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Bread - to all the head? Chunk the first. Wheat: everything, except history!

Mature wheat grain consist of a germ (2%), endosperm (to 86%), an aleyronovy layer (3 - 4%) and a peel (about 14%). The germ which occupies insignificant part of grain contains rather large amount of oil - 14%, rich with the most valuable vitamin E. But at a high milling germs are removed, and together with them from bread the vitamin-rich oil remaining but in bread is excluded from coarse flour. Therefore it is absolutely clear that the bread made of similar flour should not be neglected.

From grain of wheat receive flour of various grades, or numbers as it is accepted to speak, and also starch and semolina. The waste received at a high milling of flour in the form of bran and the deleted germs represents the valuable concentrated forage for farm animals, and the waste received at a threshing and straw are used as rough forages (besides, straw serves as material for production of a cardboard).

Wheat protein content should not be lower than 12,5% (otherwise the cost of such grain significantly decreases, it is processed into pastry flour or goes on a forage to cattle). Argentina and Great Britain cultivate mainly wheat from 11 - 12% of albumens, in Sweden wheat is slightly richer with proteins - about 14 - 15%. Wheat grades which are grown up in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan are considered the most valuable in the relation of the proteins which are often exceeding 18%.

High qualities of white bread are defined including existence in flour of a gluten on which presence important qualities of the test - connectivity, elasticity and elasticity depend. Bread is baked from flour of soft wheat as here a gluten “long“, extensible - growth of the test, its rise is connected with this property. Dough from flour of solid wheat does not stretch, is quickly torn, the gluten here “short“ - such flour does not suit for baking of bread, but it ideal initial material for various pasta.

The most valuable in any wheat - especially in the sprouted wheat - vitamins, especially vitamins of group B. And it is worth dwelling upon some of them.

B1 vitamin, or tiamin - well influences an organism at violations of functions of the central nervous system (as actively joins in “adjustment“ of TsNS), especially at such symptoms as forgetfulness, uncertainty, inability to concentrate, constant fatigue, a depression and melancholy (deficiency of this vitamin is often shown at people, the abusing black coffee, in large numbers destroying tiamin). On the contrary, normalization of content of B1 vitamin in a human body promotes emergence of optimism. Of course, tiamin contains not only in the sprouted wheat.

B2 vitamin, Riboflavinum - at its deficiency can appear cracks in mouth corners, burning and dryness in eyes, even locks, and hair very quickly become fat therefore an oily hair shampoos often include the sprouted wheat grains extract.

B3 vitamin, pentotenovy acid - helps to cease joint pains, eliminates deposits of excess of cholesterol in vessels that well affects work of all blood system in general and function of a brain in particular. Pantothenic acid - important “participant“ of treatment or prevention of atherosclerosis. By the way, at the people eating not enough sugar not only the figure improves, but also enough B3 vitamin is formed - opposite, abuse of sugar results including in its deficiency and consequently, and to developing of above-mentioned diseases. It is important to remember that the healthy person has enough of three - five teaspoons of sugar a day - certainly, with tea, a bun or other products, but not in pure form.

B6 vitamin, a pyridoxine - takes part in a cholesteric exchange as it is a part of enzyme of lecithin. At deficiency of this vitamin (and magnesium) serious danger of development of the sclerous phenomena appears (and atherosclerosis as a disease), suffers warmly - vascular system in general. Without this vitamin it is impossible for all of us too in any way.

B12 vitamin - is partially synthesized by intestinal microflora what requires continuous receipt of minerals - and in particular cobalt. Besides, B12 vitamin contains also in gastric juice, but “works“ only at the time of receipt of food in a stomach. Therefore frequent hunger strikes or starvations by not everyone can also not always do good. It is good if the part of vitamin comes to an organism together with food. At shortage of B12 vitamin the anemia can quickly develop.

The listed properties of the vitamins which are contained in grains of the sprouted wheat and also their understanding, will help you at correction of daily food towards healthier “style“ of acceptance of healthier food.

And in end - something, concerning quite concrete recipes applicable in your kitchen or on approaches to it. the Sprouted wheat

of Grain carefully to wash out

(in three waters) clear cold water. The garbage and defective grains which emerged on a surface are thrown out. To merge water, leaving the grain which accumulated on a vessel bottom. Then in a plate to pour so much water that it did not cover a grain layer completely. To cover with a thin gauze and to leave for days in the warm place. The majority of grains has to arise - as soon as white sprouts reach one millimeter, grain can be used with seasoning from fresh vegetables or in pure form. Porridge

the Sprouted grains to grind

in the coffee grinder (it is allowed to use the meat grinder), to place in warm (hot) water or kefir. To wrap up a vessel with a product that porridge cooled down more slowly - then grain will better steam out. It is not necessary to boil porridge. After a while, when it will cool down, it is possible to start a healthy meal, having added a little vegetable oil - sunflower or corn, olive, or both that, and another, and the third gradually.

Rum baba

So to say: there is an opinion that it is necessary to say the name with an accent on a final syllable - “women and “. We reason with a semi-legend - i.e. a historic fact which raises serious doubts!

Somebody sir Stanislav who in the distant gloomy Middle Ages fulfilled duties of the Polish king became engrossed in reading of east fairy tales once, namely “1000 and one night“ where he appeared if you remember, the citizen by the name of Ali - the Woman (and “strike“ this east citizen that, final syllable).

As sir Stanislav not the fool was to drink and eat sweet loved, he read the book, constantly drinking up rum from a poserebryonny cup and plentifully crumbling on pages expensive to our heart (a disgrace!) newly-baked cake.

To put it briefly, everything mixed up in the house of the sir - east fairy tales, rum and cake. So, according to a legend, was also born (or was born?.) rum or rum women and .

we will not argue on trifles, there are one thousand opinions as Vladimir Vysotsky fairly sang. Let`s better prepare...

Rum cake

to us are necessary to

yeast which should be parted in warm (sometimes are lazy to warm up, but it should be made!) milk and to knead dough from a half of total of good wheat flour.

Flour - 400 g

Yeast - 10 g

Milk - 100 g

Sugar - 300 g

Egg - 5 pieces

Butter - 150 g

Rum essence

Having kneaded dough, we form a lump and we put it on a rasstoyka. From the remained products it is time to knead the second portion of the test.

Now both portions differing on structure should be connected and kneaded. After that we make dough in a cushy job for a couple of hours (if so nevterpyozh or “terms draw in“ - on an hour and a half), having sustained the required pause, we display dough in the molds oiled to one third of height.

And when dough rises level with edges (and it will rise, believe me - if products are qualitative and the artelshchik will not cheat), the surface should be sprinkled water - it is desirable pure!

And now - we bake... At a moderate temperature, try to avoid an infernal flame - otherwise cake will lose to hell!

Yes, here still: from sugar (15 g) and waters (30 ml) it is advisable to weld syrup and to flavor it rum essence (some are ready to spend the real rum for this business).

Finished products wait for impregnation by syrup. After impregnation it is desirable to zaglazirovat your rum masterpieces sugar fondant or to strew at least with icing sugar.

Well, it is possible and to give on a table now - and not only to our kings! But also to queens!

Be continued.