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The first capitalist of new Russia (2 - aya part)

Chapter 16.


In the early twenties the Bolshevist power reached also the Caucasus. Considerably all secular places, popular in the past, became empty. The intelligent people from Pyatigorsk subsided and did not appear any more. Many moved abroad with the last ships from Odessa or even on foot through the Iranian border as the brother Egiazarova Alfred. From the sublime ladies walking the streets in long dresses with lacy umbrellas in hands there were only photos and casual memoirs. There was a new wave of vacationers accompanied by peasants and workers in print dresses and red kerchiefs on the heads. Men in kersey boots, in riding breeches, in ‑ shirts; kosovorotkas over which frock coats were put on dirty color.

The situation in the Caucasus remained very intense. Bolsheviks arranged cleanings among representatives of the old Cossacks and officers who remained in Pyatigorsk from army of the general Denikin. Searches and arrests were from year to year made more often. The decree was issued: to shoot on the place of any armed person if he was not in Red army or VChK.

Bolsheviks strengthened the power in the city. So, the remarkable city theater was turned into the House of labor unions according to personal instructions of the people`s commissar of Kirov. Houses of town council, lyceum, the estate were confiscated, newspapers are closed, libraries are destroyed, the museums are confiscated and destroyed. The proletarian theater in which even the playlets of local playwrights narrating about a celebration of communistic ideas were put was created.

Maria Georgiyevna`s board, however, worked with might and main and even prospered. Among notable guests workers of narcomats, party departments along with Red Army chiefs and nepmana appeared. As ‑ that the general Tukhachevsky stayed in board several days.

Nothing foretold dangers, but one night the house was approached by the big black car. Of the car went out three and knocked at a door. At this time owners of board together with vacationers were in a drawing room. Maria Georgiyevna played music, entertaining guests. Entered looked round and went directly to Mesrop. One of them stretched to it what ‑ that paper. Music ceased. All with nervousness looked at strangers.

Mesrop ran paper eyes. Rose and, having thrown with a jacket, proceeded to an exit. Behind it people in leather jackets silently left.

In a second of catalepsy Maria Georgiyevna rushed on the street. Mesrop already sat down on a back seat of the car.

- It is my husband! Where you carry it? - she screamed.

- We have a resolution. Depart, the citizen.

- Do not worry, Mara. It had to happen. Protect the son! - Mesrop from ‑ managed to tell; for backs of security officers.

He was put in the middle on a back seat, and two attendants settled down on each side. The third sat down ahead with the driver, the car christened in the people “a black raven“ passed along the yard and was behind turn.

Maria Georgiyevna returned to guests.

- This what ‑ that misunderstanding! You do not worry. Tomorrow everything will become clear! - lodgers spoke, constrainingly taking eyes aside.

- Of course! Tomorrow it will be released. I directly since morning will go to commandant`s office, - Maria Georgiyevna said, still without perceiving reality of the incident.

The next day brought nothing. Attempts to clear a situation encountered the same answer in all instances:

- Do not worry, the citizen! Will understand.

For the fifth day the court passing behind closed doors adopted the resolution on Mesrop`s recognition by the guilty person with the formulation: “The economic counter-revolutionary“ - also pronounced a sentence: “Twelve years of penal servitude“. The White Guard past of the grandfather, most likely, was not opened. Otherwise it would be shot right there. It was not connected with Denikin, and officer documents from Kornilov`s army were reliably hidden. However the son of the banker could not bail therefore, most likely, and such formulation of a sentence was thought up.

Maria Georgiyevna just could not find any peace. Having learned about an event, there arrived from Moscow Eleonora. She offered the help, but in it there was no sense. Guests moved down immediately as it was impossible to remain in the house of “the enemy of the people“. The board finally became empty. Any minute could arrest Maria Georgiyevna and Natalya Nikolaevna. But several days nothing occurred. Probably, who ‑ that from those big chiefs whom she asked for the help in recent days, interceded for her.

