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Obstacle - a springboard on a new standard of living? A butterfly and a cocoon of

Allow you to ask a question. What do you think of obstacles? Perhaps, you even remember how you reacted to them when they appeared in your life? What thoughts visited you?

Unfortunately, the most part of people, answering itself these questions, remember enough - unpleasant feelings in themselves which they would not like to endure again. If you from such people, I suggest you to look at obstacles cardinally in a new way.

... Once in a cocoon the small crack appeared. Incidentally passing by people stopped and began to observe how through this small crack the butterfly tries to get out. There passed a lot of time, and a butterfly as though already left the efforts, and a crack and remained same small. It seemed, the butterfly made everything that she could, and on anything bigger she had no forces.

And then the person decided to help a butterfly. It got a penknife and cut a cocoon. The butterfly immediately left. But its little body was weak, and wings transparent and hardly moved. The person continued to observe, thinking that here - here wings of a butterfly will be spread, will get stronger, and it will depart.

But nothing happened. The life rest the butterfly dragged the weak little body on the ground and the not spread wings - it could not fly. And all because the person, wishing it to help, did not understand that efforts at an exit through such narrow crack of a cocoon it is necessary for a butterfly that liquid from a body passed into wings, and the butterfly could fly. Life forced a butterfly to work, leaving this cover that it could grow and develop.

Sometimes thanking obstacles we can come to a new, better standard of living and prosperity. If it was allowed to us to live, without meeting difficulties, we would be deprived and could not be such strong as now, and would hardly achieve those results which we have today.

Look for an opportunity in each difficulty, but not difficulty in each opportunity

Meeting difficulties, I suggest you to change to them the relation - to see in them not tortures, but an opportunity. When obstacles come to your life, I offer you 12 steps by means of which you can turn an obstacle into a springboard for take-off on the new level and quality of your life.

Step 1. Take this situations for granted as a gift from the Universe. Even if at first sight it is hard.

Step 2. Describe words what for you, at first sight, the problem situation

the Step 3 consists in. Define the facts. In what the problem is specifically shown what you know about it? What about it is known by others? What do you do not know about it? What information is not enough? Who can know it where when and at whom you can find missing data?

Step 4. Analyse why you faced this problem? What will be when at you this problem does not become?

Step 5. Think that it is possible to make to settle this situation?

Step 6. By what criteria you will select versions of decisions?

Step 7. Write down a maximum of versions of decisions. Write even the most improbable that comes to your mind, do not constrain yourself - it is very important, it is a certain brainstorming, a rupture of a habitual picture of the world.

Step 8. Choose those which correspond to the criteria registered in a step No. 6 from options. Choose the most suitable option or a little.

Step 9. Define that it is necessary to make to realize the decision chosen by you?

Step 10. Paint the detailed plan. Who can help me with this situation? What resources you can involve? When and how it is the best of all to do it?

Step 11. Define what you were taught by this problem situation to? What lessons you learned from it? What was realized and as it will affect your further life?

Step 12. Thank the world for the situation given you. Also do not forget to thank also yourself - it is very important too.

Meeting difficulties, we have to understand that each obstacle has the so-called validity period which will end in due time. Very often it turns out that about what we incredibly strongly had a time ago, today we cannot even remember.

Everyone obstacles in our life are only temporary test thanks to which we can become more hardy, is stronger and wiser. That, in turn. advances us to higher level of understanding and quality of life.

How you estimate obstacles in the life, defines everything in your life. Any obstacle surely in a varying degree changes us. And first of all depends on us, there will be these changes in a positive or negative side. We have to be similar to a kite which rises against wind. We have to move towards a problem - that is to solve it! And at all not to concede, not to give in and not to run away! Any problem has a weak place - it is its decision.

Let your acts, decisions and actions will be defined by your grandiose plans, the purposes and desires, and each obstacle will be for you only the stage advancing you to an Olympus.