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Remember CRM small bar (cafe, shop, a billiard room, laundry, sport - club) where you like to come in the evening after work on the way home (since morning on the way for work, on days off or in a lunch break). Where you personally know the owner of an institution or the administrator, and he knows your preferences, personal habits, and where and even with whom you had a rest last summer. If you the profitable client also leave good tip, then it is possible to be sure that he does not forget to wish you happy birthday, to say hello to the wife and to ask how your son passed examinations. It also is that personal, very effective, system of the relations with the client (in abbreviated form - CRM - from English “customer relationship management“).

Now present that at this restaurant (cafe, shop) 1000 clients. How to collect, store and, the main thing how it is correct to use information on such number of clients so that each of them felt that think of it and care also as though it was the only thing? And it can be a network of restaurants where different employees can communicate with each client, each of which has to have access to information on the client.

Actually, any person very much loves attention to the person. He is disappointed with a cool welcome in bank, an inattention in shop, turn in stomatology and therefore any attention to the personality especially welcomes and remembers. The company showing attention to each buyer becomes dear and favourite clients. The client addresses her services again and again, increasing thereby sales volume of the company without excessive costs of advance of goods. Statistically, the happy client will tell about successful purchase to at least five acquaintances who will handle high probability in need of the same firm.

Development of large business in our country goes quickly. And in some spheres the competition for the consumer became very sharp. In the field of mobile communication the companies, competing for the same clients work several large cellular. These companies cannot reduce the tariffs for involvement of buyers any more - it is necessary to compete generally at the expense of quality indicators including improvements of work with clients, improvements of level of service. And it just is also the CRM area.