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The first capitalist of new Russia (1 - aya part)

Artyom Mikhaylovich Tarasov (on July 4, 1950, Moscow) - the first Soviet legal millionaire, the famous businessman, the People`s Deputy of RSFSR (1990), the member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the first convocation (12/12/1993 - 15/01/1996). Moved forward the candidate for president of Russia on elections of 1996.

Was born in Moscow, the father is newspaper photographer Mikhail Artyomovich Tarasov, mother - the doctor of science Lyudmila Viktorovna Alekseeva. From a father`s side A. M. Tarasov comes from the Armenian merchant family Torosyan (a surname “Tarasov“ comes from the Russified name of the ancestor “Hummock“).

A. M. Tarasov is necessary the grandnephew to the patron Nikolay Tarasov, and also the relative of the famous French writer Lev Tarasov (Levon Torosyan), better known under the name of Henri Troyat, and the descendant - Gabriel (Grigory) Tarasov by request of whom the architect I. V. Zholtovsky built the house in Moscow to the address Spiridonyevsky Lane, 30.


from A. Tarasov`s book “ Artem Tarasov. Millionaire. Confession of the first capitalist of new Russia

Chapter 15. ROOTS.


my grandmother Maria Georgiyevna lived up to ninety three years. She told strange stories, conformable sometimes to Turgenev or prose of Tolstoi. From the mother, my great-grandmother, Maria Georgiyevna inherited a surname Melik ‑ Gaykazova. The “ Melik “ prefix at Armenians means “ the illustrious prince “. And, therefore, on this line of a family tree the last tsar of Armenia - Gaykazun was my great-great-grandfather.

Great-grandmother, illustrious princess Natalya Nikolayevna Melik ‑ Gaykazova, lived together with a family that in Sankt ‑ St. Petersburg, in Moscow it was also accepted at court of its Majesty. It had cordial, friendly relations with the queen Aleksandra Fiodorovna, Nicholas II`s spouse and the beloved granddaughter of the queen of England of Victoria. Aleksandra Fiodorovna`s position in an imperial family always was difficult, despite big mutual love between spouses which they carried by cherezvsyu life. These difficulties arose from ‑ for drama the queen`s relations sosvekrovyyu, the empress Maria Fiodorovna who did not accept her from a samogonachal as the wife for the son Nikolay.

Together with the husband, the Russian emperor Alexander III, Maria Fiodorovna persistently rejected the future daughter-in-law. Nicholas II`s wedding took place in three weeks after death of the father …

Natalya Nikolaevna Melik ‑ Gaykazova got acquainted with Aleksandra Fiodorovna even before marriage, at one of secular balls in Germany, during saloon game. Girls met and later, exchanged messages, shared thoughts of life. She asked God that Alexander Fiodorovna agreed to marriage with Nikolay Romanov and could move to Russia. About that there were letters between Alik and Natali, the girlfriends stored by the grandmother together with the photos which are shamefully lost by me at hasty emigration from Russia so called themselves.

The successor of a throne who was fated to become the poslednimrussky sovereign Nicholas II adored Alik. The empress Maria Fiodorovna did not love Germans. In girlhood the Danish princess Dagmar could not forget how Prussia together with Austria under guidance of the Prussian king Wilhelm in 1864 attacked Denmark and tore away at it the province Shlezvig ‑ Golstein. But Nikolay insisted on the, threatening to refuse a throne otherwise in general. Well knowing the tsar S. Yu. Witte very precisely noticed: “At Nicholas II the obstinacy replaced will“.

It is known that Nikolay Romanov of the achieved, and the princess Hesse ‑ Darmstadt became the last Russian empress. According to historians, the big role that this marriage took place was played by the queen of Great Britain Victoria which connected all power and refinement of the British diplomacy in support of the beloved granddaughter.

However, the relations of the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law continued to remain cold not to tell, frankly hostile. In January of fatal 1917 Maria Fiodorovna writes down in the diary: “If only the Lord opened eyes for my poor Niki and he would cease to follow its awful advice! What despair! All this will bring us unfortunately!“ Natali Melik`s

‑ Gaykazova kept secular salon in Moscow. In their mansion the capital party of that time gathered. This time was remembered already clearly by my grandmother. She told about these evenings - remembered Stanislavsky and his manner to put entertainments of the audience as if in theater; Nemirovich ‑ Danchenko and his interesting jokes and brilliant game in a bouts-rimes; one composer who often came and everything bothered …

- It as will enter then sat down at a grand piano and played, played, played! Did not give the chance to sing romances, and it was necessary to retire to talk. Music was quite good, but HE! - the grandmother exclaimed.

- What?

- Such slovenly appearance, person long, just horse. And what impudence! Dared to look after mother! How its surname? Here went out of the head! Give ‑ to remember …

- Well nevertheless how its surname, the grandmother? - persistently I asked.

She reflected, and suddenly her face cleared up:

- Ah yes! Remembered! Rachmaninov his surname! Precisely! Rachmaninov! What impudent person was!

… The grandmother in youth was a beauty and possessed from a prirodyprekrasny voice, especially remarkable timbre: “velvet“ drama soprano. She took private lessons of singing in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and she was suggested to be studied seriously in conservatory what the father categorically protested against:

- Here still! My daughter will be an actress? In our family I will not allow it! Mother is the illustrious princess, and the daughter - the comedian! For anything!

Maria Georgiyevna graduated from board for noble maidens, and the father considered that for the girl of similar education it is quite enough.

She remembered the graduation party. Then the first was razrazreshit to invite lyceum students. They came in gray uniforms with gold buttons and at swords.