It became impossible to remain in Pyatigorsk, to sell the house - it is unreal. Therefore Eleonora took away the nephew and Natalya Nikolaevna to Moscow, and Maria Georgiyevna accepted for herself firm and only the decision accepted for it: to follow the husband on a stage!

Mesrop was banished to Siberia. She managed to learn number of structure with prisoners. It went one along its route to depth of barbarous Russia, without thinking of dangers which could expect it. The only thought was to catch up with the train by all means.

This the pirovaniye passed slowly. Structure long of a zaderzhivalin side-tracks of big and small stations, and it moved even not to the second, and to the latest turn. Prisoners on stages out of cars were not brought. The need was celebrated in the same place where slept and eaten. Soup escorts distributed one razv day, and if the train stood. During movement of the train nobody was fed at all.

The last stage after which regular passenger trains did not go settled down between the Chulym and Novosibirsk station. Dalshena the East send exclusively special trains. There carried convicts, aobratno - the wood.

In Pyatigorsk Maria Georgiyevna was told that if husband send away for Novosibirsk, so the end. From there nobody returned from exile. She did not know that the order of Pyatigorsk district court of Mesrop sent to Yakutia …

without having found the train along a movement route, Maria Georgiyevna decided to wait for it in Novosibirsk. She arrived all one day earlier and, having obtained necessary information, next day met structure at the station. The train with exiled was stopped on a long journey to reach to it, it was necessary to descend from the platform and to cross several railroad tracks.

It passed by cars, without paying attention to protection, all the time crying out his name. And suddenly, about a miracle! In one of barred okonets under the roof of the car his face appeared. Mesrop looked awfully. He grew thin, grew with a bristle, in a prisoner cap on the head.

Maria Georgiyevna applied a palm to a cheek and stood, looking at the husband. And he looked at it with surprise, pride and grief. Mesrop understood that he sees the beloved wife last time.

- You will be removed in Novosibirsk? - she asked with hope.

Mesrop negatively shook the head.

- You should not have come here … - whispered his lips. - Leave as soon as possible!

- That you! Road! You will be surely left in Novosibirsk!

Maria Georgiyevna suddenly felt inexplicable inflow of Sealy, requirement to work immediately. The sentry protecting the train went to its party. She ran on station with the only thought to remove the husband from the train.

In an office of the chief of the station at this moment there was a chairman of the National Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NCIA) of Siberian Federal District general Danchenko. He personally was engaged in check of departure of the special train with prisoners to Yakutia.

Before an entrance to an office of the chief the general`s aide-de-camp located. Maria Georgiyevna who reddened from run rushed into the room absolutely unexpectedly. The aide-de-camp stared at it with amazement as it looked as if the goddess Aurora who descended from cloths of the Byzantine artists and is unclear as come to be in the remote place of proletarian Siberia. Maria Georgiyevna was dressed in a long marching dress, with the cape framed with fur and with a muftochka in hands. Its thin aristocratic features, black eyes sparkling from ‑ under beautiful eyebrows, worked on the aide-de-camp magically.

- It is necessary to me with whom ‑ nibud to talk … With the chief … I have a request …

- Sit down, please, tell everything a poporyadka, - the aide-de-camp offered.

It poured to Maria Georgiyevna a glass of water from a decanter.

It confusedly, choking with nervousness, told a story of the husband, about his full innocence and need to remove it from the train up to one sending farther.

The aide-de-camp, recovering gradually, listened to a story iskazat:

- Madam! I will pass you to the chief, to the general Danchenko now. Really everything depends on it. You as will enter an office - at once begin to cry. I will tell you in confidence: my chief just does not take out tears. Only cry without stopping!

Danchenko was high, lean, years of forty five, in a gray uniform and riding breeches. Its bearing spoke about long service in army, for certain in imperial. The chief of the station was nearby and showed it what ‑ that papers. On a table two glasses of tea in melkhiorovy coasters smoked.

