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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 21 - 22? “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea: On strange coast“, etc.

the Future cinema Wick - and in Russia is so modest by the number of debutants, as well as previous. But the cash potential of the forthcoming days off is already now estimated in millions of rubles because on Wednesday, May 18, the Russian movie theaters the long-awaited fourth part of the adventure saga “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea came out: On strange coast“. The weak competition to it the domestic razzing comedy “Supermanager, or Destiny Mattock“, and also British will make a dramedy (mix of the comedy and drama) “One more year“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea: On strange coast“ (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, 2011)

to you to say Not to me that Disney`s attraction picturized in 2003 by the director Gore Verbinski made the real revolution in a genre of adventure cinema. The picture became not only the first part in the long-playing franchize, but also refreshed the piracy subject which withered roots long ago and made Johnny Depp who played a title role of the captain Jack Sparrow, the real, real-life superstar of Hollywood with the eight-digit fees.

Even in former years the Hollywood film studios preferred to squeeze out of perspective projects everything to a last straw. What to tell about today when the viewer became extremely exacting, and fresh ideas every day becomes less. Main characters of the film in such well-known franchizes as “Rocca“, “Terminator“, “Die Hard“ lived and grew old together with the characters, from a series to a series handing over positions, but continuing to hill cash desk due to indefatigable interest and expectations of spectator audience.

Gore of Verbinski still twice successfully entered the same river in 2006 and 2007, having removed two continuations of the “Pirates“ who brought to the creators in total 2 billion dollars. At incredibly successful financial results, nevertheless, the third part of the franchize caused badly hidden disappointment in admirers of the movie. Subject lines were crumpled, jokes of heroes began to repeat, new characters brought a weak variety. It seemed that days of “the piracy saga“ were considered and new adventures will not follow.

As if not so. Authors and producers took a time - a miss for four years to refresh those obvious pluses in memory that brought their child to top a hit - parades, and to try to get rid of all minuses. As they say, meant well, and it turned out … Judging by the first critical sketches in the press and to responses of the audience, it turned out even worse, than always.

After leaving of Verbinski who already could not wait to forget about throwings of pirates on crude decks producers employed on this important post of Rob Marchal, the director of musicals “Chicago“ and “Nine“. Again attached Jeffrey to Johnny Depp Russia (captain Barbossa), and also entered into a plot, instead of the left Keira Knightley and Orlando Blum`s project, the Spanish star Penelope Crous and British Ian McShane. However from shift composed, as it is known …

Anyway, to the movie is “threatened“ by good rolling destiny though already now it is clear that up to the heights of the previous series “Strange Coast“ it is hardly held on. Even those who reasonably doubt freshness and novelty of ideas of the next movie (I including), all the same will stretch in movie theaters because it is “Pirates“. Because Jack Sparrow. Because it is necessary to make own opinion.

2. “The supermanager, or a destiny Mattock“ (2011)

Creativity - process self-sufficient. The writer writes to a table, the poet free of charge recites the compositions on the square, and the artist stores pictures on an attic for future generations. Is given to me that many domestic film figures think of results of the activity a little, often submitting projects which are amusing for removing on court of the viewer, but it is strange to see at movie theaters.

“Supermenedzher“ is the pure mockery existing allegedly beyond laws of a genre, but, actually, completely to them the subordinate. A jeer over routine fuss and aspirations of office plankton, over childish sports of the adult men who are changing clothes on days off in a medieval armor to wave with wooden swords. The parody to the Russian reality in general and on its separate elements in particular.

The creation of the director Bogdan Drobyazko, of course, has less claims, than at the trilogy “The Best Movie“ which set the teeth on edge. However both opuses are similar absurdity of the events on the screen. Authors of the movie detailed study of characters, their motivation and logic of acts worries a little. According to their version, the genre of the parody represents series of nasty played jokes from which blows as the amateurish past of mister Drobyazko to this day working on television and the screenwriter Dmitry Simonov whose past in general is foggy. No, misters, not for nothing great pillars of a genre of the parody were Swept by Brooks, and also Tsukera`s brothers and Jim Abrakhams, ate the bread. And here I did not recommend to feed founders of “Supermenedzher“. A hungry stomach it is suspected better.

3. “One more year“ (Another Year, 2010)

Third and most “silent“ of all debutants of a present film week is, by the way, not a fico with oil, and the last creation of the famous Englishman Mike Li more than once nominated for numerous film awards of the winner of the Venice Film Festival of 2004 (“Vera Drake“) and the Cannes Film Festival in 1996 (“Secrets and lie“) today.

“One more year“ is almost theatrical show. You murders, neither fight, nor dizzy tricks. Good British humour, slow succession of events, touching, graceful story of loneliness. Considering Mike Li`s ability to force the performers to put all heart and soul in film process, it is possible to expect from this picture only of positive emotions. Including thanks to the brilliant English actor Jim Broudbent whom the mass viewer remembers according to the musical “Moulin Rouge“ and as unforgettable Bridget Jones`s father.

Results approaching Wick - an enda regarding a box office of surprises will not bring. For lack of the worthy competition “Pirates“ will sweep away everyone and everything, having eaten up crumbs from a table for a dessert. They do not apply for devastating figures, but also are not going to be content with small. Not for nothing Johnny Depp made tour to Moscow. Film distributors so hurried to begin to count money that started the movie even on Wednesday, a day before usual official date of releases in Russia.

Hurry because understand - next Thursday on screens there will be a family three-dimensional sequel “Shelter - Faugh Pandas“ which has every chance to force “Pirates“ to go on the bridge.