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How to grow thin for several seconds? Secrets of good photos

This article not for owners of the sizes 90 - 60 - 90, but in it is not present and words about how to lose excess weight. Here some councils how to grow thin before a camera and, being photographed, to feel more surely.

My best friend - the charming blonde with big green eyes and typical Slavic features. She not just does not like to be photographed, my friend avoids this procedure, awful for it, in all possible ways. In cases when the family or collective insists, she agrees, but as a result in a picture only its top in a back row is visible. It is worse if a photo not group and to hide there is nobody. In this case on a photo constraint and constraint of itself are often so noticeable that they suppress any other emotions.

In what a problem, you ask? My friend does not conform to modern standards of beauty. Modern because Rubens undoubtedly would be enraptured with it and in Ancient Russia it would pass nearly for beauty standard. But in our world my friend - the stout woman. And not to change it either diets, or exercises. The nature awarded with such constitution all women of its sort. As, however, many women of mature age who gave birth to several children.

I will not argue on affectation of modern standards of the proportions of a female body generating at most of women at best discontent with, and often simply maniacal desire to change itself, despite everything. Just this discontent with the appearance most often also becomes the reason of dislike for the photos, and also spoils them.

Lovely women, first of all accept the fact that our world trekhmeren, and the photo of a dvukhmern. Therefore in photos we always look thicker, than is actually. Static character, an immovability of a picture does it even more considerably. But why don`t we turn this fact into advantage, having forced two-regularity to work for us?

Believe, not important how many you weigh, it is important - as you present yourself to a chamber. Of course, if it in hands of the professional photographer - provide him a freedom of action. But most often we are photographed by the people who are not tempted in art shooting and in such cases the main success of a picture in hands most “models necessarily“.

There are 10 nuances which will force the two-dimensional picture to look better even if you did not prepare for a photoshoot and did not select the “correct“ clothes, footwear, a make-up:

1. Being photographed, choose for yourself a position not in the center of a shot, and on couple of steps to the left or to the right.

2. Be developed by 45 degrees in relation to a chamber and turn the head in the direction of a lens.

3. Do not build a leg to one line, you will better expose one leg slightly forward, and transfer all weight to the leg standing behind.

4. Pull in a stomach, straighten shoulders, raise the head, but try not to strain, and the main thing - do not forget to breathe!

5. Ask your photographer to sit down or remove a little from below - legs will look longer and more harmonous.

6. If you are photographed sitting, be developed a little and put legs on tiptoe, then they will seem is longer, and hips will not be flattened about sitting.

7. Being photographed near someone or with something, do not hesitate to use optical illusions of perception of the size - a half-step backwards, and you grow thin on pair of the sizes.

8. Do not wait when “the birdie takes off“, relax, smile, be relaxed.

9. Ask the photographer to make couple of duplicating pictures. Experiment, change your pose, a look, a look, a smile. Are surprised? Just you will have a possibility of the choice of the most successful shot.

10. That the chamber did not take you unawares, train sometimes at a mirror, look what foreshortening is pleasant to you more, and try to take this form in front of a chamber.

But the most important - be yourself and try to transfer photos the vital force and internal energy. Remember, you are a Beauty, and you need to love yourself such what you are!