He with surprise looked at Maria Georgiyevna and asked:

- Who passed you here? What at you?

She sobbed and broke into tears. It turned out that an opportunity to have a good cry, provided to it, was that necessary action for which all its being sought the last long weeks. The exhausted woman fell by a chair, continuing to sob.

Danchenko rose from ‑ for a table, took several steps to its party and quite sharply told:

- Stop crying immediately! In what put, eventually? I listen to you. You can speak? The citizen, stop sobbing! Aide-de-camp, here!

The aide-de-camp entered and began to explain to the general a being of a question.

- I caught up with this train two weeks! - Maria Georgiyevna started talking weepingly. - If not to remove my husband from the train in Novosibirsk, nothing else will remain to me how to go to hotel and to commit suicide!. I beg you! He is not guilty!

Danchenko came back to a table and began to study folders with affairs of prisoners. Got Tarasov`s business and went deep into reading.

Maria Georgiyevna continued to cry. The aide-de-camp behind the back of the chief did her approving gestures, say, cry, cry stronger!

The general with a force struck with the folder in a table:

- You will cease to cry, at last?! Here, drink my tea. It was just poured! Stop sobbing!

- Tell that you will leave it. I have children with myself, I will destroy them too if you do not leave it! And itself I will take the own life! I will write a note that from ‑ for your callousness …

It was already too, but Maria Georgiyevna did not give the report in what told.

At last Danchenko, having once again glanced in the folder, told:

- All right. I will leave your husband in Novosibirsk. And now you leave. I need to work.

It ran out from the building of the station. Tears dried on her cheeks, and Maria Georgiyevna rushed in ways to the train. Here it at last, its car.

- Mesrop! Mesrop! - she cried on the run.

It appeared in a window again.

- Now! Now you will be removed from the train! - Maria Georgiyevna exulted.

Mesrop looked at it with admiration. He said goodbye a look to the wife again.

- Well, well! You be only not upset. Leave, please, - silently whispered his lips.

- We together will leave! Here you will see! Promised me! Now you will be removed from the train, my dear!

Mesrop again negatively shook the head.

- No, Mara, - he spoke. - I will be left here. It is impossible. Farewell forever … at this moment beep of the engine was distributed to

I, the structure moved and slowly moved forward, gathering speed. He managed to wave only with it a hand and, not in forces more to see it, departed from a window in the car. Its place was taken at once by other exiled.

Maria Georgiyevna, having overcome in itself desire to rush after train, it was developed and ran towards the station. It flew in a reception and, without having paid attention to the aide-de-camp, rushed into an office of the chief of the station.

Danchenko on ‑ to former sat at a table. It was one in an office.

- How you dared to deceive me?! Lackey! You know who before you? I am the hereditary illustrious princess, and you, the boor, common people, the commoner, dared to tell lies to me?

Her eyes radiated mad passion. Danchenko was taken aback from such impact. Nobody dared to it to contradict or to object, and this young woman! It with own hand from a revolver would shoot any on its place. But during this instant which is absolutely shaken by the events, Danchenko silently looked at Maria Georgiyevna. He suddenly realized what beauty faces it, and without memory fell in love with this woman …

- You know that the train already left! You understand what you made with my family?

There was a pause. Danchenko admired courage and determination of this woman. Being the chairman of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of Siberia, the general possessed the absolute power in the district. Perhaps, at it also arose in what ‑ that the moment thought to arrest it immediately, but other thought which is given rise by the flashed feeling overcame the first. He wanted to hold this woman in Novosibirsk.

- I told you that I will leave it. Without my instruction the train will not leave anywhere. It was just overtaken on other way! But remember: if you approach me on the platform in the presence of strangers or will take at least one wrong move - then all! You can consider that we never saw each other! It is clear?

