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Why it is necessary to enter the Popular front? Glory to Putin!

the Letter of the famous poet and graphomaniac Vyacheslav Klyuev - younger the prime minister - to the minister of Russia.

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Yesterday after the return home from a meeting with poets and writers of Puchezhsky district of the Ivanovo region, I learned from mass media about creation by you of the Popular front three weeks ago.

This news deeply struck me and touched up to the soul depth. An event, grandiose on the scales, I am sure, sooner or later will come also to Puchezhsky district from where I just arrived.

If you knew, our dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, what people live in this area! Especially two writers and the poet Victor, surnames do not remember. With which we held the cultural, initiated by the Governor and United Russia party, poetic meeting under the slogan “Russia - Forward“!

They are these writers and the poet Victor, did not remember a surname yet, and also other residents of Puchezh and his vicinities, entirely support and approve your policy, without penetrating into its details.

Living practically in the 19th century with conveniences in the yard, think to the puchezhena quite on - modern and always acted and oppose placement of missile defense in Europe. Especially in the Czech Republic.

And creation of the Popular front, undoubtedly, will get the most enthusiastic response in a fit of temper puchezhan all genders and ages. We - I and they, do not know so far against whom it is necessary to battle. But as our grandfathers and great-grandfathers on call of the Homeland and heart went to die on fields of battles, and we are ready to fall for the sake of bright future. Only tell: where and when. Why - it is not necessary to speak. Let`s fall - then you will tell descendants. Excuse for the tautology which involuntarily arose under a feather of the master.

On our meeting the poet Victor, a surname for the present in fog, composed fine verses on the Homeland. In them there are also such lines:

“And if I drink and I will fall in the open air,

I Ask to consider me as the member of EP (e)“!

The last “å“ was added by it for a rhyme that is absolute if you do not consider in a different way, does not reduce heat of patriotism in these two lines, simple to genius.

Your idea of the front to which I constantly get back in this letter and I will come back two more time which passes through all Russia, through each of us sets thinking: and with whom you?

With you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, or, perhaps, at once to the Solovki?

And the puchezhena and I - with you from peal of bells in far 2000 and till the end which, we hope will come not so soon as your obvious and secret foes wish.

And, maybe, for this purpose the Popular front that the people the labor hands strangled in a cradle of all these damned market experts and liberals who bullshitted us in so wishing to be you forgotten dashing and damned 90 is also necessary - x.

And now about the main thing.

The front is to you not snivels to young ladies to wipe. Here clear and accurate teams are necessary. Where to run at whom to shoot and what awards will be given for throwing on embrasures. There is a wish for frankness and clarity. There is a wish to a shiver in knees and tremblings in all members, including the head of the member of the Writers` Union of Moscow area.

Only tell, dear Vladimir Vladimirovich. Also it will be possible I further though the letter already comes to an end and I was told that no more than two pages to call you - the companion the Supreme Commander?

Conduct us in fight, show the purpose, and we will break off it. As broke off on a meeting in Puchezhe dried small fry which there for some reason is called a vobla.

And if residents of Puchezh and its vicinities, and also two writers and the poet Victor by the name of, apparently, Bashmachnikov or Tapochkin, and it already and not important, refuse to sign this letter to you, then I pledge the word of honor that my leg in this solitude will not be any more.

Puchezh is yet not all Russia?

It - that, I hope, with you. Forgive, with us? From now on we now with you in one boat. More precisely, on one front. Brother-soldiers practically. Let`s eat from one kettle, to spend the night in one entrenchment and to take cover one overcoat.

And after the Victory over the opponent whom already all - it is time and to appoint, you - on a white stallion at Red Square and I - on a tribune for guests of honor.

Very beautifully and poetically.

I all - the poet and the member of the Union. And therefore I will finish the letter with verses:

“And in a clean floor - the Grad system

For us Putin and Stalingrad“!

Words and music not mine, but very good and calling“.

Vyacheslav Klyuev - younger. Member of the Writers` Union of Moscow area, future fighter of the Popular front.