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Stones of the past or How to receive doubly for lost?

“Olga was, vigorous and very cheerful woman. On her face the good-natured smile always shone, and looking at her eyes it was possible to make out tenderness and refinement of its nature. But many even did not suspect that this charming creation is chained in a cage of the awful past which devoured its full happy future: -

at the age of 17 years on her eyes the father in a rush of drunk anger killed mother. It was for it very hard blow which very strongly shook. But after time sharp sincere wounds began to heal gradually, and pain becomes dull. Once, on a grave of the mother, Olga swore that will live further and despite of everything, will use the best efforts to be happy. And from part, it really managed it, it achieved very much good results in career, bought the house of the dream, traveled and learned to enjoy every moment of life. But nevertheless, secretly from others, she realized that the past still fetters it. She was afraid to be with the man, and everyone who tried to become closer for it someone than the friend, it at once tore away him and cleaned from the circle of contacts giving also chance. It brought it huge pain as, among these men there were also those who on the present very much were pleasant to it. Olga had everything that it was necessary for her to feel happy, but at the same time there was no most important - the person with whom she could share this happiness. Sometimes, it alone lying in a bedroom nestled on a pillow tearfully shouted, being angry with itself, for the fact that and did not allow itself to accept people close to her heart.

18 years Later, from that tragic day, visiting mother`s grave, she remembered about an oath which she promised once on this place - to Use the best efforts to be happy! This phrase as if dawned on her reason and moved on resolute actions - to fight for the happiness!

She began to study a set of literature, to attend the seminars connected with restrictions of the past. And often encouraged itself, repeating: - I already somewhere am waited by my favourite prince! And I will find it and I will not release for anything!

Five years later:

- is improbable! It appeared then when I was already internally ready, to accept the man in the life. And from the first days of acquaintance to it, I had an accurate feeling that is it, my native, my soulmate, my prince on a white horse! We have two beautiful children and I with full confidence say that I AM HAPPY!...“

(This history is based real events) Is surprising by

how it would seem events 10 - ti, 20 - ti summer prescription can define human life and be dragged from year to year behind a back as the huge, heavy stones haunting and opportunities to move forward. I met more than once people who in literal sense were slaves to the past. They lived within, beliefs, looked at all events around them through a prism of the negative past. And these people did not even notice that the taken place events of the past ruined their future, and the root of their many problems consisted in them, in the relation, in a bezdeystvenny way of life “on knurled“.

If your past weighs in some way your soul and heart if from year to year you drag behind yourself negative freight of the past, then came it is time to stop it! It is time to break off these fetters! Stop spending the time and energy for what you any more not in forces to change. It is better to direct the look to the future, what you it want to see and direct the time, energy, abilities, knowledge for implementation of the desirable to that. periodically I wonder

Ya: - Whether “I am late in the past? Whether enough I keep up to date? “ Personally for me it is important questions. Thanks to them, I can understand whether really my actions conduct me to my dreams and the purposes. To accept

something bigger, the best in the life we need to leave from old. whether

Asked you sometime a question: - What from your past it was difficult for you to overcome? Surprisingly, but the fact that once seemed a difficult, difficult, desperate situation now we perceive as just one of stages of our development. For example, when we meet in the life, the first love, these fine feelings uplift us up to the heights, but when the time to their end comes, it seems for us intolerable loss which to us is difficult for worrying. And only years later we understand that thus we learned to love, to learn lessons from current situations, learned to understand and feel, and people also close to our heart - it was only the stage of our growing, formation as the personality. And I think it would be absurd if from - for not developed first love, we crossed out all the life, tragicly dragging this stone behind the shoulders to extreme old age.

The first step, to freedom of the past is an acceptance. We need to accept the past. Perhaps, for someone it will seem strange, and it can cause indignation in someone. But rejection and a buntovstvo will change nothing, and will exhaust only constantly, taking away the mass of energy of time, forces, and, above all freedom.

Yes, sometimes, it is very hard! But it is possible!

The second step - extraction of lessons. It is considered that each person coming to this earth, comes in order that will learn three lessons - PRNIYaT, PROSTIT and POLYuIT. Each situation in our life exists and repeats until we do not learn the lessons concluded in it. Let`s learn to think positively and in each problem to wonder - for what it is necessary to me? What can I learn here, being in this “painful“ process? What can I change in myself, the actions, the relation to grow from this situation and this lesson? It is Life.

The third step - gratitude. “the benefit to give ability“ is key in happiness of the person. You, probably, noticed more than once people who grumble, complain, and in every possible way show discontent with life. whether

you Asked yourself a question and whether this person is happy? Whether his family, children is happy whether there was successfully his career, a matrimony? And what is not enough for it for happiness? Ability to rejoice to trifles, to appreciate that to eat, perceive life as the child - feeling gratitude to the sun, the sky, world around for elementary and the most valuable - an opportunity to live! You want to learn what is life value - ask the person who knows that he needed to live only a few months or even days. And how to understand what is gratitude? Ask the person who just learned that he wonderfully recovered from a fatal illness, look at his eyes, at how he perceives life. You will be able to feel the huge power of feeling of gratitude surrounding this person. It is live, and he is ready to thank a message the world in the every moment presented to it. And nothing can afflict him - neither weather, nor events, nor the relation of people. Let in feeling of gratitude the life and it will paint your life with light bright paints!

The fourth step - a perefokusirovaka. Any your past, it should not define your future! Let your life will begin to be defined, your dreams, plans, grandiose opportunities of your future, but not negative events of your past. You should not endure, be upset and be afraid of what happened to you once! You can make the decision, receive doubly for lost! - It is MORE than PLEASURE! It is MORE than PLEASURE! It is MORE than HAPPY DAYS! And this decision can become fatal in your life. Stop to be sorry about last losses and begin to rejoice to what expects you in the future!