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To be or not to be Russia cultural?

you Want everything to be postponed to several minutes in a spring garden? Present it, morning, solar! Inhale fresh air and pass on its paths. You see, over there, on a bed tulips - yellow, red blossomed, and even several white. And tomorrow peonies will blossom nearby, them still unsolved buds with transparent drops already exhale weak sweet aroma.

To the left of a path on a bed the first garden radish showed a red flank, near it salad and onions turn green. And in the center of a garden a huge white sphere the apple-tree floats. And after it cherry and plum open the is white - pink flowers. The lilac sheltered at the fence is similar to a gentle lilac cloud. And all this variety - in one spring garden.

Try to draw an analogy between the blossoming garden and our planet with all the people existing on it with their various cultures? It turns out? Bright ringing holidays and multi-color markets, fine architectural monuments, greens of continents with impregnations of the cities and a blue smooth surface of the ocean with motley islands are presented to me. All this interacts, lives, unites, disappears and again arises in one huge “garden“ under the name Earth! And it our general, and all of us in it are connected.

Probably, it members of the United Nations when on the General Assembly on December 20, 2002 declared on May 21 in the World afternoon of cultural diversity for dialogue and development also wanted to inform all inhabitants of the planet . The UN suggested all states to convey information on value and importance of a variety of cultures to the public and to help it to realize a positive role of cultural diversity by means of education and mass media.

Since May 21, 2003. this day is celebrated in many countries not just like that, for pleasure that there is such variety of cultures.

The world community is seriously concerned by the fact that “threaten this culture the most different factors now: in one case excessive protection of national originality creates threat for culture of various minorities; in another - the religion puts pressure upon culture. At last, almost everywhere as a result of the galloping globalization languages disappear, traditions are lost, vulnerable cultures appear on a roadside, and even completely disappear. Danger of sharp reduction of width of cultural diversity is very serious. All range of a rainbow over our planet cannot be reduced to one of the flowers making it and not to subject at the same time to threat cultural heritage of future generations and survival of mankind“ (from the message of the CEO of UNESCO Koitiro Matsura). Here care not only for themselves, but also for the future of all mankind, for its culture!

Let`s remember a word meaning “ culture “. “The dictionary of Russian“ Ojegova defines it as “set of production, public and spiritual achievements of people“.

Directly the word “ culture “ (Latin of cultura) cultivation is transferred from Latin as ““. The directed work, leaving, an upclassing! That is in a broad sense the culture is the level of material and spiritual development of the people, the nation and each certain individual in the course of “cultivation“. From here need of the constant application of efforts for preservation and improvement of culture follows. Again analogy to a garden. Not well-groomed, thrown garden causes a sad show.

Having been glad for the world community which celebrates this day, there is a strong wish to concern a culture subject in Russia. My dear Russians, and you are disturbed by a condition of cultures and their variety? Even if not around the world, at least within our country?

So historically it developed that in our Russian “garden“ simply unknown violence of plants from - for huge a variety of the cultures living here.

You know that by results of the last population census in the territory of Russia lives 182 the people, 142 from them are presented as the independent people, and 40 - as the ethnic groups which are a part of the independent people.

80% of the population are made by Russians (including the ethnic groups entering the Russian people, for example “Cossacks“, “Pomors“ and so forth) . And here the smallest nationalities live to Sakhalin Island - it is Oroks (they call themselves an ult), and in Khabarovsk Krai are Orochs (they name themselves Nani). Them now only several hundreds of people. After census “The alphabetic list of nationalities and languages“ where 925 ethnic names are listed was submitted. Here it at us a variety.

Only let`s admit to ourselves that it is somehow wildish and not really well-groomed our “garden“ looks now. And it is a pity. In it there are a lot of rare, original “plants“, thrown long ago. And those that occupy the most part of the territory are not really cultivated … are forgotten by

of Tradition, languages lose originality, the speech becomes simpler to primitivism. National ceremonies and suits fall into oblivion, and in them centuries-old experience is saved up and there is a reasonable sense. Holidays and festivities turn into boozes. Old men cease to be esteemed just because they lose former wisdom and education.

You will tell what can abuse everyone and where specific proposals on improvement of a situation? And here they, are long ago and are known to each gardener! It is just necessary laboriously, daily “to cultivate“, cultivate, improve culture. All its most valuable properties to keep and descend carefully, putting at the same time the heart and soul, reason, forces. To everyone separately and all together. In a family and in public places, in educational and educational institutions, in the yards and on vacation.

To remember and follow well-known rules of conduct in the relation to each other.

And, maybe, then we with all world community will be able to care for the other small cultures vanishing on far islands in the big ocean. For now it is necessary to put the culture in order. That our society, at last, blossomed a fine, bright, well-groomed garden which would surprise with the beauty the whole world!

Let`s make already a choice for cultural Russia!