East young beauty, which my grandmother appeared to their looks, caused huge interest in stately young people. One of lyceum students managed to invite the first her to dance. Maria Georgiyevna felt like Natasha Rostova. They cheerfully began to spin on the hall. Bewitched by light and music, she laughed, showering the head back, leaning on the lyceum student`s hand in a fast waltz. And it delighted with her appearance at the very end of dance, having snatched the moment, touched with lips her ear. Maria Georgiyevna sharply stopped and slapped the impudent fellow a face. Music during this moment abated and therefore the sound from biting blow was carried on all hall!

The head mistress of board watching pupils screamed and, being indignant, called Maria Georgiyevna:

- As it is not a shame to you, mademoiselle Mara! What zavospitaniye?!

Maria made a curtsey and with we zardevshitsya by the person said:

- Let he will explain for what!

After these words she rushed from the hall under the general rumble of the audience discussing her behavior.

All historical “salt“ of this event was that the relative of the emperor Russian was this impudent fellow the lyceum student, the son of the grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich who fell in love with Maria without memory.

About courtship the grandmother told the mass of touching stories. They were such unreal for Soviet period that vosprinimalismny as retelling of historical novels.

… Once in 1914 Natalya Nikolaevna decided to go the abroad and took with herself daughters. Maria was the senior, almost fifteen-year-old girl, and younger, Eleonora, seven years old. Natalyinikolayevna had a purpose of visit the major: to visit salons of hats in Europe and to update the clothes. The imperial ruble was then the stablest and expensive currency. For it gave a large number of the European money everywhere. If to compare with today, the ruble then cost more than hundred dollars. Therefore the Russian traveling family in any country felt with rubles in a pocket very surely.

In the car of the first class of the train of Sankt ‑ St. Petersburg ‑ Helsinki Maria Georgiyevna faced face to face the young man. They looked each other in eyes - it was the love at first sight. It was overflowed by a wave of feelings untried earlier.

It passed in a compartment, and it remained in a car corridor with desire it again to see. And Maria felt it. She left a compartment again and smiled to the young man. They were transferred by several phrases on ‑ French. When passed to Russian, the girl noted a foreign accent in his speech.

When Maria left in a corridor, it always was there. And she began to think out different occasions to leave a compartment: behind the fresh magazine to the conductor to look in a window on the other side of the train. Conversation at these “casual“ meetings was not resumed as they were not presented each other.

In Helsinki the fellow traveler descended together with other passengers and Melik ‑ followed a family; Gaykazov. He lodged in the same hotel and again could see Maria in the mornings at breakfast, on trips around the city and on shops, behind an afternoon snack and lunches. He sometimes nodded as a sign of a greeting, blushing crimson, but did not approach a family.

Natalya Nikolaevna soon noticed the young man. And as to it not to happen if it followed them everywhere and accompanied two weeks traveling around Europe already: in Avstro ‑ Hungary, in France, in Italy. The princess herself approached it and invited to a table. It was a good sign.

Intensity in communication fell down. In Venice the young man snatched the moment and made a declaration of love to Natalya Nikolaevna to her daughter Maria. He right there made it the proposal, the first in her life.

Natalya Nikolaevna with astonishment raised eyebrows and told:

- And forget to think! She is only fifteen years old! It it will never be allowed. Now I understood everything! If you do not stop following us everywhere, I will address the policeman.

In the same night they secretly moved down from hotel in private boarding house, and in the morning hastily left Italy, without having enjoyed Venice and without having visited all hat salons.

Soon World War I began. The rejected young man was mister Nenadovich - the personal aide-de-camp of his majesty of the Serbian king. He then hardly was eighteen years old. Enduring one-way love, he asked the king to direct him the volunteer to the front and got permission of its majesty. In the first battle Nenadovich was fatally wounded and died in field hospital. Eyewitnesses said that he looked for death in fight …

* * *

When Maria Georgiyevna was sixteen years old, the son of the leader of the Moscow nobility wooed it. Everything began on a ball at Morozov. Being in the latest French fashion, there held a beauty contest among the invited young ladies. Distributed to each of them on a check, being present voted secretly. Maria just shone in a pink dress with a deep decollete. The garnet diadem on the head shone in the reflected beams of crystal chandeliers.

Young ladies danced and furtively glanced at men, trying to define who will vote in their advantage. Passion liberated society.

When to young ladies allowed to sing, Maria Georgiyevna porazilavsekh by the surprising voice. She sang the romance “Grand Piano All Was Open, Istruna in It Shivered …“. It finally brought her to the first place.

The son of the leader handed to the winner a diamond brooch of work of Faberge. Transferring her to hands to Maria Georgiyevna, he as if accidentally touched by fingers of her wrist.

Having arrived home, the son of the leader right there reported that he wishes to ask in marriage to Maria Georgiyevna directly next day. Parents always potakaliy to whims, but here, perhaps for the first time, the young man faced the father`s resistance. Business was even not at juvenile age of the bride, and in her nationality!

- Undoubtedly, blood it noble and beliefs our, orthodox, - the leader of the Moscow nobility said to the son. - However, being my son, to you, the young man, it is necessary to marry only the Russian. And we cannot allow other case.

Seeing a serious protivleniye to the will, he sent the son to military school to the Polish border - far away from the capital, however, having agreed about its addition to a staff of the Russian army.

Meanwhile to Maria Georgiyevna seventeen years knocked. There came the most suitable time for a marriage. There was the third year of war, restless 1916 ‑ y. The new groom appeared absolutely unexpectedly. He saw it on the avenue of the boulevard from a distance, but it quite was enough to send next day the invitation to a lunch with a hint to courtship.

The surname of the groom was well-known not only in Moscow, but also around the world - Mantashev . He was thirty two years old. The died Nikolay Mantashev made five years ago the will according to which the eldest son could come into a fortune only if he marries the Armenian.

Nikolay Mantashev was the first Russian oligarch. the Armenian businessman, was beaten out in people from simple peasants. It became famous for the fact that during crisis bought up oil fields in Baku and soon Rotshildov the exporter of oil became the third in the world after Nobel also.

