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What life of color?

That there was the first day of fall...

To Dzhabokko his friend Ranario came for a picture. Ranario did not manage to slam a heavy oak door behind himself as gray clouds met, and in a firmament the lightning sparkled. Watered a small rain.

Dzhabokko kindly offered the friend of black Indian tea. And they together sat down on a peach sofa in the master`s drawing room.

- Ah, Dzhabokko, Dzhabokko! For what life to me such?! Well, tell, than I was guilty? - Suddenly Ranario began to cry.

- What happened, my friend? I do not recognize you.

- Dzhabokko, Dzhabokko, my life - black! It... black.

- Why it is black, the friend my Ranario?

- The wife was going to turn out me, I lost work, and children... those grew up, threw the father and to shelter there is nobody!. Life is over, it is black!

Dzhabokko looked at the friend attentively, wisely as the person a lot of things seeing and a lot of things knowing.

- Well. Time you consider that life your black, give, compare to mine. My life - gray, and I will prove that yours too.

- Gray - because, that boring?

- No, my dear Ranario, because, that many flowers in it were. Take my palette, over there, and a brush. Now I will show everything to you.

Ranario willingly executed what told emudzhabokko. Sat down on a sofa and attentively was going to listen.

- I was born in a poor family - take color black, but only the loving people surrounded me - mix with white. So proceeded till sixteen years when they died - again black. But at that time I was in love with one girl from the first floor, and she fell in love with me. Carlin was always associated at me with pink orchids - and, so add also pink color with red. We got married, but we had no money, and I decided on risk. In the neighboring apartment there lived one rich man who did not have a family, friends yes of successors, egozabotit only money and only. And here, one night, I crept to it and killed, having taken away its jewelry. In the same night we decided to run away from the city, but the neigbour who accidentally overheard us caused an escort, and I was arrested. Green, red, yellow. But, the loving wife my, carrying at that time under heart of our child, hotly promised that she will wait for me. And with this thought I stayed ten years in prison and how many there was paints! But loving Carlin waited for me and loved, and this white color eclipsed other colors. But, having been released, I learned that I Carlin was seriously ill and died a month ago, without having waited for me. But I had son - little Paulo! Black, again and white. We began new life, so to speak with the zero, I became an artist, and Paulo my assistant and the pupil and how many still we worried. But good causes, the happy and joyful moments, memoirs - this white color, it always rescued us, forced other colors to fade, turning them into gray. Here therefore life my and gray, but I love this color at all I do not refer it to gloomy and boring tones, in it there is always a white color. And what we received, my lovely Ranario?

Ranario for the first time looked at mix of flowers which he put as if in blind, listening to the story of the friend.

- Gray! Gray color turned out! Oh, Dzhabokko, same it is impossible!

- Perhaps, my friend. Your life too gray. You do not trust? Let`s look. And if Rozalina nevertheless turns out you, come to live to us. We will be always glad to you, my dear friend!

Dzhabokko shook hands with strong shed a few tears friend.

Behind a window ceased to pour a rain. Gray clouds dispersed. Bright sunshine ran on wet city streets and playfully lit up this world Dzhabokko`s room.