall. And the idea of an original sin defines an essence of Christianity: there is no Adam`s a fall, also the atoning sacrifice of Christ would not be necessary. And it is not so important whether we believe in reality of antiquated history, Christianity - one of bases of our culture.

Actually we never learn, exile history is how real. But also to consider it just as a legend, an invention incorrectly. History of fall conceals in itself at least deep psychological meaning, very truly, though allegorically, reflecting history of formation of the person.

What symbolizes the Eden? Primitive state, harmony between the nature and the person (who then, in fact, was not still a person). The person “did not know the good and evil“ - being actually similar to an animal. The animal is not capable to the evil, it does not distinguish the good and evil. And also that it is much more important, the animal does not realize itself and has no internal contradictions. The mentality of an animal is complete, harmonious. The person in paradise was it also.

What happens to fall? The person finds consciousness: “Also the wife saw that the tree is good for food and that it is pleasant for eyes and impatiently because gives knowledge; both took fruits it and ate; also gave also to the husband, and he ate. Also eyes at both of them opened, and they learned that they are nude“ .

In fact, only at this moment Adam becomes a person - realizing himself. But at the same time we inevitably separate by nature and other people. The person becomes an individual: he does not perceive himself as part of the nature, existing instinctively, like an animal with world around at the same time any more. And at the same time the person loses ability to exist only as part of the human race. He is an individual, existing in itself now.

On the one hand, it means individual freedom. With another, it is inevitably accompanied by fear of uncertainty - anywhere not to get to from awareness of hugeness of the world and own loneliness in it. And there is still a third party. Having found consciousness, we did not lose animal instincts, the animal nature. And two of these equal forces - animal and human began - coexist in us, creating one more direction of internal split.

Now the person falls into absolutely special state. It only of living beings possesses “Ego“, consciousness. More precisely, understanding of as separate being. And separate of everything that it is only possible: by nature, from world around, from other people … The consciousness does the person by the person - but it does it unfortunate. Paradise is not only not sensibleness, is in own way happy not sensibleness.

The animal lives in that harmony admiring many with the nature. But it is not able to estimate all charm (seeming or real) this harmony. The person is capable of it - but it is only retrospective because it is possible to estimate something, having only found understanding. And together with understanding of the overwhelming fear comes: first of all fear of death and fear of loneliness. Here it, Adam`s damnation: he is punished by death and vulnerability - and actually their understanding. And still loneliness: Adam and Eve for the first time realized themselves as the different, separated from each other beings.

And all history of mankind, in fact, represents fight of opposite principles:

- individualism and collectivism;

- instinctive and human;

- aspirations to avoid fear of death (more precisely, death of identity) and desire to become part something bigger, leaving far beyond the personality.

All this generates the basic, deep internal conflicts, gradually, but inevitably defining all our life. It is also that original sin, Adam`s damnation transferred to all of us, his descendants. These internal conflicts and fears inevitably cause desire (more often not realized) to find that mythical harmony (and in fact, to be protected from fear of loneliness and death), about which philosophers spoke at all times.

How to reach it and whether it is possible in principle? Return to a state “before exile“ is precisely impossible: we already found consciousness, and from this gift not to get to anywhere. It is necessary only to go further, in hope to find other harmony. Whether it and what ways to “rescue“ offer the best minds of mankind is possible? Conversation on it ahead …