It silently turned and left an office. The train was really driven away to a platform on the fifth way and there stopped. Maria Georgiyevna approached the car, but to call Mesrop there were no forces. And it is a prostostoyala at some distance, looking persistently in a small window of the car. It was seen by whom ‑ from prisoners and, probably, told that to Mesrop who arose at a window again.

There passed several minutes. At last at the end of a platform there was Danchenko accompanied with the chief of the station and group of officers. They moved, stopping at each car, to it that ‑ that reported, the aide-de-camp made entries, and the procession continued a way. Here they overtook the car in which there was Mesrop. Maria Georgiyevna`s heart was strongly clogged. “Now he will dispose, and the husband will be brought! There now, even moment!“ - the thought in her head knocked. But Danchenko at this car was late not further, than at others. They about what ‑ that conferred … and went further in the face of Maria Georgiyevna. The group left further and further along the train, and Mesrop continued to look at the wife with grief. Maria Georgiyevna could not stand on the feet more. She moved back back to a fencing and leaned against it a back.

Danchenko together with accompanying reached the end of the train and, having developed, went to the station. Soon all disappeared in the building. Infinite minutes stretched. Maria Georgiyevna began to understand that Danchenko deceived her again. She did not know what else can be undertaken, but suddenly from the platform towards the train the officer with the soldier went. They entered that car and in a minute brought out of the train of Mesrop ringing chains.

Legs at Maria Georgiyevna were turned in, and the woman, sliding a back on a fencing, slowly fell by the earth … * * *

of Candala from Mesrop removed

in a local justice. For the settlement could provide to a family only the thrown bath on the edge of the city. Mesrop was defined for work as the navvy on construction of barracks. Unexpectedly provided to Maria Georgiyevna quite decent place of the secretary in department of Danchenko who began to look after openly her, without paying attention to colleagues. Summoned her in an office and long asked on the past, understanding that similar memoirs gave Maria Georgiyevna joy. Danchenko with a family lived in the smart house confiscated from the local manufacturer. It had the whole staff of servants: the cook, the gardener, the janitor, nearby permanently were several aide-de-camps.

And in them with Tarasov to a bath there lived huge rats. Animal izgryzl all around: wooden benches, walls also periodically ate even rags, without being afraid of presence of people at all. There was a big risk that rats could attack sleeping.

Once, having woken up at night, Mariya Georgiyevna overhung skrovat and lit the oil lamp standing on a floor. And suddenly in flickering light saw the huge rat sitting directly on a blanket at her on a bed. The rat rose and took seat on hinder legs, quietly watching Maria Georgiyevna and chewing that ‑ that in a mouth, and then in two jumps it appeared on a floor in other part of the room.

Life in a bath with uncomfortable life soon became intolerable. Additional difficulties arose from Maria Georgiyevna`s inability that ‑ or to do most. She practically never in life had to cook earlier food, to wash clothes, to stand in queues for bread and potato and just to clean the room. Even nobody ever learned to make for himself a bed it. She took off outerwear and threw it right there at an entrance on a floor. To wash the floors too it was a problem, without speaking about a clothes ironing the iron in which there were burning coals. Quarrels with the husband began. He madly was jealous her.

On the other hand, at work Maria Georgiyevna fresh flowers in a vase from Danchenko met, invitations to descend in a concert or on a formal dinner party and more and more persistent courtings. The general gave it not only flowers, but also many other things, for example chocolates in huge boxes, and persistently achieved the objective.

- How such woman can how you to live in these terrible conditions? But I can help nothing to you while you is married to the exiled. And the law, by the way, provided very easy procedure of divorce by sosuzhdenny. You only should write the only application …

- I do not want to listen to it! - Maria Georgiyevna interrupted it. - I offered the life for the sake of the husband and I will remain to him the faithful wife. You are able to afford courtings for any woman around. Why you tell it to me?

She hastily left from its office as soon as talk gained such character, but accepted gifts: was above its forces to refuse the next bottle of a French perfume or lipstick.

