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What cheese the best? We try and choose. Part 1

the French cheeses - leaders among other countries. Such amount of variety and forms is not observed anywhere. They say that there are about 500 types of cheese.

The most popular cheese of France - “Roquefort cheese“. It is considered the king of cheeses, cheese of blue blood. It was patented five centuries ago. Has taste of hazelnuts, and looks - as white soft weight with a mold.

“Brie“ - the king among cheeses. Has soft texture, it is pale - yellow color with aroma of hazelnuts or mushrooms and it is covered with a crust of a white velvety mold. They say that brie once exerted impact on the French policy. Attribute it Margarita Navarrskaya`s success at court of Henry IV as the lady tempted the king not with the beauty, and having treated him with tartinka with brie.

“Camembert“. Soft, refined dessert cheese with a firm crust, mouldy. Color of Camembert fluctuates from white to light-creamy. This cheese sharp, juicy with light mushroom aroma.

“Neuchatel“ - small, white, fat and not strong cheese. The is older, the juicier it taste. At a nyoshatel the dry crust covered with a white fluffy mold. Possesses gentle taste of mushrooms.

In Germany several hundreds of grades of cheese exist.

The most known German cheese is considered “Tilziter“. Thoroughly matured cheese, nice to the taste also began to smell. Sometimes add caraway seeds to dough of a tilziter. It is made in the form of whetstone or a circle, sometimes it is covered with wax.

“Chester“ differs light-yellow homogeneous cheese mass. Treats firm cheeses. Chester to taste can be a miscellaneous, it depends on maturing term - sourish or juicy.

The Italian cheeses not such well-known as French, however do not concede to them by the quantity and quality. In Italy there are about 400 grades of cheese.

“Fontina“ - yellowish with small round holes and sometimes slightly smoked cheese. Taste of this cheese nut with gentle honey smack. Is suitable for food in pure form and for frying.

Traditional cheese of Italy is “Gorgontsolla“ - aristocratically mouldy, but not such salty as “Roquefort cheese“, both fatter and friable. Zelenovato - the blue mold turns his taste in sharp and spicy.

Distinguish from the most known Italian cheeses “Mozzarella“ . She moves floating in serum, between layers of curds there has to be a lot of moisture. Taste at a mozzarella gentle, presnovaty and elastic. This cheese happens also in a firm look for use in hot dishes and smoked.

One French writer and the journalist elected in 1927 “The prince of epicures“, Maurice Edmon Sayan (Kyurnoski) spoke: “Cheeses of France are so numerous, so various and so are not similar one to another that among them will surely be found such that will be pleasant to the most exacting taste, even to taste of kings. They - deification of a good lunch, its final fireworks“. However not only cheeses of France therefore it is possible to find the favourite look practically in any country which is famous for the dairy products are numerous

. In the following article we will consider some more types of the well-known cheeses of Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Greece and Great Britain.