Nikolay Mantashev died in 1911, the will remained in force, all knew about it and spoke, and the son all did not marry in any way.

Having received this news, Maria Georgiyevna`s father - Georgy Hristoforovich was very excited and pleased. Though he came from small noblemen, however firmly trusted in the bourgeois future of Russia and therefore the arising class of businessmen was for it both desired, and close.

- What you so it apprehended? It is necessary to rejoice! Same Mantashev! - he spoke to the wife and the daughter.

- For anything! - Natalya Nikolaevna exclaimed. - I will not give the daughter to this old libertine! I do not have business to its millions.

- Well you, Natali! Think properly! The love will pass and what will remain? There will be millions. You also cannot imagine what life waits for our daughter with Mantashev! He will inherit everything …

- I also do not want to hear such speeches! - Natalya Nikolaevna resisted arrangements. - I also do not want to see it that his leg in our house was not! Here you will see, George, I on a threshold will not let him!

Parents argued, and to Maria Georgiyevna was even cheerful. She plainly did not consider Mantashev in the boulevard and understood that in this situation mother will manage to protect it.

At last the father gave up:

- Well! God with you! But for lunch we can accept the invitation, out of politeness?

- Agreed. Let`s go to a lunch and on it everything comes to an end. And we will forget to call them to ourselves! - Natalya Nikolaevna told, agreeing to a compromise.

Confirmation on visit was sent. Next day below in front of the house one of the most expensive Moscow cars sent by Mantashev stopped. Natalya Nikolaevna sniffed, itself did not sit down in a car and did not allow to make it the daughter. She ordered to harness own departure, and Georgy Hristoforovich with pleasure was stretched on a back seat of a miracle of equipment by the srychashchy motor.

Guests were welcomed on Myasnitskaya and carried out to a drawing room. In the huge marble hall the little table on six was covered. Both the groom`s mother, and his uncle who was carrying out a role of the head of family joined a lunch. In the beams of the sun passing through stained-glass windows of glasses, gold ware on which had dinner otlivalatemny opaque yellowness. In front of each device on a table the crystal pool in which beat up on ten centimeters fountainlet from a French perfume was built. Aroma extended on all hall. Natalya Nikolaevna apprehended all this as manifestation of full narrow-mindedness, lack of taste and culture. So later she also commented on this reception.

Opposite to a table at a wall the white grand piano settled down, but mother strictly forbade Maria Georgiyevna to sing. She caught on herself an eye of the daughter who silently confirmed a consent with a maternal ban.

However, disorders were vain. Mantashev did not plan to play music independently. Just for entertainment of guests it was invited nothow many actors from the Bolshoi Theatre. Their names are known more today, than a name of the owner.

During a lunch at Mantashev all evening was sung by romances and arias, entertaining guests and owners, Shalyapin, Sobinov and Nezhdanova. A hand and Maria Georgiyevny Mantashevym`s heart it was refused.

* * *

Of course, the family of my grandmother was not from the poor too. Georgy Hristoforovich at the same time was in public service - worked as the chief engineer of electrotechnical management of Moscow and at the same time owned seven profitable houses, the big manor near Moscow which newly is built up after the fire of 1900.

Mystical and mysterious history of that fire remained with me in memory from the story of my grandmother for the rest of life.

The estate of the great-grandfather did not differ in very refined wellbeing from next, but in general the manor was prosperous, lands around well-groomed, and the house with columns made solid impression. At a facade the round bed with flowers was broken, and the butler welcomed guests in a livery, slightly bending when opened doors of crews. From back side of the house there were too columns from which marble steps conducted in a garden to an overgrown pond where crucians were found.

When there was a wish for fried fish, on fire put frying pans for now they heated up, the driver Timofey managed to put out a feeler and pull out ten crucians whom cleaned both hastily and right there put on the heated frying pans.

Two cozy drawing rooms had a reputation for sight of the estate: pink and blue. Everything in these halls corresponded to their name: the pink and blue curtains, walls decorated by color Chinese silk, the furniture fitted by gobelins towards the color, and the ceilings closed by the fabric collected in the center. Even the grand pianos which are specially ordered to Blyutner firm and brought from Germany were blue and pink in full harmony with a situation.

In drawing rooms gathered in the evenings - in one, in another, igraliv cards, played music, welcomed visiting guests from the capital and landowners from the neighboring estates.

And day did not pass that to them who ‑ nibud did not visit. And sometimes numerous admirers of Natali gathered, not really hesitating of her muzhav the courtings for the princess.

Loved more a blue drawing room which main notability were Vienna hours. Bought more than hundred years ago, they occupied all wall. In the center the round gold dial, and on both sides of otny two human figures to the utmost settled down: the woman in a blue ball dress skrinoliny and the man in a blue tuxedo. These figures were executed so plausibly that looked live, and entering a drawing room for the first time often greeted them, to the general laughter of attendees.

As far as we know, hours never went and decorated the hall decoratively. They were tried to be repaired, but it is vain. In the mechanism of the unclear principle of action, probably, were absent what ‑ that important details.

And once when a family and guests once again sobralisv the blue drawing room, suddenly distributed a striking of a clock! It were two distinct loud blows - deep on the sounding and low on tone: bommm (pause), bommm!

In a moment all ceased to talk and, shaken, stared at each other, expecting continuation. But more nothing occurred. Only two blows of hours … the Event it and would remain to

an event insignificant and over time was erased from memory of the audience if not one circumstance. Exactly at two o`clock in the morning the estate lit up! Fortunately, did without the victims. But the fire which began in a blue drawing room soon captured all mansion which burned down together with hours and all property completely.

