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Yury Djorkaeff (Oganyan) (on March 9, 1968, Lyon) - the legendary French football player, the world champion and Europe on soccer. Gentleman of an award of the Honourable legion, Honourable citizen of Armenia.


Ya I feel huge affection for the Armenian history and culture, we always had a cult of a family which head was a patriarch - my grandfather Garo Oganyan. It in honor of it I called the younger son Ogany. And at the eldest son two a name: the Russian - Sasha and Armenian - Aram. In the Armenian family women are engaged in education of children. My mother and the grandmother instilled in us simple values: to give, respect, share. For New year we with brothers and cousins were always given identical gifts. My wife - the Spaniard, but, as well as the elder brother, I got married in the Armenian church


the Armenian diamond in the French frame.

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Adequately protecting colors of a flag of France, left about itself kind memory in Italy, it, nevertheless, all the life was immensely devoted to Armenia. And, in spite of the fact that great football fulfillments of the player glorified other country, in this small Transcaucasian republic made a national idol of him. This really mutual feeling: the people loving it it is hot and disinterested also the hero who always all the words and acts showed attachment and continuity between it and the real Homeland. The true Armenian - Yury Djorkaeff.

His father - the son of the Kalmyk and the Pole, the football player Jean Djorkaeff, famous in the past, supported French national team in the World Cup of 1966, mother - Armenian Mari Oganyan.

Yury always close to heart perceived all troubles which anyway concerned its historical Homeland. And the biggest tragedy in the history of Armenia - Genocide. This event for each person in whom blood of the proud people, huge pain which accompanies it until the end of days flows. And so will be to until the situation is resolved in some party. Djorkaeff throughout all the career in every possible way tried to pay attention to this problem. Even in group tournament of the Champions League (a season of 1993 - 1994) he as a part of “Monaco“ was marked out by goal of Turkish “Galatasaray“ then did not fail to declare: “ Is my first response to the Armenian Genocide “. In August, 1998 Ankara declared unacceptability of its visit to Turkey as a part of the national team of the world as the participant of the match with a national team devoted 75 - to the anniversary of formation of the Republic of Turkey. Inclusion of the football player in structure of the team of stars arriving to Istanbul was officially regarded as “a personal insult“. However, by this time the advocate of the international recognition of Genocide of Armenians himself declared the absolute unwillingness to go to Istanbul.

Something similar occurred also in 2000 when Djorkaeff refused participation in the friendly match between Turkish national teams planned for November 15 and France. As the Turkiye newspaper, “groundless Armenian charges about Genocide began to extend also to big-time sports“ wrote then. Three months later Yury Djorkaeff together with other member of a star team of France, the world champion Alain Bogossian, thanked the president of the Fifth Republic for official recognition of Genocide of Armenians.

Its roots played an important role and in the direct choice of the place of continuation of career. In due time for Yury two grandees of the European soccer - “Barcelona“ and “Inter“ argued among themselves. Eventually, the preference was given to Massimo Moratti`s team that is symbolical: Yury was born just that day when the Milan club was 60 years old. But the crucial role was played that his cousin on the maternal line - Katya Oganyan, the representative of branched clan Dzhorkayeffov located in this city.

By the way, then Yury to surprise of many fine played at once in “Inter“. In those times, not really good for a neradzurra, he was the leader of team, a ray of light. Djorkaeff made so strong impression that delighted Cesare Maldini pronounced these words: “ the Armenian spirit and the French training made Yury the best halfback of the world “. And, certainly, the football player was quickly fallen in love by Italian football fans who tenderly nicknamed his “Precious“.

And you know what was done by Djorkaeff when passed into new club? At once met the Armenians living there. But interesting way. “ When I moved to the new country, I took the phonebook and began to look for the Armenian surnames , - Djorkaeff admitted. - I did not speak who I am is actually, and it was usually represented by the Armenian who arrived here to have a rest “. In the beginning, as a rule, new acquaintances were very surprised, and some sometimes long time did not believe that they talk to “star“. But then surprise was replaced by delight, but at the same time Yury rejoiced most. Thanks to it now the football player in many corners of light has friends.

One loving heart is capable to work wonders. It can warm, both calm and just be near. All the time. All life. The knowledge and understanding of it makes the person happy. And if their hundreds of thousands, millions? “I always knew that I in the hearts of Armenians take the special place, and it filled me with pride“.


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