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accumulate money, and I will be stones - solved. Different, with streaks, posverkivayushchy on the sun a quartz crumb - they pleasantly laid down in a palm, and pleased with something to a shower. Than? He did not know. He put them at first in a box, and sometimes got, touched, touched, at times even talked to them, and then decided to spread out them more freely - in special boxes, with velvet fields. Than was also engaged on Sunday.

On Monday he felt the warm light proceeding from boxes and heard easy crackling. It began to put forward boxes from cases - and they, in the eyes blossomed in the improbable, wise, gently singing flowers.

Thanks, he thought.

to You thanks, quietly sang the sprouted wisdom grains, - thanks for refusal of vanity, from a material chasm

I he heard them, and his soul blossomed in reply.


the Coming to life objects very much interested it - the flying-up beds were scattered by fireworks of pansies, mirrors were dissolved by doors, opening the worlds as wonderful as also mysterious, houses turned into the mystical air ships bearing to unknown, but was thought to the high purposes And everything would be remarkable, but objects did not wish to come to life, remaining inert and motionless, hiding the souls. Concerned about search of a magic wand, he re-read old, magic fairy tales again and again, but did not find the instruction in them how to get this small miracle anywhere, or - how to create it. In the evenings, looking at ancient buffet in the mass of jewelry, wonderful curls - the buffet reminding a Gothic cathedral - he waited: here - here that will also open new sense, such desired, such mysterious. Everything remained still. The smooth, bending-around everything stream life, and flashes bright flew, changing its direction it was not expected.

He sighed, again plunging into a banal stream.


the prior`s Son, altarnichat since nine years. It was pleasant how hot wax from a thick candle greedy touches fingers, and the scales stiffening then were pleasant to be otkovyrivat.

Altarnichal, incorporated something, and the soul was empty. Sharp disgust for relics. Oshchushchenye of a konfetnost of clothes. Gold as comb honey of an icon, merged in one color spot, and candles flickered brightly, and it became languid, strange

In 18 years left the house, and in church

the Secular, sober, strong forty-year-old person who is not touching a past casket never dropped in.