For construction of the new estate the great-grandfather invited the Italian architects. The list of ceilings was ordered to mister Lansere who already declared himself among the Moscow nobility the embodiment of several successful projects. On this soil there was also an acquaintance to Egiazarov` family with which soon and became related …

* * *

One of sons Egiazarov - Vladimir, or, on ‑ Armenian, Vagan, was amazingly beautiful. It had gray eyes, rare for people of the Armenian nationality, the black flowing hair, a stately figure. Vladimir was then twenty five years old, and he already served and had the lieutenant`s rank. Besides, origins was noble that very much suited Natalya Nikolaevna.

Maria Georgiyevna herself seriously was fond of the handsome Vladimir. She agreed to secret correspondence with it after fleeting is met to a ball at Golovninykh and the dance, the ninth on the list, engaged by the young nobleman. The secret courier delivered the envelope of a pryamon sealed by a patrimonial signet kitchen where the maid of honor Ida took away it and transferred to the pupil, threatening to tell every time to madam. Maria Georgiyevna blushed crimson, secretly read the message, having hidden at herself in a boudoir, and then wrote the answer and hid it behind a fencing from where every time it and was taken away by the courier Vladimira.

He sent it in letters quite good sonnets, admitted vlyubv at first sight, dreamed of a meeting, asked to report time and the place when and where it was going to be. She reciprocated to it and waited for these messages every day.

Natalya Nikolaevna, of course, was aware of the events. The maid of honor Ida and mademoiselle Marchand - two governesses - put long ago Maria Georgiyevna and skillfully printed out all letters from the beloved, heating sealing wax over a candle flame. They knew and about a hiding place behind a fencing. But Maria Georgiyevna`s letters after maternal censorship were sealed and sent to Vladimir again. Because Maria Georgiyevna since the childhood differed in restraint and the pismayena contained nothing reprehensible.

Vladimir came also as it was accepted in the house. Soon he became the constant guest in salons where there was a talented youth of the capital.

Natalya Nikolaevna preferred to be aware of affairs always: it skillfully conducted the family ship on life, observing decencies and carefully keeping authority. Wishing to know everything on light, she found out that her husband, Georgy Hristoforovich, went to Myur and Myuriliz department store in the evenings (today`s Central Department Store in Moscow) where only the most beautiful women worked - such is there was a rigid principle of owners. Every evening at doors of department store the chain of the crews meeting after work of shop assistants was built. Among them Georgy Hristoforovich`s crew and consequently, there the mistress worked for it was also noticed. Natalya Nikolaevna endured in herself this news, but once led with the husband discussion behind closed doors. The essence of conversation was as follows - did not stick to the princess`s husband with such illustrious surname and being on friendly terms with the empress to shine in public. It is time to finish with these adventures and to attach the girl where ‑ that to the place more decently and less noticeable if not to meet it unbearable. It is necessary to move away her from eyes down with, and how to arrive with the temptations, let Georgy Hristoforovich solve. The position of the wife shook the great-grandfather to the bottom of the heart, and he bought the young shop assistant hat shop. Since then its crew at “Myur and Myuriliz“ was not noticed.

Once during the next saloon evening Natalya Nikolaevna took Vladimir aside and significantly looked to it in eyes:

- You understand about what I would like to talk to you, the young man?

- Yes, it seems and, - Egiazarov answered.

- This, of course, not our business. We live in modern society, however certain rights as mother, at me has …

Maria Georgiyevna, having noticed that Natalya Nikolaevna retired with Volodya, ran away into the room and, having kneelt before images, prayed, being burned with shame and hope.

- Business it, clear, our general, I mean both of our families. I already received blessing of parents and I intend next week, directly on Monday, to you to be with an official proposal, - Vladimir answered.

- Well, here and nicely. You calmed me. I do not interfere any more. You to me are sincerely nice, otherwise I would refuse to you reception … Courtship took place

at the beginning of the next week. Young people were married in Saint Nikolay`s church on the Arbat. And from there to the house in Nashchekinsky Lane all road was covered in the flowers. For this purpose specially from Holland the whole car of tulips was ordered. Young people went on tulips, behind an escort from girlfriends and Maria Georgiyevna`s friends, dressed up kids on three persons from each party, bore the veil which stretched for the whole three meters.

* * *

In the first marriage night Maria Georgiyevna, having lost virginity, became pregnant. The young spouse carried the wife to Yerevan where Egiazarov` family was famous for wealth and stood big high in esteem. They were engaged in real estate and owned plants.

- I remember how we went in crew on the city, - the grandmother told. - And the Car showed on the parties all the time and spoke: “It is our house. And it is our house. And that on a hillock - too our house“.

Through what ‑ that time Maria Georgiyevna looked in a window and suddenly told unexpectedly:

- And it is my house!

- Correctly, - Vagan agreed. - I do not know from where you know it, but it is our house too! Who told you about it?

Eventually nevertheless decided to lodge in Moscow. In the middle of 1917 the son who was named Dmitry was born.

There took place bourgeois revolution. Nicholas II abdicated, and the Russian liberalism set in. Russian intelligentsia supported changes and a new order. Maria Georgiyevna with girlfriends, the pregnant woman, took to the streets of Moscow - all with scarlet bows on clothes - in solidarity with the bourgeoisie which won the monarchy. They sang “Marseillaise“ and took part in meetings and celebrations in honor of a democracy victory. Russia will not be more monarchy! There will be no more empire! It seemed, the won revolution will accelerate progress and the country will quickly find social justice, and then very soon there will come general prosperity.