The husband saw these gifts, but was silent, endured terrible confusion of feelings, suffered. He considered that Maria Georgiyevna lives with it only out of pity to its insignificant situation that was humiliating for Mesrop. He felt in situation leprous or the disabled person whom owing to a debt the beautiful twenty-four-year-old woman looks after. She could suit the life in the capital or in general go abroad after last era.

Once, having returned from work especially tired, Mesrop washed up legs in a basin and fell down sideways a bed.

- Mara! Pour out water of a basin! - he told.

Maria Georgiyevna sat at this moment in front of the mirror and was engaged in the eyebrows.

- What you told? - she asked again and added: - Rise and pour out!

- No! You will take it now and will pour out water, without conversation! - Mesrop repeated.

It stood for a second, and then sharply rose, approached a basin, lifted it and poured out water directly on the head to the husband.

Mesrop turned white, his eyes began to shine. He was roused, approached a wall, broke from it a huge Circassian dagger, snatched out it from a sheath and rushed on the wife. It was rescued by only one moment: she looked to it in eyes and fainted. He admitted to it then that, there is no it, for certain would kill her.

Having recovered, Maria Georgiyevna at first began to pack things, but then sat down on a chair, having powerlessly lowered hands on knees, and began to cry. Mesrop could not find forces to approach and calm the wife. He turned away to a wall.

- If you live with me only out of pity - tomorrow go to Moscow, - he told. - From you pity it is not necessary to me. I will not be against divorce.

It was one of the most serious family crises in their life. Maria Georgiyevna obediently approached the husband herself and kneeled before a bed:

- Please, Mesrop, do not expel me. I love only you one. I understood the mistake. Forgive me if you can, well, please …

He lifted it from knees and began to kiss on a tear-stained face.

Next day at work of courting of Danchenko began to develop into direct harassment. Maria Georgiyevna understood that with the same ease with which Danchenko left the husband in Novosibirsk it can change the decision or just transfer it from the free settlement in prison, and it is possible and to shoot directly at a bath wall.

She had to resort to different female tricks to beat off harassments. And it began to cause it in an office, locked doors that plunged it into awe and nervousness, dictated what ‑ that unimportant papers, took her by hands, ironed on shoulders.

And, at last, he just made a declaration of love to it and right there offered:

- You can choose any country: France, Italy, Germany, and I will be directed right there the ambassador. I only should calling Moscow. And then you will go there to live with me. Only specify in what country you would like to live. Why to you to remain with katorzhaniny? Unless you do not miss the son? Unless its destiny is indifferent for you? The boy should be sent to good Swiss school.

Danchenko stood on one knee opposite to Maria Georgiyevna and squeezed her wrist.

- You do not tell me anything now. You the clever woman will also be able to think over everything. I with the wife live only formally. It not against such turn. I told it about everything. We agreed that, having provided it and children, I can be free. I madly love you and is ready for everything. You hear, it is absolute on everything …

Maria Georgiyevna pulled out a hand and hasty left Danchenko`s office. It could not remain at work and, having referred to a headache, quickly left home. Maria Georgiyevna went along the road which was quite long, shuddering from any noise of the motor, thinking that it is Danchenko`s car sent by a trace. She understood that the general cannot struggle with own feelings any more and is really ready to be ready to do anything.

“But what to do? To talk to the husband? And what for? What he can make? It will lead only to strengthening of the conflict and additional experiences, - Maria Georgiyevna thought. - Perhaps, to become his mistress? But it is so shameful. And unless I will be able to hide change from the husband? And unless it will stop it from actions concerning Mesrop?“

Is imperceptible for itself, behind reflections, it came into the yard of the destroyed church and passed to the temple through doors. Inside everything was ruined. Frescos on walls are spoiled, only the pieces with a list which kept drawing remained places. The iconostasis either is taken out, or destroyed. To all other the church was also burned down. The charred pieces of logs lay on the place of an altar. The dome was half demolished, and above as if the wound, gaped a huge hole, ustremlennayav the sky.

