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Era of Aquarius. What it will be?

Each 2000 thousand years change power of Earth, vibrations, radiations change and the New Era begins. I specify approximate figure - 2000 since nothing occurs at once. As well as the people who were born on border of two signs have signs of both signs, and when changing eras, some time are present both old, and new at the same time. It is also Time of Changes in which we live.

At a sign of Fishes two owners - the Neptune and Jupiter, planets which as much as possible shows the qualities - Venus and the Black Moon (fictitious planet). Elements of Water.

During an era of Fishes we spoke about spirituality, sublime love and religion much (The Neptune and Jupiter). But only spoke. During an era of Fishes it was impossible to understand and feel these things really because in this sign the Dragon - the tempter (the Black Moon) is very strong. It was simpler to person to create the world of illusions and to live in it, than to understand a true essence of the phenomena. The elements of Water are a keeper of information, but strong influence of the Black Moon does not give the chance to understand information essence. The science dug in details, without seeing a complete picture of the universe because it Fishes is a muddy water.

Money big and very big is a combination of Jupiter and Venus. Money - pieces of paper appeared during an era of Fishes. Cash flows and filling with these streams of the whole world is a Neptune. Who on the planet Earth generally operates these streams and who the richest people what nation reached the greatest blossoming in culture and art, who was Jesus on a nationality what nation is under the sign of Fishes? All this is a Judaic egregor. Even the concept of an egregor which extended already during a transition period is a combination of energiya of the Neptune and Jupiter too.

Floodlight is the power, this aspiration to expansion of the territories and expansion of the influence. Floodlight is religious, state, public associations for the purpose of expansion and strengthening of the influence. History of an era of Fishes (from Christmas) confirms these processes. Wars for expansion of the territory, formation of the states, strengthening of the government, integration of the states, expansion of the sphere of their influence, formation of the unions of the states - military, cultural, economic.

The era of Fishes is an emergence, formation and dawn of Christian religion. Connection to a Christian egregor passes through an office of Baptism water. Fishes - elements of Water.

Before there was a space age - an era of the Aries (elements of Fire) which completely coincided with culture of sacrifice of the ancient people and with religion Ariyev, fire religion - Zoroastrianism.

Till an era of the Aries - about 5000 years ago, the space age of the Taurus - dawn of culture of ancient Egypt finished the cycle. Elements - Earth. A Taurus - a gate to the lower world. The culture of Egypt, its religion contains many ceremonies connected with the lower World, with life in a next world after death.

If today we can only guess as the former space periods could arise, grow before prosperity, reach the culmination and again perish, submitting to space laws of the Universe, then one is absolutely clear: all these cultures died, and revived new, unlike former. Today we are eyewitnesses of processes of dying of the Old World and the birth of the New World. We are accomplices of Transition from a space age of Fishes to a space age of Aquarius.

Further we will talk about New planetary energiya of the Era of Aquarius.

New owners Uranium, Saturn and the Neptune came. To Earth will pass as much as possible them energy, and, therefore, influence of these planets will be fundamental. And what it means? I will mention only the main.

The world of infinite illusions which were created by the person during an era of Fishes under the influence of the Dragon - the tempter, slowly but surely dissipates. It becomes visible more and more - who is who and that is, that.

To the forefront there is not status position of the person, but his internal qualities, his internal core, its internal laws under which he lives. It will be important how internal laws of the person coincide with space (Uranium). Skill and professional qualities of the person will be appreciated. This time of persons, but not leaders, in that understanding which we have now. What else will Saturn bring to us? Open channel of communication with the world of our ancestors.

Elements of an era of Aquarius - Air. Uranium the planet of elements of Air, so force of Uranium will be most shown. The Uranium symbol - a lightning. And it means that long dismantling will not be. With one blow, all issues, according to space laws will be resolved in a flash. It will concern all processes happening on the earth.

Uranium is a direct channel to an information field of Earth and not only. This clairvoyance, is an opportunity by force of thought to create images and the worlds. Now there came the boundary where we have to realize our degree of responsibility for each our thought, for each action, for each our emotion. If earlier we were given a delay between our thoughts, emotions and action and what will follow it that ourselves did not destroy ourselves, then now this delay is removed.

But the main thing, Uranium is a fate, good luck, laughter, jokes and happiness. It is necessary to be just open for the Wind of change!