Maria Georgiyevna`s son was born the weak child. And here burst October revolution. Bolsheviks came to the power in Moscow. The great-grandfather, Georgy Hristoforovich, managed to prove in VChK that, being the chief engineer on electrification, he brought undoubted benefit to Russia. It on its project the underwater cable cable first in the history in the Bering Strait which connected Russia and America was stretched. Having estimated

his merits, Bolsheviks did not subject a family to repressions, however Egiazarov it was necessary to flee urgently from Moscow to Armenia. Maria Georgiyevna moved to a native home with sick Dimka again, and the family received for a while the mandate on free residence in Moscow. However, profitable houses to a tutzha were confiscated and populated with families of the workers and peasants who joined revolution.

The mansion in Nashchekinsky Lane remained on ‑ former in property of a family. The great-grandfather was even put on an allowance as in its qualification of the engineer ‑ the electrician and the operator the new power needed. It was very happy with it as the bulk of rich houses was plundered, in shops goods and food disappeared. The expropriated property was taken away, owners of houses either are shot, or arrested who ‑ that managed to run away on the South where the Bolshevism wave from the center only slid. The intellectuals the only thought at that time owned - to wait. All were absolutely sure that, having been caught stealing, this power long will not keep. Well what ‑ nibud month ‑ two, and everything will return on the correct rails. They will not be able to keep and operate Russia. Means, the power will pass to clever and educated people again, and the property will be returned. Practically nobody from remained to wait in Moscow doubted succession of events according to such scenario. But there was an unforeseen event which sharply changed life of our family.

Once on Sunday when all had dinner, below knocked, and the group of several armed soldiers entered. With them there was a person in a leather jacket and in trousers with stripes. They inconsiderately came into the lunch hall and all began to examine around: walls, ceiling, furniture, pictures.

The person in a leather jacket was presented in a few minutes:

- The commissioner of Red army is Furmanov!

It was it. That commissioner at Vasyl Ivanovich Chapayev, the famous proletarian writer and the prominent Bolshevik.

- You eat, eat, misters … - Furmanov added. He continued to examine sideboards with ware, carried out by a palm on backs of chairs, and then inconsiderately opened the doors and proceeded in the house on a suite of rooms - directly to Natalya Nikolaevna`s boudoir!

The great-grandfather rushed behind him afterwards, and Furmanov already entered there and twisted a bottle of perfume in hands, having taken it directly from the shelf of a three-leaved mirror of Natali.

- What you afford! - with indignation Georgy Hristoforovich asked it. - On what basis?

Two soldiers accompanying Furmanov instantly got up between him and the commissioner, having threateningly inclined rifles with bayonets towards the great-grandfather.

- Yes here I look, - Furmanov quietly told, - I select to myself the house … You know, - he addressed soldiers, - and, perhaps, this house suits me! On it we will also stop! Of course, the obstanovochka should be replaced, to clean these pictures from walls. Perhaps in what museum you will carry. The junk everyone is not necessary to me too … And you on me a voice ‑ do not raise that! - it finished the phrase, looking in an emphasis on Georgy Hristoforovich the colourless eyes. - You go to a family so far. Eat up the lunch and the room there release! Take with yourself that you will be able to carry away.

- How? Where to carry away? Where to us to go? - the struck great-grandfather asked.

- It already put yours! Though to the tsar, though to Provisional government!

Furmanov passed back. Behind it soldiers, and afterwards on unbending legs Georgy Hristoforovich.

God with these pictures on walls! There Ayvazovsky, Repin, Surikov and Levitan`s cloths hung. And here what to do with a collection? The great-grandfather all life collected porcelain teapots. They were in a collection more than five hundred pieces. For completeness only two copies were not enough. Revolution prevented it, it already found collectors in Holland and in China, at which it was possible to buy in addition two missing exhibits …,

- I will complain of you! - the great-grandfather cried out. - You are criminals! I made for Russia so much. I have a mandate!

- We know, we know, - Furmanov told. - If now you do not become silent, I will take measures. It is clear?

Certainly, the great-grandfather understood that they could not only arrest a family, but also shoot from rifles at the enemy of revolution. And nothing to Furmanov for an arbitrariness will be! But it nevertheless could not be appeased:

- You are criminals and bandits! What you do, is gangsterism! I will expose you!

What was told by the great-grandfather was awful. In a second of catalepsy Furmanov quiet before shrillly shouted:

- I in Siberia will let rot you! Kontra is dog! The rubbish is bourgeois! In total from my house!! Immediately!

It snatched out the revolver from a holster, and the great-grandfather understood that the last chance to survive is quickly to escape on the street.

In a few minutes the family was in the lane with those things which managed to grab. They, fortunately, caught the carrier and, having hammered into his vehicle, went directly to the station. In Natalya Nikolaevna`s hands there was a small handbag with jewelry and the small picture on a tree - a sketch “Madonnas a srebenok“, written by Raphael`s hand.

The great-grandfather managed to grab the laid-up money that allowed to buy tickets to Pyatigorsk. The train went in two hours. And it seemed happiness. The family did not come into the building of the station that they were not noticed by military. Were afraid: them here ‑ here will find and will arrest. All hid behind bales directly on the platform. To Pochtina talked and waited for either the train, or arrest.

And Furmanov and lodged in our house, and Nashchekinsky Lane was renamed soon into Furmanov Street. After death of the proletarian writer the memorial board hung on our mansion: “Here the famous Soviet writer Furmanov lived and died“. In the late nineties the house was sold what ‑ that to foreign firm, a board was cleaned, and returned to the lane a former name.

Into the North Caucasus fled not only Moscow and Sankt ‑ St. Petersburg, and from all Russia on which the wave bolshevists slidwhich authorities. Pyatigorsk became the place where along with the Crimea the Russian aristocracy which by miracle avoided arrest and repressions gathered. The new power there was not established yet, the situation was controlled by the Cossack atamans therefore everything was quiet. The impression as if the arriving people just come to the resort was made and there is no revolution and Bolshevist putsch.

