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Lazy shopping. How to do shopping in the Internet - shop?

If you hate tiresome bustle on shops, are limited in movement (for example, you are in the decree) or live in remote regions with the poor range of local shops, then this type of shopping for you.

Modern technologies allow to make purchases, without leaving the house. It is only enough to have Internet access or to know a delivery service phone number. But today it will be a question of the Internet. I will tell about own experience the Internet - purchases.

After the child`s birth sharply there was a problem of limited freedom. I do not speak about purchase of products (though I will tell about it later) - at first the husband was engaged in it. The new clothes on the size - two were necessary more. As the child took all my time and to escape even in the nearest shop behind pair of socks it was not provided possible, I began to look for necessary in the Network.

So, the first that I understood: the Internet - shops share on regional, all-Russian and even foreign. Regional is as you guessed, the Internet - shops of your city and area. Most often work with free shipping on the city from a certain order value. Remote (all-Russian) shops are engaged in delivery of goods by mail, the courier or transport company, and besides the sum of goods, you will be obliged to pay a service charge which size depends on remoteness of your region from head office or a warehouse of firm, and also policy of the company since the salary of packers and other workers of a network is formed of this collecting.

Local (they regional) shops please with delivery speed: the order can be brought in day of the application or for following. The prices in such shops are much lower, than in retail since. there you gather goods on the minimum order value, that is get small wholesale or one/couple expensive things. In due time they rescued me supply with children`s goods, and also delivery of large-size acquisitions (a carriage, a bed, a stool for feeding) to the apartment.

In removed I acquired generally clothes and household items. In them the prices too not so strongly bite, as in usual outlets. Work from minimum price of the order. So to get there one cheap thing, for example, for 300 rubles, at you it will not turn out and it because pay for it on arrival on mail almost twice more due to service and post charges is unprofitable. Delivery periods depend besides on remoteness of your region, work of mail, existence of goods in a warehouse and other factors and make about 1 - 2 weeks.

The separate look online - purchases is made by shops of delivery of products and medicines. It seems, too it is convenient - you do not run with heavy bags on the city, and everything is brought to you home, especially when many products are necessary. But everywhere there are reefs: the price for service as in cafe and restaurants, the minimum increases by 5 percent from a total cost. Well and it is natural, there is the minimum sum of purchase.

Besides convenience of shopping in the Network, as well as everywhere, there are the “but“. First of all, it, of course, the fact that you buy often “pig in a poke“. And if in regional shops purchase is brought by the courier and it is possible to check it on the place, then upon purchase of goods on the all-Russian websites it will not be possible to feel a subject before purchase. Here, of course, everything is provided by society of consumer protection: you can return purchase within 14 days from the date of receiving, but nobody will return service and post collecting to you, and back too it is necessary to pay for transfer of goods from own pocket. In some cities there is a delivery by the courier of orders from the central region where most often are a staff - apartments of such firms. But also in this case it will not be possible to refuse completely not suitable goods, fee of the courier lays down on shoulders of the buyer again.

Most difficult in the Network to buy footwear. If clothing sizes more - are less standard, then the size and a shape of a leg in the majority are individual. And to clothes very often there is embarrassment. Having bought a jacket of the size in one firm once, ordered another in the same place and the same size. The first sat down as poured and was even slightly small in shoulders, I literally rolled in the second. To avoid similar failures, I advise to look for contents where the option of comments with responses of buyers is available.

Pleasant purchases in the Network make various gifts and bonuses to orders, and also days of sales and free shippings on holidays. So in due time I got hold of a free cover, plaids, a cloth, ware and even the iron with a double boiler. And all this “in gratitude“ for acquisition of inexpensive and qualitative clothes.

The Internet - orders is one more undoubted advantage control over own means. You do not rush about from a counter to a counter or on departments of a mall and do not buy up everything if only to be in time before closing, and quietly put the pleasant things in a virtual basket, then also slowly estimate the choice and only after that do the order. In many the Internet - shops is a special option of postponement for later - “the list of desirable purchases“ in which you enter the attracted goods, but which are not ready to buy so far. Periodically looking in this list, it is possible to monitor change (decrease) of the prices of separate things.

Here, actually, and everything that I wanted to tell about online - shopping. So “think, solve“ … And, as they say, purchases pleasant to you!