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How to disprove not fair criticism of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

of the Critic

and the Lion`s share of criticism from - for discontent.

p Criticism on others we close shortcomings own.

and Recognized fair criticism - a mirror in which you see yourself.

z People often do not recognize fair criticism because

estimate it the same reason which they made the decision for

of commission of the condemned act. z If the person deserved criticism perceives

as an Oscar -

a bleniye, humiliation, a sneer, at the same time taking offense, the tutor - Nye`s

a role of criticism is lost, and the person does not change in a beam -

Shuya the party.

p needs to Prove injustice of criticism not only,

to be repaid, but also to open eyes zablud -

shy and not to allow its repetition. p the People not capable to disprove unfair judgment of

to itself have to have

near at hand and involve in it the parties -

of nicknames.

z the Arguments stated on unfair criticism from outside of

more powerful and cause more trust.

p Revenge for criticism leads the person up a blind alley sooner or later.

d Fair criticism is useful to the person, it opens

for him eyes on shortcomings.

and Unfair criticism misleads the one who kr -

tikut, and made publicly reduces weight in society Crete -

forged in the opinion of fools.

but not disproved unfair criticism people is perceived by uncomprehending

as fair.


of l At each person is imperial manners, and to it the clown is necessary for


and the negative truth about it - seems to the Person slander, and

laudatory lie - the truth.

and More attentively and frostily listen to criticism those - who does not deserve it. p Criticize

- in eyes, praise - through acquaintances.

pzv Authority, knowledge of psychology, tactfulness allow the person speaking about shortcomings, to influence positively people and to be dear.

p over someone - should prefer to Criticism criticism over itself.

p Who begins to try to discover at others shortcomings and mistakes - will already hardly notice the.

and Self-criticism - honor rescue.

z If criticize the person, so he rose by some level from which the criticism tries to lower it.

z Criticism and delight in the assessment are not amicable with the middle, and adore an extreme.

z the Critic - the girlfriend of truth and the enemy of lie.

z Criticism is sincere - praises is hypocritical.

and the Criticism stated by the enemy - is more expensive than the friend`s praise.

and the Criticism makes active - the praise weakens.

and Criticism does not harm the truth, good, true talent, common cause …

and the biggest advantage from critics - to people who want to hear it


p Traditional criticism to young people is a view of itself with

delay for several decades. p The one who never blames himself - will learn nothing


p People badly know themselves, and especially negative side.

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p Inept criticism - only harms.

p Lack of self-criticism - a barrier to development of the personality.

p If you want to help criticism to the person, choose a convenient

moment and make it on - kind, confidentially.

d Silence of criticism - is not lack of bad.

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