Maria Georgiyevna crossed and read a prayer: “An angel Christoff svyaty, to you dropping I pray, to the keeper my svyaty, given me zasoblyudeny souls and to a body my guilty from a sacred baptism …“

She left ruins and faced in the doorway the old woman who strange looked at it and told:

- Everything will be good, the daughter … Here you will see! Store you God!

Maria Georgiyevna quickly went down the street and soon there were houses. Mesrop came back home already after dark, bedaubed with clay, a set of razpropotevshiya and shivered in a day in ditches. He so strongly was tired that from time to time also all evening completely became isolated, to the dream, did not drop words. He lived too intense expectation of the worst therefore he understood a lot of things, but remained humble.

This evening he became reserved too, but suddenly, having looked at the wife, asked:

- Mara! At you that ‑ that occurred today?

- No. Anything special. From what you took it? - she answered.

Mesrop looked down and any more this evening told nothing. It knitted to it a sweater on self-made wooden spokes, and he thoughtfully sat at an oven and heated the frozen hands.

When Mesrop fell asleep, she took a sheet of paper and by the light of a lamp began to write.

In the morning, at work Maria Georgiyevna found a big bouquet of white roses on a table. She looked at them several seconds and resolutely entered Danchenko`s office. Having greeted, she stretched it the sheet of paper folded double.

Danchenko took it in hand, developed and read. It was her letter of resignation from work at own will. He turned paper in a hand and, without looking at Maria Georgiyevna, wrote the resolution in a corner: “Agrees“.

- Well and how you will live further? All of you equally can accept my offer at any time. I will wait.

Probably, Danchenko had the informers who reported on him on problems in life of a family of Tarasov. Otherwise it would not be so patient.

At that time among new elite was fashionable to marry the former aristocrats. This peculiar tendency appeared, in particular, and because of ruin of many secular young ladies and their parents. Maria Georgiyevna could not go to it. It left department, having left on a table of a rose and having explained nothing to colleagues.

She told Mesrop about the act houses. During the story Maria Georgiyevna looked to it in the face, trying to estimate reaction of the husband. He remained unperturbable and listened to it quietly.

- Well, it is one more noble act from your party, Mara. I for certain did not deserve it.

The stone fell from Maria Georgiyevna`s heart. She became cheerful and playful, and soon got a job the decorator in the pavilion of an exhibition of a national economy.

In two weeks there was an event which finally put an end to fears of a family. Took a gang in the neighboring settlement. Danchenko directed operation personally. In firefight with bandits he was seriously wounded and, without regaining consciousness, died in city hospital.

* * *

Affairs in a family in the way inexplicable at first sight began to be adjusted. Mesrop continued to dig ditches under the bases of barracks, but, without having kept, began to prompt to builders as it is better to build and put walls. you Remember, it had an architectural education? Builders began to listen to it, and made it in foremen, despite the status of the exiled soon. Soon Mesropa was asked to work in architectural city department and to help with the project of new building. He was invited to the engineer`s position ‑ and on his personal projects streets of Novosibirsk began to build up the builder.

Tarasov gave the one-room apartment in the downtown, and then and two-room. The architectural management signed the plea for mercy of Mesrop, and paper went to Moscow.

Maria Georgiyevna had no need to work already. Soon there arrived Mischa, quite created young man. Externally it was similar to mother, than pleased also Mesrop. The son went to the school constructed on the project of the father than very much was proud.

And at last in a couple of years the answer with rezolyutsiyeyo pardon came from Moscow. And in a year of Mesrop appointed the chief architect of the Novosibirsk district . It was the most prestigious of all possible places of work which the non-party moreover from “former“ could occupy at this time. Mesrop, however, was not interested in policy at all, and entirely went to the creativity. He became one of initiators of new Soviet style in architecture which will be christened “a Stalin empire style“ subsequently. This style so was pleasant to the power that every second brick house on the central streets of Novosibirsk was built on such manners.