* * *

They got on the train. Travel from Moscow to the Caucasus began. The engine on the road stopped, sometimes directly in the middle of the field or the wood, and nobody could foretell how many the stop will last and whether the structure will move further. People went in platforms, in passes and even on roofs of cars, having imposed with bales and wattled baskets with food.

On each lower shelf sat in the car of the former first class on four ‑ five people moreover on three got on the top shelves from which legs in fragmentary boots and smelly footcloths hanged down down. There was a strashenny closeness and when opened windows - became awfully cold, and all froze.

The great-grandfather could not recover very long. He stayed days with the hardened person on whom the grimace of horror and shame stiffened. Sisters, Maria Georgiyevna and Eleonora, having been curtailed in balls, tried though a little to have a sleep on the top shelf. Little Dimka slept in turn at all on hands. Natalya Nikolaevna sat below and is indifferent looked out of the window, continually putting an openwork cambric kerchief to lips.

Unexpected stops in a way of all threw into confusion. Many heard about attacks of gangs on trains, and at each stop it seemed that here now will rush and will begin to plunder and force. But my God mercy - managed!

They reached quickly - in only twelve days. At the Pyatigorsk station the complacency situation reigned. Ladies in long dresses slowly walked on the platform, holding sunshades made of cloth in hand and cheerfully communicating with gentlemen. Those, in turn, were in frock coats, cylinders and with canes in hands.

Revolution will reach here gradually, only by twentieth years. And then there was a year the nineteenth, and all this seemed the world old, untouched and to pain expensive the vulnerability.

Directly at the station they read the announcement of granting a living space in employment, is inexpensive also in the downtown. Just looked for for accommodation an intelligent family from Moscow or Sankt ‑ St. Petersburg.

In the house where they urgently went from the station, Georgy Hristoforovich agreed to rent a wing.

… I saw this house! So it happened that later sixty flying got to Pyatigorsk. The grandmother told me in advance where to look for this house, and I rather easily found it. Constructed of a red brick, it and stood on the place. Long, extended along the yard and slightly curved in the middle - a two-storeyed structure of the 19th century in the form of an arch. The grandmother was seventy nine years old. It buried all the family living in this house by this time. I saw a tear on her face when I transferred it the picture taken in Pyatigorsk against this house. He played the biggest role lives of my family … * * *

the House in Pyatigorsk belonged to

Tarasov. They bought it and moved there at the last minute before Severo ‑ was confiscated; The Caucasian commercial bank in Armavir which was actually belonging to Alexander Tarasov.

Alexander Tarasov was a personality uncommon. He owned and governed bank so professionally and successfully that the bank became head financial institution in the North Caucasus and held exclusive authority and honor around the world. Through this bank all trade and financial operations connected with the Azerbaijani oil, real estate in the Caucasus and transport were made.

From memoirs of my grandmother I learned about one case which gives bright impression about Alexander Tarasov.

As ‑ that at board meeting of bank between shareholders there was a dispute. One of debtors of bank in repayment of a debt suggested to put property: a mill in Armavir, stud and fishing artel on Don. Shareholders in odingolos refused to accept pledge. They demanded carrying out examination of real estate, check of a solvency of horse-breeding center and proofs of overall performance of fishing artel. Dispute ran high, noise stood unimaginable, and only Alexander Tarasov was silent.

After a while he got up and, having waited until all stopped, looking in its party, declared:

- It seems to me, it is time to finish our meeting. Time costs money. How many the debtor to it asks to extinguish?

- Ten million gold.

- And so, I personally redeem its debts and I place for it own money. And you, kind, - he addressed the debtor, - back and redeem the property from me. If arranges all, I consider meeting closed.

Now in Pyatigorsk Tarasov` family lived in poverty and is silent. Also, as well as bulk of refugees from revolution. All continued to hope for change of a situation, for the Entente, to the aid Europe and for the fast end of the Bolshevism.

Alexander Tarasov took the incident very hard. He blamed himself that he did not leave Russia at the beginning of 17 ‑ go years together with the brothers who from Moscow emigrated to Paris. They, however, were never especially close and, in comparison with Alexander lived in the capital is very rather poor. Using generosity of the brother, often asked from it money on ‑ to related - without receipts and obligations of return.

But the Moscow Tarasov did not live in misery at all. Rather successfully the “Association of Manufactories of Brothers Tarasov“ company which brought in high incomes continued the trade activity.

Alexander Tarasov`s nephew had a reputation for the rake and the playboy in capital society. It held, as well as Mantashev, the huge car, sported in the suits sewed in Paris to order and did not miss any secular action. He was called Nikolay Lazarevich Tarasov .

It seemed to Alexander Tarasov that the nephew senselessly wasted the money which got to him by inheritance after death of the elder brother.

However Nikolay Lazarevich forever remained in the history of Russia as the famous patron and the patron of theater.

There was a case when in Germany the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre could not continue tours: they had no money even on return to Moscow. Nikolay Lazarevich appeared then in Berlin and, having met Nemirovich ‑ Danchenko, offered him thirty thousand rubles without any conditions. Money was accepted, the theater continued tours, and Nikolay Lazarevich at once wrote down in structure of shareholders and made the member of management of MHTa.

In Moscow Nikolay Lazarevich together with several friends from the artistic environment decided to find the house to organize there cabaret where it would be cozy and pleasant to gather, spend time in the company of actors and to look after young ladies.

As a result found absolutely abandoned room - podvalv Pertsov`s house near the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on Prechistenka. When broke the driven-in door and Tarasov with the friend for the first time entered the cellar, the bat took off from there. Right there also decided to designate the future of cabaret “Bat“. Nikolay Tarasov on arrangement of the new room of money did not regret

. The institution soon was very popular, to get to it stremilasvsya capital youth. The agiotage began. The public the huge interest warmed up actors who sought to act in “Bat“. And Nikolaytarasov “was that is called brought“. He thought out original representations, programs and scenarios. In it the talent unexpectedly opened, and Nikolay began to write verses, parodies, plays, itself selected music and itself drew sketches of scenery.

