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In ancient library of the book were live but who knew about it? Not those

the gray, boring

people who were blowing off dust from volumes, and not suspecting that one smile it is possible to recover the captivated pages, and letters will jump out of them, will merge in magic dance, and will begin to shine, will depart it is necessary to all wonderful birds,

mysterious fans will drop drops of unknown, marvelous paints Who needs all this? Boring, detailed people laboriously extended information from combinations of letters, without knowing that letters it is more interesting than insects, birds, butterflies; that at the correct approach they which recovered will give absolutely other, higher information And books were forced to pretend to be the dead, though were live.

- we Will go to library?

- Yes well, you that - such boredom!

B is prudish - the boring hall nevertheless sit, read big volumes, suppressing yawns, not indulging the page smiles

Oh, from smiles differently fields of letters were dismissed, in the flowers they would sprout - would play magically, would leave to the world, filling it with a new light and knowledge But everything remains still, and the prudish hall flows big air, without changing.

- we Will go to library?

- For anything!


Sleeplessness wearied strange, densely, filled with something sticky a brain, and from sticky this field images vague grew It went to a toilet; the dark corridor surrounded it, and coming back, the person by mistake entered a dark smooth surface of a mirror, and, carried away by silver whirlpool, began to go down, down There was a round

room where on high chairs pupils of elementary grades sat, and the Gothic drop caps reminding in armor of the dressed knights filled their notebooks. He sat among others - and he continued a movement -! From this room! On a ladder up: it was live, and greeted it, having raised the top step - for which the glade overgrown with magic letters opened. Never he saw so beautifully painted, gently singing words! The flying lizards with lovely smiles on wide faces carried away to the senior classes where there were no Gothic notebooks, but knowledge distinct letters appeared in a brain; and it was ahead piled up unknown, with each tier noted by originality a tower - which first floor he also entered But here the mirror in a corridor strained and spat out it as - spat out an unnecessary detail in life, in not particularly which a class

Along a dark corridor it returned to a bed, laid down and fell asleep a dream without dreams.

Dreamed to Create 3

vseklyuch - to create universal, opening all mystical doors - all what are

Alchemical formulas and ancient manuscripts brought it to result - but every time escaped it is as the mysterious, not suffering from fire salamander. And again were - labyrinths of ancient manuscripts and books, and again long hours burned down his mind with hope, and fire which, appear, you will grab here - here and you will receive long-awaited, mystical vseklyuch flickered

Walked once (it is necessary to have a rest), and the leaves poured by density of July, leaves of poplars and maples as if whispered to it: We, each of us, that desired to you, that necessary key; and the stream aspiring in a pond serebryano sang too, and stones flickered so that it brought a path out of own delusion fortunately.

But with anybody did not share a conclusion.