Mesrop had tuberculosis in the closed form and the thrombophlebitis of legs, diseases acquired in ditches. It became difficult to live in Novosibirsk from ‑ for climate. At this time there arrived a people`s commissar of the heavy industry Sergo Ordzhonikidze. He was shocked by quality and beauty of the built houses and wanted to get acquainted with the architect of projects personally. From first evening they wonderfully were pleasant each other. Sergo even agreed to visit Tarasov`s house and, having seen Maria Georgiyevna, was shocked by her beauty.

- I understand now why you build such beautiful houses! At such beauty it is very easy for wife to find inspiration! - he told at a table.

Sergo Ordzhonikidze was a noble origin and apprehended an intelligent family of Tarasov rather adequately. And in several hours to on a Mesropa invited to move to Tbilisi what that with pleasure agreed with.

Having become the chief architect of the city of Tbilisi , the grandfather continued to improve city construction. It was especially pleasant to Maria Georgiyevna to appear in Tbilisi where there lived two of her cousins. They were perfectly arranged, and both worked in library. Maria Georgiyevna joined them on a voluntary basis.

The secret of improvement of sisters was simple. When ‑ that, even before October revolution, in the small Georgian city of Gori the father of sisters - Natalya Nikolaevna`s brother, helped the young revolutionary to take cover from prosecution of police. He lodged at himself the young man with Caucasian usamiya cared for it, as for the native son. Iosif Dzhugashvili, Stalin was this person.

When the family of sisters fell into a distress in Tbilisi and was placed in a small room in a communal flat, the father who did not have work and being exposed to prosecutions decided to write the letter to the Kremlin.

“Dear Coco! - its message began. - I want to believe that you will remember me …“

In several days to the house where there lived sisters, the huge passenger car approached. All thought that the father already will not be seen any more when car doors were closed behind him. He decided that the road lies directly in prison, but actually it was carried on streets of Tbilisi, showing one for another magnificent multiroom apartments in the downtown. He chose one of them, twisted to the Kura at the foot of the mountain of Mtatsmind. And since then the family lived in the five-room apartment, received a special ration which not just was enough not only for life, but also for casing with products of all neighbors that was considered natural in the Caucasus.

Houses on Mesrop`s projects were under construction on the most important streets in Tbilisi. It was especially pleasant to watch how they grew up on Rustaveli Avenue where Tarasov so liked to walk. They were given the decent apartment in the center too. Mikhail already went to the senior classes of school, and Maria Georgiyevna continued to love the husband and to live his destiny.

Before Patriotic war of Ordzhonikidze Mesropa to Moscow unexpectedly caused. Room of the chief architect of Narkomtyazhprom was made, Sergo remembered Tarasov and insisted on that it was transferred to Moscow. The translation was issued as the order, and though Tarasov remained a non-party, it was necessary to obey to the order.

In Moscow allocated them the apartment in Gogolevsky Boulevard, absolutely near Furmanov Lane where there was a home of the grandmother confiscated by the commissioner. Maria Georgiyevna with big nervousness passed according to Sivtsev Vrazhk and, having turned on the left, approached the house. Furmanov died in 1926, and now the memorial board hung on the house.

The house was divided into a set of communal flats and reconstructed inside. Maria Georgiyevna stood nearby, touched a wall and departed. It did not decide to enter. It would only strengthen Maria Georgiyevna`s grief.