However Nikolay Lazarevich did not step on the stage. At that time in cabaret “Bat“ great Russian actors played: Kachalov, Moskvin, Knipper ‑ Chekhov, Luga, Stanislavsky and set of gifted theatrical youth. Evenings were conducted by his friend and the most popular compere in the city - Baliyev (Mkrtich Balyan).

Nikolay Tarasov was surprisingly beautiful young man, but as the glory expatiated on his wealth in Moscow, always it seemed to it that women were attracted by only its financial opportunities, but not he.

He fell in love with the actress who for some time became his mistress, but then they quarreled from ‑ for mistrust and eternal doubts of Nikolay Tarasov. Temporary separation brought the thoughtless actress into embraces of the cadet who was an inveterate player in cards and known for the rogue. The actress, apparently, fell in love and gave to the cadet all the money which that wasted in several hours in the evenings. And once it was strongly lost in cards.

The actress called Nikolay Lazarevich and tearfully began prosity to borrow twenty five thousand rubles gold to pay off with a gambling-debt of the cadet. Tarasov answered that this request is simply absurd and he will not give money. And in general it once again proves that their relations were kneaded not nachuvstvo, and on money!

- But understand! It will be shot! - the actress asked.

Tarasov did not listen to requests. Next day the awful message came: without having an opportunity to repay a gambling-debt, the cadet was really shot. The actress called Tarasov again.

- Insensible person! What for you twenty pyattysyach rubles? - by the voice which is broken on sobbing she spoke. - You the greed ruined innocent soul! He was only twenty three years old! Murderer, monster, murderer!

Nikolay Lazarevich silently listened to her and when she hung up, conducted by sense of guilt, approached a secretary, pulled out the revolver from a box, put a barrel to a temple and pulled the trigger. He was only twenty eight years old at this time.

It happened in 1910, and since then Alexander Tarasov considered as a shame for the family this history. It introduced additional coldness in the relations with the Moscow relatives, and partly therefore he did not join a family and did not emigrate with all in 1917.

* * *

Alexander Tarasov lived in the Pyatigorsk house together with the son Mesrop. He was then thirty years old, in the recent past the officer of white army, with fine education (graduated from architectural faculty of university in Sorbonne), spoke fluently in several languages and perfectly played a piano. It seemed, it had only one shortcoming - appearance. Mesrop was not simply ugly, but is ugly. Having early grown bald, with the deep scar through all cheek got during attempt of the general Kornilov to take Sankt ‑ St. Petersburg, Mesrop avoided public eyes and in every possible way avoided meetings with Maria Georgiyevna who lodged in their house.

And the twenty-year-old beauty what was at that time my grandmother Maria Georgiyevna, joking subdued all Pyatigorsk. Doors of the house of Tarasov daily had bouquets of fine flowers, in which numerous balls invitations and secular actions … disappeared, of

Natalya Nikolaevna met in Pyatigorsk the princess Obolensky (Trubetskaya), and that, having learned about troubles of a family, insisted on that Natali borrowed it money. A lot of things connected Trubetskoy with the Caucasus since that old time when there lived Lermontov, and they had financial sources for existence. It could not assume also thought that the princess`s family Melik ‑ Gaykazova will live in misery. And when the Bolshevist power then the debt will be returned will end. To wait already not for long.

Georgy Hristoforovich absolutely handed over. It practically not vykhodiliz houses. They made friends with Alexander Tarasov and whiled away time together. Acherez year died one by one …

Vladimir appeared seldom. In Armenia since 1919 it was restless. There were infinite conflicts with surrounding ethnic groups - Kurds, Azerbaijanians and Turks. Vladimir practically from there did not come back and lived in different places in the Caucasus.

He brought money, showing care of the wife, and continued to love Maria Georgiyevna infinitely. But the relations between them became more and more tense and cold. After each meeting Vladimir pined and worried. He often found the wife the surrounded crowd of admirers and which was carefree spending time in inaction and idlenesses. Maria Georgiyevna got own horse, rode, attended balls and secular parties.

All this caused feeling of bitterness and humiliation of its advantage in Vladimir. He could not live on the money received by Natalya Nikolaevna and was forced to go to Maykop, to Astrakhan, to Stavropol where it had small enterprises.

Vladimir accused first of all himself that he could not provide worthy life to such magnificent woman as his wife. These feelings forced it to be nervous and wound across all Caucasus, getting into the most remote corners.

Unexpectedly there was a trouble. Dima died. He caught a cold and after heavy pneumonia did not rise. The death of the son made life of Vladimir absolutely sad. He also soon got sick with tuberculosis and not to infect relatives, practically ceased to come to Pyatigorsk. Only wrote short letters.

Maria Georgiyevna recovered after death of the son and continued to conduct a social life.

It and offers to throw the husband and to accept courtings of one of numerous admirers poured. However she concerned men indulgently, communicated with them haughtily and cold. Infinite courtings bothered it and bored on it.

Only the only man did not show to it any interest and, as ill luck would have it, caught sight to a thicket of all! It was Mesrop. Such behavior surprised Maria Georgiyevna and soon became strong to irritate her. Being special foolish and spoiled, she began specially to spite of it to “the stale freak“ constantly to address him and in every possible way to draw attention to itself.

- You know that, - she said, for example, to Mesrop, - me it is necessary to come urgently to the milliner into studio. You do not see off me there?

- No, I do not take. I, am sorry, busy.

Mesrop urgently went to himself to the room and closed a door.

- Perhaps, we will go for a walk on park together? - she asked another time. - You want to take a walk with me? Isn`t it?

- Who will go for a walk, and I will stay at home! - Mesrop answered it.

