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Bread - to all the head? Chunk the fourth. Oats: everything, except history!

... Probably, with advance to the North or with rise to mountains, getting to more severe conditions, oats overcame the main plant and formed - at favorable combination of circumstances - independent crops. Naturally, with the most direct participation of the person. So there was a culture of oats in many regions of Eurasia.

So, on the planet today cultural oats a little, but not one. And the cultivated oats are not a special type, and group of cultural forms which came from absolutely different wild-growing types which other forms are malicious weeds.

As shoots of oats can maintain short-term spring frosts (to - 9 degrees on Celsius scale), it is possible to advance its culture on the North further away - for the Polar circle, in Norway to 65 degrees of a northern latitude, and in the USA (on Alaska) and Canada - to 70 degrees of NL.

In the southern hemisphere descendants of immigrants from Europe oats grow up too, but nevertheless it is mainly culture of the northern hemisphere.

Oats are important food and zernofurazhny crop. Its grain contains about 23% of the proteins rich with irreplaceable acids, to 6,5% of fat, starch (to 55%) and other bezazotisty substances, erukovy, low-new and oxalic acids, vitamins (And, E, groups B), and also useful mineral substances.

Oat soup and broth of grain with honey (the good all-strengthening means) long since in the people used at tuberculosis and a scrofula, oat kissel - at diseases of a stomach and intestines (including at acute inflammations) as light laxative and the enveloping means. Water infusion of straw or green oats can be applied at treatment of diseases of kidneys and dropsy as possesses diuretic and carminative properties. Febrifugal properties of this infusion even more broaden the sphere of its application.

Infusion of grain was used in traditional medicine at stones in a bladder, a meteorizm, perspiration of legs. Spirit tincture from elevated, green part of plants can be used at sleeplessness, slackness, reexhaustions (and not only physical, but also caused by excessive activity of a brain, a nervous breakdown) for a raising of a tone, the general strengthening of a human body.

Oats are recognized long ago by various traditional medical systems, including the Bulgarian and Tibetan medicine. The homeopathy which arose relatively recently in the West also included oats in an arsenal of the remedies - spirit tincture from the tops collected in a phase of dairy ripeness of seeds is used as the sedative (calming) cure for sleeplessness and a neurasthenia. Oats straw (crushed) is included in phytocollecting with shutters (the dried peel) of haricot for treatment of diabetes. Bathtubs from fresh straw are very effective at some diseases of joints.

In India found anti-nicotinic action of a green grass of oats recently - more precisely, when using (in) a preparation from elevated green part of a plant at heavy smokers thirst for tobacco smoking decreases that facilitates process of treatment from this addiction.

In pure form grain is fed to horses (especially in periodynapryazhyonny works) and is for them the irreplaceable concentrated forage. People consume valuable food products from the processed grain - oat flakes (oat-flakes, oat flour, muesli, ship`s biscuits) and grits. Oatmeal is used for preparation of various dietary and other foodstuff, and including - the enveloping kissel. Food from oats are capable to reduce the level of lipids and cholesterol in blood that is important at treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis.

At chronic poisoning with lead (and some other toxicoses) the patient surely enter grits, more precisely porridge from grain made without milk into a diet. And, as proteins of oats are capable to have lipotropny effect, food from grits can be used in dietary food at treatment not only warmly - vascular diseases, but also liver diseases.

At a number of diseases, and also during recovery after serious illnesses, the nutritionist can allow adult patients and children consumption of warm milk with oats . For preparation of this dietary product it is necessary to pour oats into vskipyachyonny milk (a half-glass of grain, oat-flakes - on 3/4 glasses of milk) and to place in an oven (or in a thermos) on an hour and a half. Such product is more nutritious and, as a rule, easier is perceived by the weakened organism.

“A sweet couple“ of recipes for every day: Mix for “syroyed“

Pounded mix from four tablespoons of the soaked and wrung out oat-flakes, ten crushed kernels of the walnut rubbed on a small grater of apple, a teaspoon of raisin and a tablespoon of honey, and also a teaspoon of lemon juice - to roll

in balls. Then to sprinkle balls with oat flour. The dish is ready! Bon appetit!

the Tablespoon of oat-flakes to fill in

of Muesli with a small amount (3 - 4 tablespoons) of boiled water. In several hours when oat-flakes well bulk up to rub about 200 g of apples and to stir that weight did not darken so quickly.

Having added a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice (squeezed out - or small cut - the lemon half), a tablespoon of the crushed walnuts, as much the highlights small cut and tired of boiled water with dried apricots, once again to mix and - it is possible to start a useful and pleasant meal.

And our travel to the country of cereals continues...