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What cheese the best? We try and choose. Part 2

“Gruyere“ - the size have less, but honor more salty, fat and tasty Swiss cheese without holes. It weighs about 35 kg. Gruyere has saturated, slightly saltish creamy and juicy taste.

“Raklet“ - fat cheese from which usually prepare a fondue and is dipped in it by bread pieces, calling this ritual “raklt“. This cheese semisolid with gentle and oily pulp. Raklet is different types: with garlic, red pepper, etc.

the Danish cheeses are made within many centuries, however Denmark took strong positions in the sphere of dairy products quite recently thanking Hanne Nielsen. She became the first woman - the member of elite Danish agricultural society.

“Havarti“ is considered traditional Danish cheese. It differs in elasticity, elasticity and possesses soft, fresh, slightly sourish taste which becomes juicier with age.

“Samosa“ - to the sweetish, slightly nut taste, reminds “Emmental“. At samosa sharper taste with smack of a filbert appears with age and turned sour - sweet aftertaste. Has elastic texture and yellow color, and holes of different diameter at it.

Holland generated fashion on cheeses in Russia, thanks to Peter I (he got acquainted with Dutch cheese in the city of Saardam where he was trained in shipbuilding).

“Edamer“ - popular cheese with the low content of fats, in a form is similar to the pillow filled in a red pillowcase. This cheese possesses slightly nut taste, and aroma amplifies in process of maturing. Young edamer not sharp, slightly sweetish with nut smack, and mature - drier and salty (for gourmets the edamer has to be sustained within one and a half years).

“Gouda“ possesses in the yellow color, it is rather firm. This cheese has pronounced taste which fluctuates from gentle and soft, nut to saturated spicy, but not sharp. When smoking does not know to himself equal.

One of the most popular Dutch cheeses is “Maasdam“ . It differs in big holes and sweetish taste. It it is pale - yellow color and semisolid. Has gentle nut smack.

In Greece cheese making is the most ancient craft, its development began at the time of Homer (in “Odyssey“ it is told about the island of a Cyclops who made cheese).

The Greek cheese well-known for the whole world is “Feta“ . It belongs to the class of brine cheeses. Feta dense, but at the same time friable and slightly cracked. It white color, on taste salty, dairy with sourish smack. Feta is crumbled in salads, pizzas and other dishes.

In Great Britain surprising and excellent cheeses do.

The best-known English cheese is “Cheddar“ . This cheese plastic, yellowish color. Cheddar possesses nut and slightly sharp and sourish smack. Usually it is let out in the form of the cylinder weighing about 35 kilograms. Serve cheddar to a table with any alcoholic and soft drinks. However in classical option it is used together with branded cider or strong English beer.

“Stilton“ - tremendous aristocratical cheese with a mold, it is perfectly cut. Stilton has color of an ivory with well distributed streaks of a blue mold, the crust is painted in faintly - brown color. It possesses creamy taste with a difficult bouquet, however it less salty and more gentle, than other “blue“ cheeses. Classical couple with port.

As you see, there is a huge number of cheeses, and you have an opportunity to choose the favourite cheese from the range of any country. Remember that cheese not only very tasty, but also useful. Hippocrates said that “cheese is strong, heats, is nutritious … It is strong - because very close costs to generation; it is nutritious - because represents the rest from the fleshiest part of milk; heats - because it is fat …“.