“Boor! - Maria Georgiyevna thought. - Boor and impudent fellow! “

- Yes you understand that any of people around for happiness will consider to walk with me on park? - it continued being indignant.

- Means, not any! It is not of any interest to me!

As it became clear subsequently, Mesrop consciously chose such tactics of communication with Maria Georgiyevna. He in many years, having lived with it in marriage, admitted it. It appears, he fell in love with her at first sight, but, having soberly estimated the chances, understood that it is possible to achieve mutual attention from such beauty only in one way: not to notice its advantages. And this tactics surprisingly quickly led to success.

Maria Georgiyevna at first thought of it indignantly, then more and more she was covered by passion to get it to fall in love and by that an otomstitza similar behavior, and, at last, fell in love passionately itself on for the rest of the life!

Their recognition in mutual love happened in a drawing room. It quietly approached behind Mesrop when that with ecstasy played a piano. Maria Georgiyevna bewitched by music and feelings which captured her asked:

- Forgive me, you could not accompany me? There are notes.

Maria Georgiyevna stretched the collection of romances. Mesrop vzglyanuly in eyes and suddenly felt surprising change in the woman. Her spiritual features with a zardevshy flush on cheeks were obedient and even sad. There is no trace of irritation left with which usually she looked at it also.

- You want to sing? - he asked.

She nodded.

- What to choose?

- Any romance. I know everything, - Maria Georgiyevna answered.

When she started singing, Mesrop was struck with its voice. With such inspiration she never sang in the life yet. After the romance he got up and squeezed her hands in the palms …

Despite a secular way of life, MaGeorgiyevn`s riya was loyal to the husband. And now, after a declaration of love to another, wrote it the letter, without allowing also in thoughts of deception.

Vladimir was in the region of New Athos at this time. Its next business failed. He invested money in trade in antiques, but the visiting Turk deceived: did not bring goods and just disappeared. Vladimir occupied the necessary sum the brother, and now and the speech about its return could not be. Tuberculosis affected its organism more and more. Cough with blood twisted a body in half and sometimes just knocked down. And here still the farewell letter from the wife whom he did not see half a year … any more of

Vladimir went in a local train and re-read the letter. To the railway station of New Athos remained minutes fifteen. The small station in the gorge over the mountain lake with falls was the last stop before it. It was placed between two tunnels, and the train usually slipped it, without stopping, in several minutes. The station and was called - Minute, but this time the train stopped in front of the red traffic light. Vladimir passed on the car and descended at station. Nobody was around. It bypassed the pavilion and rose on the terrace hanging over the blue lake. Before a look the mountain which grew with a bush and cypresses towered. It was overtaken again by cough which lasted several minutes are unceasing. Having hardly inhaled at last fresh mountain air, Vladimir the last time looked at the letter and was shot. The booming sound of a shot an echo responded in rocks and blew over the gorge to the tops of mountains.

Suicide of the husband did not cause big grief in Maria Georgiyevna`s soul. After death of the son it as if buried also the husband. She did not blame herself for his death at all. And the love to Mesrop covered grief. In several months they got married … this event discussed

In Pyatigorsk the whole week. When the young couple appeared on public, recured images from “Notre Dame de Paris“ as they looked together as if Esmeralda with Quasimodo to the memory. At once rumors about the hidden Tarasov`s wealth which is allegedly taken out from the ruined Severo ‑ went; The Caucasian bank the father and descended to the son. It though as ‑ that explained a possibility of connection of such couple. Nobody also wanted to hear about their love and the more so to believe in it.

Much later Mesrop told Maria Georgiyevna:

- Eh, Mara, you would okrivet on one eye!

- You that? Went crazy?

- This my declaration of love. To me then it would become quieter with you to live.

Besides blood Armenian Mesrop had still impurity and the Circassian blood that added to his nature overwhelmed by passions, irascibility and jealousy. Only Maria Georgiyevna`s beauty constrained Mesrop from too rough manifestations of feelings. He mind understood that it is possible to hold such woman only nearby, without having put her to himself on the head, without having given in to power of its beauty and not popavk it in voluntary slavery.

There was time. The child who was named Mikhail was born. It was my father. The Soviet power more and more became stronger. In 1920 in Pyatigorsk the country`s first Balneological institute which actually put the beginning of development of all Soviet resorts was open. The vacationers belonging to new Soviet elite began to come to Pyatigorsk: large military and heads of party and Soviet authorities.

Maria Georgiyevna proved as the initiative person and suggested the husband to open board for vacationers. This idea came to its mind absolutely unexpectedly. The sister Eleonora went to Petrograd, and Maria Georgiyevna, bypassing as ‑ that the become empty house, suddenly decided to begin business. Having consulted from a muzhema mother, made together necessary repair of rooms, bought necessary mebel hired servants and the chief ‑ cooks. Twenty separate numbers with shower, terraces and even with separate entrances were got. In the big hall equipped the dining room where gave dishes at the request of clients, and also special dietary food for seeking to grow thin.

There came time of the New Economic Policy , the private property and private business were resolved. Recently opened board won popularity not only in the Caucasus soon, but also in all Russia. It had at the right time. There were constant vacationers who came every year exactly here. Much liked the beautiful and hospitable hostess, a successful arrangement of the house near sources of mineral water and the atmosphere created by the hostess. The board began to bring in incomes considerable for those times, and the family began to live happy safely.

At Maria Georgiyevna uncommon organizing abilities opened. Natalya Nikolaevna carried out a role of the accountant, clerk and secretary. Mesrop daily bought products on a market and in rural areas, brought firewood, brought linen to washing, was engaged in small repair of rooms. Maria Georgiyevna operated all economy including guests of board. Chief ‑ the cook by the name of Moustapha was Tatar, possessed character quick-tempered and rebellious, but prepared just amazingly.