Mesrop continued to design houses successfully. The set was constructed of them on Tverskaya Street, after renamed into Gorky Street. But a wreath of architectural creativity of my grandfather there was a VGIK building (Vsesoyuznogogosudarstvenny institute of cinematography).

during war Mesrop received release from service in army. It had to be constantly in Moscow and after each bombardment to make the detailed analysis of destructions of buildings in the downtown. Besides, under the direct decree of Stalin Mesrop appointed in committee on a construction of fortification obstacles around Moscow. The military situation demanded full mobilization of forces. And Mesrop`s health quickly worsened. Also Natalya Nikolaevna was seriously ill. The son Mikhail left on the front the volunteer. Maria Georgiyevna took a blood test and became the honourable donor . Besides, it gave an increase to a monetary allowance of a family which was not enough for all. On its contents there was also a family younger sister Eleonora with the sick husband, and also two sisters of her husband who did not have food-cards.

In May 43 ‑ go Natalya Nikolaevna died. Got from her in inheritance several jewelry Maria Georgiyevna carried in Torgsin. There was such state buying up where for kopeks redeemed jewelry and gold from the population. Then there was a strange story.

As ‑ that, having paid attention to a big silver tray, Maria Georgiyevna decided to carry also it in Torgsin though understood that will take it as the scrap of metal and more than several ten kopeks cannot be expected. Together with a tray she decided to carry and a mother`s ring which lay in a box with threads was made of white metal with big darkly ‑ green stone of a square facet.

- Perhaps, and for it will give couple of kopeks, - Maria Georgiyevna assumed.

She went to the nearest office of Torgsin and at the beginning stretched a tray. It was weighed and gave twenty seven kopeks. Then Maria Georgiyevna, without expecting anything remarkable, stretched to the appraiser a ring. That took it in hand, turned in fingers and, having fastened a big magnifying glass, stared at a stone. There passed minute. The appraiser periodically came off a stone and lifted up eyes on Maria Georgiyevna, then hung the head again and groaning examined a stone.

- From where you have this thing? - he asked at last.

- Got by inheritance, after death of mother.

- Then wait in the hall one minute.

The appraiser left to the office room of place of acceptance and soon appeared back with the colleague. That began to examine a ring in a magnifying glass too and that ‑ at the same time to whisper that to the colleague. Then he sharply looked at Maria Georgiyevna and said:

- Nine hundred ninety rubles for a ring suit you?


Though the called sum did not keep within in Maria Georgiyevna`s imagination, she nevertheless did not lose self-control and is unexpected for itself answered:

- No, does not arrange. Return a ring.

The employee Torgsina shook the head and returned a ring. It was the emerald of the most rare darkly ‑ green color, practically without defects and impregnations, weighing nearly thirty five carat.

Maria Georgiyevna rushed in next Torgsin. She did not understand that information on a ring was already transferred on all network Torgsinov, and where she addressed, everywhere were already ready to meet her.

Therefore in the following Torgsin for a ring offered only nine hundred eighty eight rubles, almost without studying it in a magnifying glass.

It had to come back to the former place and to agree to sale. A family and the people who were at them in dependence lived on this money almost all year.

My grandmother Maria Georgiyevna died in 1991, in the last year of my life in Moscow, before my expatriation. I did not see the moment of her death.

The nurse whom I employed for care of the grandmother coped with it at home, and in hospital Maria Georgiyevna was not taken. They did not need excess statistics of death. And maybe, and for other reason. But even the bribe offered by me did not work. The grandmother had a skin cancer, and the open wound bled and radiated an awful purulent smell.

She died at daybreak, without having called me and without having woken the nurse who dozed off nearby. Strangely enough, the neigbour behind the wall bordering on the room of the grandmother learned about it the first. There they had a kitchen and on the gas stove the huge box of matches settled down. The neigbour just woke up and came on kitchen as suddenly the box of matches literally blew up on her eyes! It why ‑ that thought of Maria Georgiyevna and called to us a door. When we came into the room to the grandmother, it was already dead.

If to trust synergetrics, its spirit, having escaped from a body outside, was so strong at this moment that lit a box of matches behind a wall! This latest reminiscence of her life and death.