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How to make fried meat? Originally!

As it is possible to receive an unusual dish if fried meat remains the main component?

Here some ideas:

1. To add unusual ingredients to meat. For example, mushrooms, apples, pineapples, oranges, bananas, prunes etc. Usually add them after meat is roasted till golden color.

2. To use marinade. For example, vegetable oil + honey, sour cream + ketchup + soy sauce + lemon juice + vegetable oil, beer, ketchup + mayonnaise, hot water + curry.

3. To use sauce. For example, bechamel, soy sauce, turned sour - sweet sauce (ketchup + vinegar + sugar + soy sauce + hot water), wine, sour cream, tomato sauce, yogurt.

All examples are followed from dishes which I already tried to prepare. Their recipes can be found in the Internet under the names “meat with prunes“, “meat with bananas“, “meat in orange sauce“, “pork in beer“, “beef in wine“ etc. of

Where to take the recipe?

1. The first and easiest way to bring a variety is to walk on the culinary websites. Many of them allow to look for dishes on ingredients. What there is only not present! I found the favourite recipes quite so:

Anastasia Skripkina`s

Recipe of 500 g of

pork of 300 g of mushrooms

1 average

carrots the

Black pepper Vegetable oil

Meat to cut the meat fried with mushrooms and carrots small pieces, to fill in with soy sauce and to pickle 30 - 40 minutes. To pour out sauce. To roast meat on vegetable oil of 30 minutes, to add pepper, the sliced mushrooms and the carrots cut by straws. To fry 10 more minutes.

Meat with mushrooms in white sauce

of 800 g of

pork of 30 g of

milk of 500 g of

champignons of 30 - 40 g of the Flour


Pepper Spice

Vegetable Oil butter

for meat

to Cut meat beautiful pieces about 2 cm thick. On the warmed frying pan to place butter with vegetable. To roll in meat in flour and to fry quickly till golden color. Meat to take out, put mushrooms on the same frying pan and to fry 2 - 3 minutes on average fire. To put meat on mushrooms, to add milk, salt, pepper, spices, to cover and extinguish on average fire. When sauce begins to get denser and gain golden color, to open a cover and to extinguish 1 - 2 more minutes.

2. The second way - to experiment most. When at you will save up decent experience of preparation of original dishes according to someone else`s recipes (on what fire it is necessary to fry to reach a certain effect what taste pineapples / oranges how many it is necessary to keep meat in it give - that marinade), imaginations on “and that will be if …“ surely will begin to appear. Do not constrain them! Look in the refrigerator and forward!

Yes, there can be failures. Well and that from that? Mistakes is a valuable experience in a moneybox “and that will be if...“. As they say in one advertizing, be mistaken, but do not give up.

Meat in wine with apple, or “Once my look incidentally fell to apple“

of 500 g of

pork 1 glass of

semi-sweet red wine 1 bulb



Vegetable oil 1 fragrant yellow apple

Slightly to fry onions on vegetable oil, to add the meat cut by bars, salt, pepper to taste, to fry 5 minutes. To add wine (I try to take wine with rich taste), to extinguish 25 - 30 minutes. In 5 minutes prior to readiness to add small cut apple.

Meat with pepper, or “There was a wish for something sweet with a pepper“

of 500 g of

pork 1 tablespoon of

1 sugar red

paprika 1 tablespoon of

honey 1 tablespoon of the ketchup

Vegetable Oil

Salt Pepper

Meat to cut straws, to pickle 30 minutes. Marinade: 1 glasses of warm water, honey and ketchup. To roast meat on vegetable oil till golden color, to add small cut sweet pepper, salt, black ground pepper. In a glass of hot water to dissolve sugar and to pour out on a frying pan. To stew meat with pepper and syrup to readiness.

3. The third way - to descend in restaurant. to Order something unusual, to try “to sort“ mentally a dish on components and houses to repeat. Believe, nothing so raises the hostess`s self-assessment as the phrase of the husband after studying of the menu: “Well, it I can eat also houses“.

Small cautions

1. Consider tastes of those who will taste your masterpieces. For example, not all love sweet meat, prunes, paprika, a citrus. Eventually, there are food allergies. Surprises are good, but it is better that they were pleasant.

2. Do not prepare “experimental“ dishes for guests or for a holiday at once. At first be trained.

3. You do not tell structure until the person tries (if he is not an allergic person). Many people have a prejudiced relation to unusual combinations. And when it is already tasty, hunting to argue vanishes at once.

Prepare, dare! Successful to you culinary opening!