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How it is correct to choose a pillow for a dream? A Third of life people carry out

in a dream. Sleep on a floor, on needles, in the subway, at work, at lectures, on a chair, on a chair and even in a basin with salad. However the majority nevertheless prefers a bed. And in a bed many are accustomed to sleep since the childhood on a pillow.

It is worth thinking from the earliest age of a healthy sleep that in several years not to face osteochondrosis and other diseases of a backbone. Modern scientists hold the opinion that the majority of diseases of the head and a neck arise from - for wrong poses during a dream.

The choice of pillows not such big as it can seem. Pillows happen classical to a filler (down or a feather, buckwheat pod, a holofayber, etc.) orthopedic and unique.

Pillows have also various size intended for people of different age and a different constitution.

Classical pillows are universal and hypoallergenic, but over time become a source of reproduction of harmful microorganisms (saprofit), and also get out of a shape and volume.

Orthopedic pillows create the correct orthopedic support of a neck and head. The standard orthopedic pillow has a rectangular shape with deepening in the center for the head, from two parties of a pillow there are small eminences. Such design allows to create slight stretching of a backbone. Besides a common anatomic form, these pillows can be a usual rectangular shape or a form of the roller.

There are also special pillows created for newborn babies. Kids have skull bones still insufficiently firm that creates risk of emergence of asymmetry. Such pillows allow to avoid a similar problem, and also I interfere with development of a curvature of cervical department of a backbone.

It is possible to carry all other pillows in the form of doggies to unique pillows, kitties, lions, etc. of

we Sleep generally in three provisions: on a stomach, on a back and on one side. At a dream on a back and on a stomach dangerously zaprokidyvany heads, and also too high position of a pillow. The pillow has to be trampled down by the head. The pillow of a classical form or with deepening on the center perfectly will be suitable for fans of a dream on a back. And those it is more habitual to whom to sleep on one side will suit a pillow with rollers as the roller supports in a comfortable position a neck during a dream.

At the choice of a pillow it is necessary to pay attention and to softness of a berth. The low pillow is necessary for a soft mattress. For a rigid surface choose a pillow high.

The range of pillows considers specific features and preferences, all variety of habits and opportunities therefore you will be able to choose that which will please you from a wide number of models.

The choice of a pillow - very responsible step, new acquisition can present you either a deep quiet sleep, or series of dreadful painful nights subsequently.

Your subjective feeling of a comfortable dream will be the main factor of the choice of a pillow. Perhaps, the choice of the pillow suitable for you will help to get rid of sleeplessness, to see sweet dreams and to get up in the morning healthy, vigorous and slept.