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Spring! What knife to choose that

was successful spring picnic Hurrah! the Wood! Shish kebabs! If you want to become the king of spring campaigns, then at you in a pocket the qualitative knife is simply obliged to be. As a rule, it is made of an integral piece of metal to which material plates for formation of the convenient handle (tail) can be added. This way of mount of a handle of a knife (lamellar) assumes that the handle is revetted with the slips fastening from two parties to a shaft. Other widespread look - vsadny where the handle is got by a longitudinal opening on a narrow shaft. It is noticed what cheap knives usually do with a handle of lamellar type. Their weak place - fastening of slips by means of glue and bolts. Therefore the first council at the choice of a knife for a spring shish kebab: get only qualitative blades of a lamellar design or knives with the vsadny handle.

In the wood the knife with a serreytor is useful (a sawtooth edge, zubkika), it well cuts synthetic materials, clothes and actually meat. It is the excellent choice and for self-defense: suddenly you will be attacked by a pylon or, God forbid, a hungry bear! The serreytor has also shortcomings. It is difficult to sharpen a sawtooth edge that is the main minus in a situation of an outdoor recreation when the blade is intensively used and demands a permanent care. Besides, sawtooth knives are not adapted for a carving and the cabin of branches.

Unlike them, the smooth cutting edge will be suitable for the majority of situations. Such knife perfectly copes with a carving and the cabin, and still - is simple in sharpening of an edge, it can be made even by means of an ordinary stone while the gear edge will demand the special device and skills. There are still market tricks like a knife and a saw “two in one“. Experience shows that it is absolutely useless and it is inconvenient. Council of the second: if for spring picnic, at your look. the small saw will be required, buy a saw.

For one - a three-day campaign to the country, in the wood or mountains buy a knife from carbonaceous steel with a covering. Blades from it will rust of course (it is, alas, minus), but only if long not to use them or if on them there is no special covering. In a campaign, nevertheless, such knife is irreplaceable: carbonaceous steel keeps better the cutting edge therefore them it is easy to cut meat, to chop onions and vegetables for a garnish, to chop branches for a smoke in a brazier, to scratch out sweet pitch from a tree. Simply these knives more sharply!

And here for fishing or an alloy on kayaks everything is better - a stainless steel. Blades from stainless steel are steady against corrosion and serve especially well in the damp environment. They demand smaller leaving, in comparison with knives from carbonaceous steel, but … have the high cost, faster wear of an edge.

What to buy to the beginner. In the list of the recommended models by all above-stated criteria Fallkniven, SOG Seal, Becker Knives are in the lead. Council finally: do not stint. If the cost of a knife is equal to hamburger cost, you strongly risk.